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03/26/2008 - Daisy Marie 5 Scenes - 166 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
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Gagged and tied, lovely little Daisy Marie squirms and squeals on the dirty floor when she is rudely greeted by The Pope. Her screams start to reach an ear shattering proportion when The Pope squeezes her ultra sensitive tits and throws her over his shoulder for a good spanking. Next, The Pope ties Daisy's hands to the rafters and gets busy fingering her cunt while he peppers her ass red with open handed swats. The magic wand is introduced to Daisy's cunt and we watch as she screams and begs in the Dungeon and explodes in orgasm. WIth her pussy tender and raw, The Pope now crotch ropes his slave and leaves the room... As the leather rains down on her naked flesh, Daisy finds herself tied to the bed. As The Pope works her body over with his flogger, he pauses briefly to finger her pussy. Daisy's screams reach a deafening pitch as her Master uses his propane torch to cover his slave's torso in hot wax. As the hot liquid hits her flesh, Daisy does her very best to wriggle free but, soon comes to find that she is caught in The Pope's iron grip. The huge glass dildo is now lubed and shoved in Daisy's tight cunt and then the magic wand brings Daisy to a sopping orgasm before she is forced to lick her own juices of the big glass cock. Next, we watch Daisy chained in full suspension as The Pope canes her feet. As Daisy dangles her sides are clipped with clothespins and then her nipples are clamped. Then, The Pope takes the pole mounted dong and rams it deep inside her pussy. Tightly bound and chained, Daisy thrusts her pussy back to meet the dong until she cums... Tied to the post, Daisy takes the flogger across her naked flesh. Her screams once again reach a shattering volume when the whip strikes her tits. Next, The Pope ropes her pussy and weighs it down with a bucket. As the weight places a great bruden on Daisy, she screams in anguish as The Pope once again flogs her brutally before he leaves her drooling and alone... Tied to the cube with hands cuffed and tied overhead, Daisy is once again flogged by The Pope. Then, he breaks out the G5 and buries it against Daisy's pussy. As the vibe whirs away at Daisy's cunt, The Pope inserts a finger and brings his slave to a final orgasmic series...

Members comments:
24 Mar 2009 Erix wrote: Ok

17 Apr 2008 AX wrote: Such a beatiful girl...such a beatiful scream. Nice work!

07 Apr 2008 JKN897hg wrote: DAISY FUCKING ROCKS!

28 Mar 2008 The Droc wrote: Ooooooo Ooooooo Ooooooo.... You Got that Daisy up on her pretty little Toes! Sweeeet! She looks good... Real Good! With that tight rope thru her 2-lips! Thanks for that! Thanks for that! The Droc. 8)

28 Mar 2008 Vulgarian wrote: A Screamer! Hot model, great variety of positions, the spread hang was my favorite. 5 Stars

04/26/2007 - Daisy Marie 5 Scenes - 262 Photos - 42 Minutes Video
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Daisy is back at SSM to enjoy a long day of tough bondage and the complete loss of body control that comes with an overly sensitive pussy...a very overly sensitive pussy...during the interview Daisy reveals her secret passion for BDSM that she discovered on our well as ass licking...interesting stuff...the shoot begins with the Pope dragging Daisy into the wood room...he commands her to her knees and Daisy does as she is told as the Pope ties her wrists, then stands her up and ties her hands overhead...he strips off her clothes and plays with her young body...he ties her feet and flogs her tits and tummy...Daisy likes to scream and she belts it out as the POpe lays it on the next scene, Daisy is tied and bent over in a very helpless fashion...the Pope cuts of her stockings before using his hand, a cane and a whip on her ass...then its the magic wand stuffed between her legs and his finger pounding into her pussy until she cums...he leaves the vibrator in place and Daisy pisses the next scene, Daisy is roped to the wooden column and suspended in the air, spread...the Pope tease and torments her before more orgasms...Daisy pisses herself again and the Pope whips her for punishment...then we step it up a notch...a head-harness ball gag seems to quiet our bratty slave...then we rope her firmly to a chair with her legs frogtied and spread...the Pope uses electricity to torment her and Daisy's screams become moans...very sincere moans as the current ripples through her cunt...then a vibrator inside her and a vibrator on her clit...yes...she pissses herself the final scene, we suspend Daisy from her ankles...the Pope uses the vibrator again and this time the piss has nowhere to go but down her long body and over her sweet face...the Pope pulls her up be her hands and leaves her struggling in the air...

Members comments:
16 Jun 2008 ZaberFANG wrote: She sure likes to pee^^

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good one! One new postion!

21 Oct 2007 charlie (the Manxman) wrote: Daisy Marie is the BEST looking girl I have EVER seen! Gorgeous........especially when she is tied up, gagged and looks SO sweet & helpless.

08 Jun 2007 KlassKat wrote: THE BEST!

27 Apr 2007 PL wrote: Wow, I never expected this. She looks fabulous. :)

27 Apr 2007 Abqaiq29 wrote: think the new format is great the 'soft tone' photography is good but keep attention on focus and lighting als this comment section will give you feedback on both model composition and scening -well done Daisy

26 Apr 2007 Kama wrote: The new design looks great and works even better. As for Daisy, I need some time alone with her myself! LOL, Excellent update

12/31/2006 - Daisy Marie 2 Scenes - 146 Photos - 19 Minutes Video
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Daisy is the perfect latin beauty...the long feminine body, the big brown eyes and a pussy like velvet...Daisy is young and a bit of a brat and we know she acted out just to get discipline...a very bad girl, and that's just how the Pope treated the first scene, Daisy is spread on our rack...the Pope tightens her up and begins by tickling her feet...the more she squirms, the more he tightens the ratchets...he whips her tits and makes her beg for mercy...then the magic wand is held on her pussy for multiple orgasms...for the finish, her hoists her into the air by a rope around her waist...he leaves Daisy arched in the the next scene, we use belts to strap Daisy in a hogtied position...we tie her hair and pull her head up to make her totally helpless...with her legs spread, her pussy is exposed and vulnerable...the Pope uses a vibrator to make her cum and squirt...but the action has just begun...he inserts the dildo from our fucking machine and turns it on...the machine pounds her from behind and all Daisy can do is take it...then he uses the vibrator to make her cum over and over...he pulls her head up even higher and leaves her there to be fucked...

Members comments:
21 Nov 2018 Lugnut69 wrote: Download does not work

21 Sep 2014 mixxer41 wrote: WOW

11 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Awesome stretch, very pretty model.

02 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good One! The stretch is great!

10 Jul 2007 Greg wrote: Thank you Daisy

11/25/2006 - Daisy Marie 3 Scenes - 132 Photos - 19 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Mmmmm, Daisy Marie....the latin barbi...SSM continues to enroll the hottest young women to be our slaves for your enjoyment...Daisy is outrageously beautiful! from her face to her long and lean body...her pussy, her natural's all blanketed in velvet skin...She begins in a bikini, gagged, with her hands pulled above her head...the Pope enters to inspect his play thing...he tweaks her nipples and gropes her pussy and spanks her the next scene, Daisy is tied to a loveseat with her legs completely spread...the Pope begins by whipping her pussy and tits...then he fucks her helpless pussy with a dildostick...he adds a vibrator and Daisy cums after much the last scene, Daisy is tied in raspberry rope...with a breast harness and loops around her inner thighs, the Pope hoists her from the ground...she is suspended vertically with her legs pulled apart and the Pope holds a vibrator on her...not only until she cums...he keeps it there until she pisses on the floor...

Members comments:
21 Nov 2018 Lugnut69 wrote: Download does not work

01 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Great update. Good positions, especially in the second scene. Daisy Marie has a hot body, nice reactions, and - other than most models - she looks pretty even with a ballgag. I'd like to see more of her.

07 Apr 2009 nmkwolf wrote: I've watched nothing but her since I joined the site. I can't believe how hot she gets me! A great actress for this kind of entertainment and she's tough as nails. A nice sweet petite bod. I liked all scenes!

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good one! The second scene is awesome!

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