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08/04/2010 - Elise Graves 4 Scenes - 291 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
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Elise is a searcher...looking for that perfect set of may be a stretch to compare the surfer to the submissive, but allow me a little metaphorical finding a wicked and experienced Dom and rigger like finding the perfect break? Let's face it, some Doms don't have it...whatever it is...the Pope is a thirty foot tall tsunami...and on this day, the tide was high as fuck...and Elise caught a perfect set of four scenes, back to back...what the Pope prepares for her are less scenes than they are BDSM trials...challenges...Elise proves her ability and desire to endure without wiping out...the first scene is awesome...I rarely say that our scenes are awesome because it's just kinda tacky...but, in my mind, the first scene, which rolls right into scene two without a break is worthy enough to mention in those terms...and after comparing Elise to a surfer, i've probably crossed the tacky line allready...But I think most of you will agree that it's something that we should strive for with more models...but many of those other models aren't all gonna be able to ride those's as simple as that...Elise endures bound exercise, prodding, a zipper, orgasms, mind-fucking, some outrageous manhandling, bound into another position, anal proded, dildo fucked and more vibrator-induced, apparently very uncomfortable's thirty minutes of un-interupted, controlled, mayhem...uncomfortable orgasms...suffering orgasms...Elise is such a surprise...we were all impressed with her portrayal of suffering...I'm not sure how to say this...she suffers so sexy...those big blue eyes always seem on the verge of tears...but she loves any doubts? watch the interview footage...I think this woman knows exactly what does it for her...and she loves to go there...deeply...and the last two scenes keep the pace...a wicked, lunge and strappado combo...caning...a wide and exposing chair spread with hands over her head...tied very tight...nipple nooses...dril-do...pussy the very least, I think Elise found what she was looking for...we need to get her back for the Endless Suffering Summer...yeah yeah...another weak surfing reference for those of you over 35...OGRE ShootID: ELI_072710

Members comments:
28 Aug 2010 perv wrote: more pain & tit torture !

26 Aug 2010 pinned wrote: This was such an amazing shoot! This is the kind of shoot that will keep me cuming back

06 Aug 2010 greenaway wrote: I am a total fan of Elise Graves. Unfortunately, she unsually wears red nail polish on her toes, which I don't like. So I was amazed to see her in a 'natural' style in this shoot! Thanks!!! And I appreciated the fact that she wasn't gagged throughout the whole shoot! All in all a great update!

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