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11/07/2007 - Eve Mayfair 5 Scenes - 326 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
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Society SM continues it's commitment to bringing our members the widest variety of hot models with this weeks update, Eve Mayfair. Eve is a lucious ebony skinned beauty, with a killer body. Ms. Mayfair does enjoy bondage in her personal life and was particulary excited to be working with this weeks Master, Micheal Mayhem, who also just happens to be new to the site as well... Gagged and tied to a wooden post, Eve is rudely greeted by her menacing Master as he swiftly begins tearing her see-through lingerie from her sexy body. With her clothes removed and body exposed, Eve then receives the "royal treatment", as Master Mayhem slaps, tags and flogs his precious bounty into submission. Next, Master Mayhem has Eve bent and tied over a wooden A-frame. With floggers in hand, he once again tenderizes Eve's bare ass before taking a cane to her backside. As Eve remains bent in her vulnerable position, she becomes the recipient of a good pole fucking, courtesy of a rubber dong mounted to a bamboo pole. When the rubber cock is removed, it is substituted with the magic wand. And then we watch as Eve moans and begs her way to her first orgasm... Frail and worn, Eve is now tied into a chrome chair with her long legs wide open. When Master Mayhem clamps her hard, brown nipples, she gasps in painful pleasure. Her gag is removed leaving her mouth free but, only free for a moment as her Master quickly stuffs it full of his cock. Eagerly and obediently Eve laps at her Master's cock before she is once again worked over by the cane and flogger. With one orgasm out of the way already, it's now time for the G5 as it is smashed against her pussy until she succumbs to an explosive orgasm... Next, Eve is bound and gagged to the Dungeon bed. While she awaits her Master's return she does her best to struggle free. Fortunately for us, the vicious Mr. Mayhem arrives just in time with the violet wand in hand, which he utilizes in a fantastic fashion over Ms. Mayfair's entire body. As her body is transformed into a force field, Eve can only possibly imagine what may come next. She doesn't have to imagine too long though, as the G5 surfaces again and she is put through her paces on her way to yet another monumental orgasm. In the final scene, Eve is in full suspension dangling from the Dungeon ceiling. Already spinning from the day's events, her pussy is once again worked over by the pole mounted dildo. After the dong is lubed by her Eve's own juices, Master Mayhem abrubtly yanks it out and face fucks her with it. As he jams the dildo deep in her throat, he finger fucks her to a climactic ending.

Members comments:
27 Feb 2012 power wrote: Yeah is right I see very few black masters in your bondage scenes, nor are ther very many blow jobs, I believe bondage and oral sex is visually stimulating

25 Nov 2007 edge wrote: Mayhem lives up to his name. Like the intensity. Want to see more of him working with willing subs.

15 Nov 2007 yeah wrote: why no black masters?

12 Nov 2007 JB wrote: Great update. Woukd love to see more blowjobs.

11 Nov 2007 max wrote: to be honnest, your shots are repetitive. pls add some variation

10 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: The interracial bondage stuff is really great as long as it is a variation. Great positions, good performance and wonderful reactions! By the way, question again, when will the 2001, 2002 and 2003 updates be available here?

10 Nov 2007 Diesel from Detroit wrote: Thank you for Ms. Mayfair. I know how difficult it is to get black models that will do bondage. You hit the jackpot with this gorgeous ebony beauty. I hope to see more of her.

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