Deejay Ohh Updates

01/18/2006 - Deejay Ohh 2 Scenes - 128 Photos - 17 Minutes Video
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Ohh Deejay...i mean...Deejay Ohh...what a fine, fine woman with one of the most memorable pussies we have ever shot...Ogre shackles her wrists behind her back and lays her down on her tummy...he frogties her legs and spreads them wide for perfect pussy access...he warms her up with a spanking, then uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her from behind...her pussy begins to flow with clear juice as he plunges it in faster and harder...DJ cums and convulses as the waves pass through her bound body...Ogre then uses a vibrator on her...she tries to wiggle and squirm away from the sensitive buzzing, but she isn't going anywhere and she cums, grunts and moans again...In the next scene, Ogre hangs her upside down by her ankles...he ties her hands behind her back and leaves her to hang for a moment...then he ties her hands in front and pulls them up to her ankles...DJ swings helplessly in the air as Ogre begins to spank her...he ties her hair to an upright to keep her from swinging as he fucks her once more with the stick dildo...she begs for more spanking suring the fucking and Ogre gives it to her...hard swats which leave her ass very red, and leave her body rocked by more orgasms...what a slave!

Members comments:
27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Thats whaz im talking about! Great update!

25 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: There's something primative about the suspension by ankles and wrists in this shoot that is fascinating, like what natives would do with a white girl captured in the jungle. Tying her hair for stability only adds to the effect. Deejay earns her fees.

22 Sep 2007 loadedyup wrote: Love her cummy pussy.

11/24/2005 - Deejay Ohh 3 Scenes - 238 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
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We flew Deejay in from Texas just to have a chance to tie her up and make her cum...she's a sweet and proper young lady, but Ogre has no concerns as he ties her, sitting in a chair with her legs spread...he hands are tied behind the chair and she is totally helpless as Ogre gags her from behind...he grabs at her nipples and slaps her thighs before using a suction tube on her pussy...Deejay must like the feeling of her clit being vaccum packed in a jar because her pussy begins to ooze very clear, thick fluid...After priming her pussy, he uses the suction on her nipples...then he pulls her panties to the side and vibrates her clit until she is screaming in the next scene, Deejay is tied, bent over, with her ass in the air...her hands are pulled to the ground and Deejay can only watch through her legs as Ogre begins to flog her...he spanks and flogs until her ass is red and her pussy begins to drool...he decides to fill her hole with a glass dildo and he ties it in place...In the final scene, she is tied standing and spread on our pipe platform...Ogre whips her crotch and tits, then brings out the T.E.N.S unit and applies the pads around her pussy...Of course, her pussy is drooling again as he adds clamps to her nipples and turns on the electricity...He ties a vibrator into place and leaves Deejay to endure painful orgasms...

Members comments:
04 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: i love to see the girls enjoying this sort of treatment........cos they are SO SUBMISSIVE and SEXY!

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The first scene is awesome! The last ones are ok!

25 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: Deejay almost enjoys herself too much, LOL. It's about our enjoyment, not hers! Another fave, she seems to relish being bound naked and helpless to have her body used for pleasure. A hardbody and an obvious enthusiasm for the pro-bondage model mandate...I'll never tire of it.

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