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10/27/2010 - Emily Marilyn 4 Scenes - 216 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
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As soon as I took up the job of booking and rigging for SocietySM again, Emily Marilyn came to mind...If Emily's in the country, available and is shooting BDSM content, it can get very serious...Maybe it's all about catching her in the right head space or worked out pretty well this time...Emily endures very tight bondage through the first scene as I get warmed up...I had a good plan for the day, but I wanted to take it slow...I've gotten lots of emails with lots of ideas about this shoot since it went up on the calendar...reading those emails was inspiring...thanks to those who wrote me...I focus on Emily's feet and mix bastinado with clitoral stimulation resulting in glass shattering orgasmic screams...I bend her over for ass and leg impact, then stand her up for tit whipping...The final scene features Emily roped down and spread...electricity across her cunt combined with the magic wand and more foot slapping with a leather strap bring her intense pleasure...and me too...It's nice to play with someone who can take what I need to give...and Emily is the type of model who can appreciate my efforts...Ogre ShootID: EMI_102010

Members comments:
20 Nov 2010 SADE wrote: An instant classic.

17 Nov 2010 Dom John wrote: Every scene was great and I spent many days watching. Another satisvfied customer, thanks

05 Nov 2010 Ogre wrote: John Paul the Pope has left the building...His general whereabouts are unknown to me...Im sure he will pop up somewhere in the fetish world soon...He has mad skills and Im sure he will continue to use gotta wish a guy like that all the best, and we do!

01 Nov 2010 David wrote: The sweaty armpits during the second scene are very telling. She was definitely into it. You should make every model sweat :)

31 Oct 2010 provost wrote: Phenomenal! Emily is gorgeous from hair to soles, and clearly relishes a most rigorous session (which Mr. clearly relishes providing her!)!!! Such beautiful soles, so cruelly used....

30 Oct 2010 James wrote: Best Shit Ever Period

28 Oct 2010 Topbitch wrote: Ogre you are good but where is the Pope ?

28 Oct 2010 REMY wrote: Top notch update with marks for sincerity.

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