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07/15/2016 - Gia Paige 5 Scenes - 320 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 320 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

Gia shows up knowing how it's her second session with SocietySM, following a very hot debut last summer...Such a charming young woman with a warm smile and graceful ways...When Simon enters, she changes...She knows what we ask her to sacrifice her beauty for our pleasure through her suffering...and Simon makes it clear and she listens as he gropes and strips her...Her orgasms are well earned and usually accopanied by pain...Simon uses a variety of electric insertables to shock her pussy as he teases her clit with the magic wand...The impact is sincere and so are Gia's moans and screams as Simon sticks to our favorite theme...the sacrifice of pain for pleasure....Ogre... ShootID: GIA_071316

Members comments:
19 Jul 2016 Rodgers wrote: You have consistently beautiful models and that is very appreciated. Great STuff!

16 Jul 2016 provost wrote: You've surpassed yourself, Simon, and thanks for the inspiration, Gia. Such a lovely, expressive face...and a beautiful and sensitive body. Those soles vulnerable and exposed in the final scene deserved more rigorous treatment, and rubber bands are ideal for eliciting a strong response with little effort...and they work well with other activities. Kudos to you both!

15 Jul 2016 Me wrote: Simply put, this was one of the best updates every. Beautiful girl, very sexy bondage, and I loved how much she responded to the foot tickling!

06/13/2015 - Gia Paige 4 Scenes - 273 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 273 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Gia looks like a precious, pristine and pleasant girl next door...Those big blue eyes are charming and alluring...and what lay behind those eyes is mysterious...she comes to us with fantasies of consensual long fantasies of her own surrender to a dominant male, that surrender will be transformed into submission by Feenix...Gia will be trained to accept those fantasies as her finally endure what she has been fantasizing about, but this time, she will have to accept her desires...A dominant does not force...a dominant is a guide that uses force to induce submission...Gia follows his lead into her own deconstruction...a dance right through her nightmares...She is timid but shows much courage and the reward is her own intense orgasms which Feenix induces and allows as her training progresses...Gia has been kinky in her dreams for a long time...This training brings those kinky dreams to life and helps her understand her own mysterious nature... ShootID: GIA_061215

Members comments:
06 Jul 2015 Just 1 Clip Please! wrote: Can you start generally providing 1 single HD video clip instead of breaking them out into 4 separate ones? Not just for this scene but for the entire site(s). Thanks!

16 Jun 2015 RyanSir wrote: Her expressions are sweet. Her eyes are naturally pleading. Hot!

15 Jun 2015 me wrote: Thanks for the great bit of foot tickling Feenix!

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