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06/23/2010 - Dylan Ryan 4 Scenes - 418 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
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This update stands out in a lot of ways...most obviously, we have Dylan Ryan back again...we don't really see Dylan often enough around here, and when she does show up, we wonder why it's been so long since we last shot her...Dylan is not a small woman, but her body is so feminine and her appeal so soft, it's easy to find yourself stunned that she is as tall as us men...not the Pope, but the average guy...Dylan is so tough and so sincere in her submissiveness and the Pope really puts her through very devious bondage progressions and predicaments...Each scene is a times all you need is the rope to make a model squirm, remain still or beg...the rope becomes the restraint and the implement of torment...the Pope's interest in such things has grown to the point where he is teaching classes and giving demos on rope predicaments that leave many folks awe struck and dying to learn...but you don't teach this stuff...a rope master interprets ideas and draws inspirations and forms his own scenes in his head...and when you have the talent and rigging awareness to pull it off safely, it's quite wicked...That's about as much as I kiss JP's ass, but we are really proud to feature his work...Of course, he's been here since 2004 so we aren't really featuring his work anymore...DungeonCorp is his work...and DungeonCorp is definitely our models...Dylan is serious and experienced enough to allow the Pope to pull off these scenes and still remain truly vulnerable...and kinky enough to respond with crazy, body contorting orgasms...I think it's an outstanding display...OGRE ShootID: DYL_061610

Members comments:
23 Jul 2010 garfold21 wrote: Very nice shoot. Dylan is hot. Would like to see her return, but really tested by all of you. Bring her back and do some double penetration on her.

01 Jul 2010 slane wrote: Dylan is one sexy woman, glad she's back! I'm glad to see more tying and putting the models in the ropes. Great update

11/28/2007 - Dylan Ryan 5 Scenes - 385 Photos - 68 Minutes Video
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Dylan Ryan is fit to be tied... As she stands in the spreader bar with her hands tied overhead, we see her struggle in her restraints upon the arrival of The Pope. As The Pope's cold hands greet Ms. Ryan's flesh with rude slaps and smacks, her struggling continues. After her initial warmup, Dylan feels the wrath of The Pope's flogger as he masterfully works it across her naked body. Then, the clothes pins are applied in a massive dose across her tits and tummy before the magic wand brings her to a massive, grunting orgasm... Now, Dylan is restrained inside a metal cube, a dildo shoved in her mouth. The Pope wastes no time as he takes his flogger to Dylan's raw pussy. Then, the lights are turned out for Dylan as she is blindfolded and flogged again. Deprived of sight, Dylan is tantalized by the sounds of the violet wand before it crackles and hisses across her naked white flesh. Dylan's shocking good time continues as The Pope attaches electric clamps to her nipples and pussy lips and jacks up the heat. With the electrical surge pulsing away at her pussy, the G5 is now applied to her cunt until it evokes an ear shattering orgasm. Next, Dylan is tied and bent over a steel bench. With her head harnessed and gagged, her moans are muffled... The Pope then gets to work on Dylan's bare ass with dual floggers as he deftly tenderizes her naked flesh. A pussy hook is inserted into her pussy and tied off to her head just before the magic wand appears and once again forces Dylan to cum and twitch. After a good round of orgams, Dylan is now tied crouching to a steel pole. Once again, The Pope weaves his mastery of his flogger against Ms. Ryan's naked skin. After he applies clothes pins to her ribs and arms, he considerately removes them with the whip just before bringing her to another forced orgasm... As her exhausting ordeal comes closer to it's end, Dylan is tied to the Y bench. The Pope has a few more tricks up his sleeve however as he dildo fucks her into oblivion until she spouts off an amazing squirting orgasm. Then, just when you think Dylan can give no more, The Pope brings her to yet another fountainous explosion. As she lay there tied and exhausted, The Pope brings out his propane torch and coats her writhing body in hot, melting wax. Then he applies the magic wand and brings her to one final convulsive orgasm before he whips off the wax and walks away...

Members comments:
03 Jul 2009 woodpecker wrote: What I like with Dylan, beside her slim and small-breasted body, is that her orgasms are visibly real. Especially the last scene was great, or would have been but for that stupid dildo gag. Am I the only one who HATES that thing every time it appears?

23 Jan 2008 babe wrote: LOVE the ass play;););)

06 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Brilliant! She is GORGEOUS! I'm NOT keen on dildo gags, I wish they could be strapped into their mouths so as they are 100% incapable of any attempt of talking (although beggging for mercy through a gag is pleasing!).But then I believe ALL slaves should be kept WELL gagged for pleasure! anyway. Any plans to do a pole-dancer tied & gagged to the pole and sexily dancing (& flirting) then spanked Etc for showing off!? Like a 'captured' slave?

13 Dec 2007 M wrote: I'm a new member, joined solely for The Pope. Worth every penny, he had me dripping wet by the middle of the first scene.

07 Dec 2007 Tamora8 wrote: Thumbnail 21 in Gallery 6 does not open.

04 Dec 2007 Ogre wrote: I've been using clothespins in BDSM play for over twenty years and I do not think Im alone. Are you surprised by the idea of clamping and pinching flesh, or is it using clothespins to do the trick? Interesting point of view though...

04 Dec 2007 das kapitan wrote: I'm a little confused here. Maybe it's something normal in SoCal, but what's the gig with all the clothespins? Does someone own stock in the company making them? I get the feeling someone thinks it really shows creativity or maybe just got bored and figured clothespins will show our viewers how ingenious we are. They are used a lot and are really goofy, to say the least. Ever who thought up this idea needs to be hung out to dry.

04 Dec 2007 rev wrote: Still hoping to see the 2003/2002 content come back online. There was some really great stuff there, please bring it back!!

03 Dec 2007 Donkey Kong wrote: Dylan is absolutely fantastic. I was first disappointed because you bring in a beautiful lady and then there are some weird bondage positions that are not my taste. But videos 4 and 5 really compensate for the poor start making this a great addition. The pole is very good. Looks very hard and uncomfortable and you can see how she looses strength and shivers. The dildo/wax scene is really awesome. When you think she cannot take it anymore she begs for more. I have never seen a women cum because of hot wax. That was awesome. I would like to see her again.

01 Dec 2007 JB wrote: Another awesome update, especially video's 2 & 3. Another beautiful cum machine. Please bring her back soon. The last two updates are the reason I became a member.

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