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02/28/2006 - Adrianna Faust, Gen Padova 3 Scenes - 176 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
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Gen's afternoon of bondage captivity continues as the masked intruder ties her bent over the bed...her hands are tied together and pulled in front of her and her ankles are achored down...with her ass stuck out he takes the opportunity to spank her...then he brings out a whip and reddens her ass...Gen gets wildly nervous as he uses a cane on her ass for the final punishment...Gen is then tied to a chair with legs spread and hands pulled up...the masked Ogre rigs a vibrator to her pussy and turns it on...after groping her, he leaves her to have massive orgasms which make poor Gen pass-out...don't worry folks, that is par for the orgasm course with this model...

In the last set we find Adrianna naked and all spread-out, standing...a pussy impaler, attached to the spreader bar between her legs, keeps a dildo snug inside her...her breasts are wound tightly in rope and she can only look on and whine as Mister Manson has his way with her turns her around on our rolling platform and spanks her ass...then faces her forward again to vibrate her clit...poor Adrianna can do nothing but cum...

Members comments:
28 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good combination

02/13/2006 - Gen Padova 3 Scenes - 176 Photos - 24 Minutes Video
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Cute, little, unsuspecting Gen Padova lies in her bedroom taking a naked nap as the intruder jumps the fence into her backyard...He makes his way around the house as Gen is awoken by a phone call from a friend...She gets dressed as she talks and the intruder prepares a cloth gag and puts on his latex mask...They meet in the kitchen as Gen is looking for an afternoon snack...he strips and gropes her...and binds her wrists and ankles with zip ties...When Gen wakes up, she is laying on the counter...her hands and ankles are locked into a metal frame...she is naked and the intruder enters to have his way...he uses a lip-loop to spread her pussy lips and get a good look inside her very pink pussy...he removes the clothespins and uses a vibrator to make Gen squeal and cum...he moves her into the bedroom and ties her up...her arms are tied against her sides and her legs are spread wide...he whips her tits as Gen struggles, then moves down to her pussy and thighs...he uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her...Gen pulls against her binds, but in the end, she is made to cum...he blindfolds her and leaves her to rest in bondage....

This is a BDSM fantasy...Gen is a professional, adult actress and she was totally aware of the production plans...We do not support any activity in this world unless all parties involved give thier consent...As long as everyone is a consenting adult, have fun! This shoot was lots of fun for everyone and we hope to bring you more scripted, fantasy content in the future...

Members comments:
05 Jun 2011 Tickler wrote: this would have been so good if there were tickling in it....damn

20 Dec 2008 anya monzikova wrote: her taped up hands are sexy!!! she can't reach her pussy and its only 2 inches from her taped up hands!! that's sexy!!! her little fingers are trying to stick out and save her pussy but they are trapped and taped in by the white tape!!! I wish the guy taped up her feet too and left only a little bit of her cute toes sticking out!!! i would so suck her toes and make her squeal by tickling and licking her tender little soles!!! and there would be nothing that she could do about it because she's all tied up!! haha I would even take a cloth and put it behind her ball gag so that she wouldn't be able to cry out and she wouldn't make a sound while i lick her toes, pussy, her tits and her fingers.

05 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Too bad scene one disappeared into another dimension, most unfortunated, really wish it could return, that would be perfect

03 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: I don't really see where's the problem? You have some kidnap videos among the updates of 2007. F.e. Skyler Blake update, or Morgan March in Jail or slavery... Maybe there is the way to get this first scene back? I can't imagine anything too bad there... I mean, it's just a role play, and every last member here know's it!

25 Feb 2008 Ogre wrote: We had to remove the first video scene because of the "kidnapped" nature and fantasy use of chloroform. Sorry

14 Jan 2008 Eric 'N Amanda wrote: Yeah, where is scene one video? It's not fantasy BDSM if you can't watch it on video haha!

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Thats what a kitchen is for :-) The bed scenes with the taped hands and she canĀ“t reach her pussy is awesome!

12 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: Scene One is lost in Space.

08/02/2005 - Gen Padova 3 Scenes - 180 Photos - 25 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Gen begins naked, wrapped in tape at her ankles, knees and elbows which are pulled behind her head...Ogre and the Pope introduce themselves and enjoy the helpless splendors or Gen's tiny, hard-body...then Gen is cuffed and spread standing...Ogre uses a flogger on her ass and tits, then the Pope joins him to pleasure her pussy...he buzzes her clit as Ogre spanks and flogs and Gen climaxes from all the activity...Ogre inserts a pussy hook and leaves her to stand in a puddle of her own piss, thanks to the cold hook inside her...Gen is then tethered to a table....her arms and legs are spread and Ogre uses TENS pads on her pussy...he shocks her most fragile parts os the Pope makes her suck a dildo...then hot, red, wax is used on her tummy, breasts and nipples...a magic wand ios tied to her pussy...Gen is blindfolded and gagged and the vibrator is switched Gen struggle and cum incredibly hard as she actually passes out from the intensity...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Videos are not missing! What an orgasm! Superb!

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The Videos are in Gallery 7...thanks!

12 Jul 2007 Curious wrote: Where is the video to this?

04 Jul 2007 ND wrote: you can get the videos from these addesses

28 Jun 2007 Pirate wrote: Great pity the video is missing. It's one of the best I have ever watched (used to be a member some time last year as well). There is another video of Gen missing as well. The one she is tied on a chair. The photos of that are missing too...

28 May 2007 Frank wrote: WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS????

10 May 2007 Demon wrote: no video again

02/24/2005 - Gen Padova, Rhiannon Bray 3 Scenes - 172 Photos - 37 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Rhiannon Bray is back for some tough treatment...We start by tying her long body, face up, to the spanking bench...her arms are pulled back tightly and her legs are pinned down...Ogre whips her front side, working his way down from the breasts to her ripe pussy...he fingers and slaps her opened legs, he chokes her and he whips her some more...In the second scene, Rhiannon stands atop the wooden pony...but she isnt standing long as Ogre ties her ankles up to make her ride the sharp edge of the pony...Rhiannon struggles fiercly to get away...she struggles to move her clit from the point...Ogre applies clothespins to her breasts and bamboo clamps to her nipples...Rhiannon still struggles too much, so Ogre decides to spread her legs...he pulls each ankle out until Rhiannon sits helplessly with all her weight on her poor pussy...he leaves her there as she tries to catch her breath and relieve the preasure on her clit...a tough and beautiful woman...

The final scene features bondage cutie, Gen Padova...Gen is naked and spread on the wooden platform...the Pope enters to grope her pussy and play with her firm tits...then he fucks her with a dildo on a stick...Gen reacts well, but the Pope decides to tape gag her and use the magic wand on her clit while he fucks her pussy...if youve seen Gen before, you know screaming orgasms are on the way...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great contrast!

02/02/2005 - Gen Padova 3 Scenes - 244 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Gen is a little girl with a great ass and a big bondage lust...her feet are tied apart, her hands are tied behind her back and Gen is naked...the rope tied to her hands is pulled up, forcing Gen to bend over...the Pope enters the scene to redden her ass with his hand...he spanks her and then uses the flogger...he uses a vibrator to make Gen cum as he rolls it over her pussy and pushes it inside...In the next scene, Gen is crucified...the Pope flogs her front before inserting the magic wand into the ropes around her thighs...the head of the magic wand rests tightly against her pussy and he swtiches it on...Gen has multiple-multiple orgasms as the Pope uses clamps on her nipples and flogs her again...The stool below her feet is pulled away and Gen is left to struggle and orgasm once again...the orgasmic panic throughout this scene makes it one of my all time favorites...In the last two photo sets, Gen is tied on her knees with her hands above her head, and then an extreme, ass-up tie...the Pope uses a dick-on-a-stick to plunge into Gen's helpless pussy over and over...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: This crucified woman scene is a good variation!

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