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01/19/2011 - Dia Zerva 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

Dia Zerva is a well trained submissive...She does exactly what you say and nothing more...She was so composed that I actually found myself asking her to do me a favor by removing her clothes...not my typical approach at all...She is a stunning woman....blonde and blue, athletic and curvy, tough and serious...I suppose she got to me...but only enough to keep me polite for small moments...The rest of the time, I was very hard on her....and that's how Dia prefers it...The first scene is 20 minutes of nothing but impact play...I flog her until my arms are tired...then the Dragon's tail, then a single tail...then back to floggers...Dia absorbs everything like a block hole...her composure in such moments is rare...she knows how to breathe and take it, then thank you for it....Although I don't remember her thanking me after the varied bastinado she endured while suspended...Then I bring in Annie Cruz to mop up what's left with some deep and severe strap-on fucking...a dildo on a stick can't compare to Annie in black vinyl and boots...She is a BDSM superstar and needed little direction...I told her to fuck, and she human fucking machine...Playing with these two was awesome...and behind the scenes, Nikki Nefarious rigs all the ropes, making my day that much more wicked...You may catch a few pics of her in the photo galleries...Nikki is one of those rare riggers who ties like she was born doing it...and that's all just an illusion because she's been doing it for years...she really is a remarkable rigger and I am excited to be working with her...So, thanks much to all three ladies who made this shoot rock hard...Ogre ShootID: DIA_011711

Members comments:
28 Feb 2012 spoton5 wrote: My favorite dish.

24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Love the body on this model! Like the fact that she was made to suck on her own panties! She is one of my favorites!

09 Feb 2011 Robert wrote: That was obviously not easy either. Dia is one of the toughest models out there. It seems that Syn wants to see all the subs in the same state of anxiety. I would like to see what I know is a very tough and sincere scene for that purpose rather than the purpose of creating a safe word. John had many moments where Dia was brought to a real fever pitch and the fact that she smiled her way down was beautiful. Watching crying is too perverted to me. I enjoy a seasoned submissive who never breaks and frowns!

29 Jan 2011 Synister Sub wrote: Dia could take much much more than this. And why didnt you test her muscles? Some rigorous exercise always makes things better! But, on the whole. I'd say this shoot was very weak for a slave like Dia.

26 Jan 2011 Ogre wrote: Oil, yes...I need to get some :) And an Ice maker...Ill think about the flying X definitely needs a rig to be built...Thanks for the kind words, john the Ogre

25 Jan 2011 Nick wrote: Great to see a wonderful shoot and hot models. Dia is great. Your sites are everything they are supposed to be and the shoots are well thought out. Its great to belong and thanks for fantastic shoots through out Dungeon corps many sites. Its great that you actually listen to your members comments and dont take offense to their suggestions... as another kink site does.....who shall remain nameless. Thanks again for great models and great shoots. I would love to see more oil and perhaps a flying X suspension. It shows off the models assets so well.

21 Jan 2011 David wrote: Great to see more rope suspensions. Dia is a rock! The type of submissive every master would enjoy. Great update

20 Jan 2011 Alfredo wrote: And the hits keep coming! Literally! Great whip action on Dia's perfect ass.

10/28/2009 - Dia Zerva 5 Scenes - 335 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. I've had my time with Dia before, so this time there is no warm up for her. I jump right in with heavy impact and some predicament bondage to show her how the day will unfold. As usual, Dia is more than happy to suffer at my hands, so I see how badly she wants to suffer to please me. Electrical, suspension, impact, penetration, bastinado...the list goes on and she takes it all! I revisited a position from our first shoot, because I got feed back about letting her suffer through it, so I did and believe me it was hotter the second time around. More pain means more pleasure for this pain slut. It's a win/win situation.....The Pope

Members comments:
20 Jul 2010 handles wrote: Gosh-I got a lot of favorites. They just keep coming.

01 Apr 2010 execpgh wrote: There are few subs who do it harder and hotter than Dia. From head to toe she is one suffering slut.The more I see her the harder I get from watching her be used. The bastinado scenes are always amony my favorites.

12/24/2008 - Dia Zerva 5 Scenes - 206 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6. Dia's a gorgeous blonde with big, blue eyes and an amazing body. She loves bondage in her personal life and we were thrilled to have her... Dragged into the room by her Master, Dia is bound tightly and tied off rendering her immobile. The groping begins as The Pope samples her supple flesh and buries his fingers in her cunt and ass. With her first orgasm out of the way, Dia's day has just begun. With her holes filled with treasures from The Pope's chest, Dia experiences a multitude of emotions and sensations as she is bound, clipped and clamped. Put through her paces and far beyond, Dia proved to be an excellent slave and one that we cannot wait to have back again.

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Her ass was made for punishment!

19 Feb 2009 chattel51 wrote: Where do you get the hooks with the ball on the end to stick in and torture an ass? I've had some very interesting and hurtful things in my anal orifice. I lived for an hour with a milk and mollasses enema. I have never pleaded and squalled so much. But I would like to have my ass hung up in the air with the hooks with the balls on the end that you have. Where do you get then>

05 Jan 2009 The Pope wrote: Thanks for the feedback...I will make sure it plays all the way out next time

05 Jan 2009 provost wrote: I agree with the suggestion that the predicament should have been allowed to play itself out: she was quite near the breaking point and clearly into the challenge, so let her play. If the dom wanted to add a bit of interest to the scene, in addition to whipping her soles he might next time try the effect of using a pointed object (tooth pick, nut pick, even s screwdriver) to probe her tender soles, thighs, rib cage, underarms....especially the soles, which elicits a powerful reflex. Would have amplified the challenge. That said, a very imaginative scene, well worth repeating. And Dia is beautiful and engaging as ever!

31 Dec 2008 master18 wrote: great shoot. dia is very into bondage,pain and pleasure. It would have been nice to have let the situational bondage with the zipper continue to dia's own conclusion - it might have been very special.

27 Dec 2008 rehtneug wrote: I joined this site because of Dia Zerva. And I am sure that I will not be disappointed!

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