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09/08/2010 - Emily Addison 4 Scenes - 544 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 544 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

I started the day early and Emily isn't a morning person, at all, so to make sure she is nice and awake and not just being tied up I make her do some exercise to get the blood flowing. She has such great tits and watching them bounce around made for a good morning for me, even more so once I got them bound and slapped them around myself. Emily is spread out and exposed and I take her back and forth between tickling, pain and orgasms. She tries to squirm away and her struggling is almost as sexy as her being tormented. She hates to be blindfolded, so I add one, just to get her a little more nervous. Next she is electrified in a chair with TENS pads and a taser, along with her sensitive nipples having suction on them to make them even more sensitive. Finishing her day with a reverse prayer hogtie that only got more intense as the scene went on, proved that Emily was willing to endure anything for an orgasm…The Pope ShootID: EMI_090310

Members comments:
30 Dec 2010 chris wrote: Hi Emily; you are really a bombshell; waiting for you at FD; come a.s.a.p.

25 Sep 2010 pervart wrote: I thought it was a SM site .... hmmm where are tits torture in recent sets ? No clover clamps, no bullwhip ... these 4 last updates are pathetic !

12 Sep 2010 Robert wrote: A good tight hogtie and a beautiful woman. This is the shit.

05/27/2010 - Emily Addison 5 Scenes - 55 Photos - 436 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 55 Photos - 436 Minutes Video

Emily is back at DungeonCorp for her first SocietySM gig...I think the Pope was waiting for this moment for a few weeks...who can blame him? She is a dreamgirl who likes to live the do I know? All the models have a safeword and they are encouraged to use it in times of discomfort...of any sort...rule number 1 of BDSM play...and it must be followed...rule number 2? for us, it's stop the model and ask if she is allright, even is she hasnt said a safe word, if she appears to be in discomfort...Well, Emily enjoys the challenge..she is a strong woman...strong enough to let us break her down and go on with the shoot...she isn't afraid of facing the emotions she goes through while bound...lots of models's all in the head, even pain...Emily never called a safeword during this shoot...and at the end, you can see her exhaustion...what a fabulous morsel of a woman, under the influence of subspace...I dont think she could have walked a straight line...the Pope, on the other hand was like satan incarnate...models like Emily demand a more skilled Dom...he rose to the occasion and then some...OGRE ShootID: SSM_EMI_052010

Members comments:
31 Jan 2014 MadMental wrote: Please fix the links to the videos on this; unable to download.

05 Jul 2010 provost wrote: A wonderfully rigorous session in so many ways, and Emily is stunningly beautiful--the kind of woman who would stop you in your tracks on the street. More, please...and would you please next time test her soles a bit? Has the young beauty every tasted the bastinado or bands? Cheers!

13 Jun 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Emily as a brunette, cool! Still the sexiest eyes/face/bod around! Great to see Emily really going to her limits, the Pope did a cool job with her, overall a great shoot, thanks!

08 Jun 2010 steven wrote: cool!

28 May 2010 bluefin wrote: loved the pump gag scene but what happened to the dick on a stick. The vibe for every scene gets kinda old

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