Georgia Southe Updates

04/30/2006 - Georgia Southe, Harmony Rose 5 Scenes - 238 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
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Harmony gets hogtied atop one of our spanking benches...her hands are box tied behind her back and her feet are pulled up by a rope that also runs through her chest harness...we anchor her waist and gag her....then we let Mason loose...he spanks and canes her ass...he canes her feet and uses other methods to torment her the next scene, Harmony is dragged in by Ogre and Mason...the two men wrestle the struggling damsel onto the ground...they overpower and grope Harmony as they buckle her ankles and wirsts into a spreader bar...then they use a vibrator to bring her to orgasm...Harmony is left on the dungeon floor...

Then Georgia is back with Master Bad the first scene, Georgia is untied and the Master verbally dominates her...she is directed to show her ass as he crops and spanks her...then Georgia is stripped and tied to a chair...Master gags and blindolfds her...he clamps her pussy lips before using a vibrator to bring her to squirting and screaming orgasms...the last scene features Georgia giving the Master oral pleasure...there are no pictures but the video is hot! Georgia certainly knows how to give a blow job!

Members comments:
26 Dec 2017 kella wrote: missed bj scene:

29 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great one! The orasms are great! TOP performance!

11 Jul 2007 fan wrote: missing scene 4 from Georgia Southe Great play and wonderfull woman

03/19/2006 - Georgia Southe 3 Scenes - 128 Photos - 21 Minutes Video
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Georgia Southe plays the role of a young girl who wants to experience bondage and discipline along with a nice dose of sexual slavery...Masters Bad Ass and Mountain agree to take her in and give her what she longs for...She shows up in street clothes...a polka dot pink and black dress with a black sweater...Mountain ties her standing with her hands behind her back and leaves her to be inspected by Bad Ass...He enters the scene and pulls her clohtes away to get a good look at her pussy and the next scene, Georgia is strung up by her hands, with her legs spread...Master Bad Ass introduces her to a good spanking....Then Georgia is left tied on a stell table...lying on her back with her legs frogtied and her hands tied down to her sides, he head hangs over the edge of the table...Mountain enters and pulls down his pants to give Georgia a good lesson in sucking cock...face fucking actually...Georgia does a splendid job and ends up with a face full of cum...of course, this is just a bondage-fantasy, role-play scenerio...all the actors and models are paid professionals and we all had a great time throughout the course of the shoot...

Members comments:
28 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Almost like the fucking dungeon again! Its good.

06 Jul 2007 tallgirl wrote: so so so hot to see him use her ...please do a vid w/ the fucking machine paired with a man using her mouth !!

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