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09/29/2006 - Erin Sinclair, Kina Kai 3 Scenes - 218 Photos - 33 Minutes Video
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It's easy to go on about Kina...we feel extra special about her because we are the first to have tied her up, tormented her and controlled her orgasms...even if we hadn't been the first, she would still have silk skin and a perfect ass and big brown pleading eyes...the Pope has her cuffed and standing as he pulls her up onto her toes...he taunts her as he whips her, he makes her beg, her makes her confess her submission...he pulls her feet from the ground and ties them off to a wall...Kina hangs in the air and whines as the Pope takes a the next scene, Kina is locked into a wrist-ankle spreader...she tries to get comfortable as the Pope plays with her pussy...then he holds a vibrator on her clit until she moans and cums and screams...he rolls her onto her chest with her round ass high in the air...once again he holds the vibrator on her clit until she's very nice to see Kina try to move her hips, but locked into the spreader she is immobile...

In the final scene, we have Erin Sinclair u-bolted to our torment a 16 minute segment Ogre begins by thoroughly whipping her helpless and naked body...from feet to pussy to tummy to tits, he whips her until her milky flesh is reddened...he plays with her pussy before waxing her from neck to thigh...Erin lays still like a good slave and Ogre covers her body...

Members comments:
06 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Pheewwee! Kina Kai is exotically beautiful in EVERY way! She really LOOKS the part of a perfect sex 'slave'! Erin looks like she needs a damn good seeing to!

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Especially the first scene is great!

08/25/2006 - Erin Sinclair 3 Scenes - 246 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
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Erin Sinclair is a young and tender woman...a perfect little body with velvet skin and an adorable face...she loves to be taken advantage of, and she comes to SSM to get Ogre's version of bondage plaything...since erin is barely out of school, we have her dress up as a schoolgirl...knee high socks, skirt and white shirt...her elbows are tied together and we sit her on our spanking bench...we tie her elbows back and her legs are pulled wide apart leaving Erin very helpless and very vulnerable...Ogre comes in to stroke her pussy through her panties...he unties her shirt and gropes her perky tits...he cuts off her panties and clamps her nipples...then he uses a whip to torture her chest, thighs and pussy...when he has finished hurting poor Erin, he uses a vibrator on her pussy until she writhes and the next scene Erin is tied standing and spread...her ass is pulled out and Ogre whips, spanks and whips her entire the final scene, Erin is tied to our rack...with her arms and legs pulled out, Ogre ties her torso to the bench...he uses electrical nipple clamps and an electric dildo to shock little Erin until tears well up in her eyes...he makes her confess her slavery, the uses a vibrator to make her cum...

Members comments:
09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Yes, this set was great. It'd be nice to see Erin Sinclair on Society SM again.

06 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: please can you do more of this schoolgirl fantasy stuff! women dressed like this are just SUCH a big thrill! Erin is perfect like this and this set has to be my all-time favourite! If more models/slaves could dress in kinky uniforms (LOVE the knee socks) and be bound & gagged then 'punished' for flirting with the audience (spanked, whipped,) this would be shit-hot stuff! I would LOVE to see a beautiful model dressed like Erin with a tie, and tied up & tape gagged on her knees flirting like anything (to blow my mind away)! 100/10 for this cracker!

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good! A little more action in the last scene would be great!

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