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07/18/2007 - Faye Runaway 5 Scenes - 378 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
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Faye is an adorable 19 year old with a tiny body and a lovely face...she puts on a very small bikini and we interview her about her modelling past...we find that Faye has been in the adult business since she has been an adult, which hasnt been very long ago...we also find that she's a bondage virgin and we all get a warm feeling while thoughts of breaking her damsel cherry run through our perverted heads...we have Faye strip and shock herself with a violet wand...she proves her bravery and submissive will as she holds the bulb on her tongue...then we tie her up well...a standing spread, a head harness ball gag and ropes around her midsection...Faye is completely naked and helpless and feeling the desperation quite clearly as the Pope enters the scene with a whip...and he goes right for her pussy...he whips it red, then uses clover clamps and weights on her labia...welcome to SocietySM, Faye...then he uses the violet wand on her ass, tummy, tits and pussy and Faye reels from the bite...when he puts the magic wand on her pussy, it doesn't take Faye long to cum...and she instantly realizes what an over stimulated, freshly orgasmic clit feels like when the Pope holds the vibrator on her pussy until she admits that she can't get the next scene, we balance her small body on a horizontal beam...we tie her knees and ankles to another beam above her along with her wrists...clover clamps are used on her nipples and the Pope rigs them up to the beam as well...he fucks her exposed pussy with a dildo...and after Faye cums, he rigs her belly ring and her tongue ring to the beam as well...Faye dare not move as she whines...we tie Faye on the cement floor in a spread...ratchets are used to tether her to the walls, and the Pope tightens them when he enters to spread her body out completely...he whips her front, then makes her cum...then wax is rained down upon her as she struggles...he gives it time to dry, then whips it from her body...a clamp on her pussy...a bit more tightening of the ratchets, and Faye is spent...we lay her on a steel grate shelf...her arms are pulled under it, her feet are tied around the legs and her head is tied back by her doesn't get more helpless than this as every move causes Faye a good amount of discomfort...The Pope rigs her tits and pussy with electricity and turns it up as Faye moans...then orgasms with the magic wand...and he leaves her with the electrical current turned up very high...Faye's helpless whines keep time with the modulating the last scene, we bring it on hard...rigged up from her wrists and ankles, we pull her into the air and leave her suspended as her body is bent backwards...clover clamps hang from her nipples and the Pope uses a dildo inside her pussy to push her through the air...then weights hang from the clamps and we leave Faye, suspended and desperate for release...

Members comments:
30 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Great update, especially to watch Faye's tight body squirming in the spreadeagled/waxing scene was worth a month's membership fee.

24 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: hooray! a slender model with nice abs spreadeagled AND vibed! :-) too often you have that position but not vibed.

05 Aug 2008 wrote: Nice scenes! And Faye, the tattoos on the back of your legs are *very* sexy!!!

09 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: nettles sting like anything! even fingers. nettles are a VERY undesirable stinging wild/garden weed. VERY VERY painful! NO WAY! use these as the chemical poison would cause long-time discomfort for the models! and possible allegic reactions.

13 Dec 2007 Donkey Kong wrote: Tough stuff. Best scene is the dildo scene where Faye is tied to the metal bar. It looks great (especially the ass shots taken along the stick) and it is nice to see her cum because of the penetration instead of the usual vibrator treatment.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great one!

25 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Adorable body, lovely shaped legs. The entire set up was good with plenty of action and orgasms. Photo sets and video are good with clear view of this beautiful body. Another set of this girl please. My view - The models safety and wellbeing must always come FIRST, not our sadistic wishes.

13 Aug 2007 hazmat wrote: nettle wild weed has very fine needle very short with ether acidic or base coustic posion , causes civer pain and burning sensation do not touch them with out heavy gloves. do not recoment their use on any parts of femail anatomy . other than time donot know of antdote to tocix afects . contact at age 10 still vivid in mind.

24 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Nettles? anyone? possibly some type of thorn?

24 Jul 2007 cler2405 wrote: great video. I have a little suggestion ; Because you don't use sometime the nettles ? I think that it is a very erotic punishment.

22 Jul 2007 Syngyn wrote: Faye is delicious and young. I propose a shoot where Faye plays a prostitute and Ogre takes her home to do things with her body.

19 Jul 2007 Krumis wrote: They were all great scenes but 3 and 5 are outstanding. Faye is adorable :)

18 Jul 2007 Willem wrote: I love the young ones! nice shoot

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