Dana DeArmond Updates

10/03/2005 - Dana DeArmond 3 Scenes - 175 Photos - 23 Minutes Video
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Dana begins completely naked aside from a ball-gag in her mouth and steel shackles around her wrists and ankles...Ogre enters to grope and rub her pussy...he pushes Dana onto her back and continues to spank her...he uses rope to rig the shackles up and the lip loop is used to spread her labia...Ogre uses a spiked wheel on her sensitive pussy flesh...a dildo on a long pole is used to fuck her helplessly...In the next scene, Dana is suspended by her ankles...her wrists, which are tied behind her back are also pulled up, keeping her back arched...Dana drools profusely as Ogre spanks her ass and flogs her pussy and tits...he rigs a vibrator to snugly rest in her crotch...he turns it on and leaves Dana to orgasm...the final scene features Dana naked and breast bound...spread legged, against the wall...

Members comments:
18 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: GORGEOUS GIRLY!

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Thats pussy play!

08/12/2005 - Dana DeArmond 2 Scenes - 132 Photos - 18 Minutes Video
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Steel shackles are used on Dana's wrists and ankles as she stands in the dungeon, naked...a crotchrope is pulled tightly between her legs and a panel gag keeps her silent as she waits for the shoot to begin...a masked Ogre enters the scene to take advantage of poor Dana...he gropes her breasts and pussy before applying nipple clamps...he adds weight to a pully system until her breasts begin to lift from her chest...he tightens the crotchrope until Dana is on her toes and he leaves her the next scene, Dana is strapped to an aluminum rack with wide tan belts...she is totally immobile as Ogre toys with her...he uses a metal cane on the bottoms of her feet and between her toes...then he ties a vibrator onto her pussy and turns it on...he adds a blindfold and leaves Dana to deal with the pleasure that eventually overtakes her...

Members comments:
18 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: NOW I know how a volcano feels when it has an eruption after looking at these scenes. VERY HOT!!! 10|10!

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Thats a reaction again!

19 Oct 2007 The Droc wrote: Mam oh Man, there is nothin I like better than to see a Sweeeet little slut sufferin from a rough piece of hemp slicing her poooor Pussy Pie!I really really like it when you tighten the rope through her fucking snatch slowly but surely Forcing her to Dance for us on her Tippy Toes! Man that is Hot!

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