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06/14/2004 - Destiny St. Claire 2 Scenes - 103 Photos - 24 Minutes Video
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Yet another adorable model stops by SocietySM for an afternoon of bondage mayhem...Destiny is Hogtied and lays on the floor wearing only black panties...she gets pulled below the hoist and is rigged for suspension...then up in the many models can say thier first bondage scene was a hogtie hang? In the second scene, Destiny is tied standing with legs spread...Drifter enters with a whip and uses it on her ass, thighs and breasts...In the third scene, she is securely tied into the bondage chair...athletic wrap is used to gag her and she waits helplessly for Drifter to enter...he uses clamps on her nipples and suction on her pussy and Destiny can only watch as her pussy is sucked into the glass chamber...In the final scene, Destiny is tied spread eagle on a bed....Drifter enters with a motorized dildo...apparently, Destiny has very sensitive and tcklish nipples...Drifter uses the vibrator on her nipples and Destiny squirms, struggles and screams...very often, tickling can be the worst torment of all, and in Destiny's case, that was very true....she begs him to stop and he does...he uses the dildo on her pussy and clit and Destiny has helpless orgasms....

Members comments:
25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Liked the cleave gag!

03 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Chair scene torment is best for her

05 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: love the scenes with Destiny tied to the V-chair and her mouth bandaged over.....she looks REALLY helpless and at ANYONE'S mercy! And with her legs spread! I may build my own V-chair for the next slave in my life after seeeing how gorgeous girlies look exposing their bits! 10/10

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She looks fantastic, and seems to have fun...

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