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06/11/2008 - Ginger Lee 5 Scenes - 202 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Slave Ginger is a sweet, submissive, southern belle with a beautiful body and gorgeous blue eyes. Standing naked in the Dungeon, Ginger is greeted by The Pope who fingers her pussy deeply before he gets to work on her little body with his flogger. Ginger gasps as she takes her licks and then, the heat is turned up when her nipples are clamped and weighted. The pain then intermingles with pleasure as The Pope works her pussy with the wand and grants his slave permission to cum... Spread and tied on the box, Ginger absorbs the brutal pussy flogging The Pope dishes out to her. Then, suction is applied to her tits and cunt and the flogging continues. It doesn't take Ginger long to cum this time, when her Master manhandles her pussy and she explodes in a lengthy orgasm... Suspended in the air, Ginger receives some electro-stimulation from The Pope as the violet wand snaps and crackles across her flesh. Her grunts increase in intensity as her Master works the electrical device on her cunt and ass, then The Pope shoves a vibrator deep in Ginger's pussy and we watch as Ginger gyrates mid-air and begs her Master for merciful release. Next, Ginger is roped and bent over the cube where The Pope takes full advantage and dual flogs her perfect ass. Then, once Ginger's ass is glowing red, The Pope shoves a pole mounted dong deep inside his slave... Bound to the chair, Ginger struggles as her Master ties off her hair. Then, her nipples are clamped and tied to her toes. With his slave, bound tightly, The Pope seizes one last opportunity and buries the wand against her swollen clit. Ginger, then shrieks and moans as she is brought to her final orgasmic moment and is left alone and bound... Video clips can be found atop galleries 1,2,3,4 & 5.

Members comments:
25 Sep 2008 tbird wrote: Ginger is the reason I joined this site. She is the best in the industry and was pleasantly surprised to find her here. I hope you have much more of her coming!!!

19 Jun 2008 Qazum wrote: How do you find girls like this to do such harsh things for you?

13 Jun 2008 Golem wrote: Ginger is a goddess, but the Pope seems to be god in this case.

13 Jun 2008 Yes wrote: The suspension was perfect for her body! She looks amazing in every position and the Pope is one lucky man. Can I have her next?

08/08/2007 - Ginger Lee 5 Scenes - 227 Photos - 66:22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

This week we have another one of our contract slaves for your viewing pleasure...Ginger Lee is back again and during our interview we find out that she is addicted to masturbating...all day, every day. We start the first scene with Ginger's hands tied above her head and her ankles tied together. The Pope enters to inspect his little southern belle...he cuts her panties off and begins with some flogging to set the mood for the day...after that he applies the magic wand to her sensitive pussy for a screaming orgasm. He finishes by tying her body around a wooden column. Next we have Ginger tethered to the column balancing on a steel ball. The Pope wastes no time applying TENS pads to her feet and the ball for some foot torture...then he adds electric nipple clamps fora little more spark. Ginger's body is then covered with clothes pins and the Pope adds a vibe to increase her the next scene Ginger is tied sitting with her legs spread wide and blindfolded...the Pope applies suction to her tits and begins flogging her pussy, then it's lots more screaming orgasms...then we have Ginger bent backwards as the Pope enters for more torture from the pins that he applies to her body...then he rains hot wax down on Ginger's sexy little body before he brings her to another orgasm. In the final scene Ginger is in our cuffed spreader bar leaving her pussy exposed...the Pope finishes the day with Ginger screaming and exausted from many more orgasms...

Members comments:
16 Aug 2010 handles wrote: Great Shoot.

30 Apr 2008 Battleman wrote: Ginger is absolutely beautiful! She has a gorgeous body, I particularly like her perfect feet, could have had some more foot torture. Overall Ginger Lee has got to be one of my top two models. GREAT JOB!

27 Dec 2007 Leglover wrote: Ginger is so hot. Her feet were exposed like 1000 times and were barely touched. More foot torture, otherwise, nicely done.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good one! Nice reactions!

27 Aug 2007 Demon wrote: I dont know why video 3 can't be downloaded without 4 & 5... I mean the video in gallery 4 includes episodes 3,4 and 5... Anyway great shoot

13 Aug 2007 rev wrote: When is the site scheduled to go online? Looking forward to seeing it.

11 Aug 2007 ChiTown wrote: Ginger is a hottie! Gallery 5 with her arms and legs pulled down is unreal.

10 Aug 2007 JB wrote: Great Shoot. Ginger Lee is a doll. The chair video & Video 5 are awesome.

09 Aug 2007 master 18 wrote: Very nice. Like the blindfold and hood too

05/30/2007 - Ginger Lee 5 Scenes - 412 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

Ginger Lee is the second Contract Slave to be featured on SocietySM...Ginger is a dancer who travels around the country doing feature shows for horny guys who would like nothing better than to get thier hands on her...she has done some main-stream porn stuff, but her experience with bondage has been limited...but we find, through the course of her shoot, that Ginger has a deep desire to be dominated...We interview her and the most striking feature about Ginger, besides her obvious and rare beauty is her deep southern accent...we can't wait to make her beg as she talks a bit about her career...Ogre directs her to strip for the camera and do a little dance as he prepares himself...Ginger gives us a nice show before Ogre interupts and collars her...he ties her hands behind her back and gags her...then her feet are tied and Ginger stands helpless and naked with the large, leather-masked man...he bends her over and ties her hands up behind her back...then her neck is tied down which keeps Ginger bent and immobile for Ogre's whip...In the next scene, she is tied on a table with her legs pulled back behind her ears...her ass is high in the air as Ogre spanks her...then he invades her pussy with his fingers as he smokes a cigarette...she is made to suck a dildo as Ogre uses another to fuck her and he brings her to orgasm with the magic wand...In the next scene, Ginger is spread tightly on a table...Ogre uses electricity on her nipples, tummy and pussy...her expressions are priceless as Ogre plays with the current...he finger fucks her vigorously until she squirts cum on his hand...then the magic wand pulls more orgasms from her perfectly wet the next scene, Ginger is tied in the middle of the room with her hands above her head and her feet together...Ogre pegs each nipple and directs Ginger to count as he whips her ass red...he whips the clothespins off her tits and continues with a whip and cane...he directs her to look into the camera as her punishments continues...then he wraps her head and arms in black plastic and pulls her up onto her toes to the last scene, Ginger is pulled into an extreme hogtie...Ogre fucks her from behind with a dildo and adds the magic wand for more orgasms...poor, adorable, Ginger is spent and Ogre hoists her up tghtly and leaves her there...

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Cute girl with a tight body!

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Ginger Lee is not only one of the most gorgeous of the Society SM models, but from her interviews she strikes me as one of the sweetest ones as well!

30 Apr 2008 Battleman wrote: This has got to be one of your best shoots ever! Ginger is absolutely gorgeous! Great shoot with her legs pulled back...awesome. I would love to see Ginger again!

27 Dec 2007 Leglover wrote: More foot torture, please.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: This one is almost perfect again! Great combination of scenes!

04 Jul 2007 siNNer wrote: CUTE

09 Jun 2007 Jaime wrote: Not your average looking bondage model at all. Ginger is beautiful.

01 Jun 2007 KiLgroSS wrote: A very fine little honey pot with incredible eyes. You should use the headharnesses in every scene.

01 Jun 2007 Whipper1 wrote: I thought I had said something wrong! Ginger is the the most georgeous model I have ever seen in a BDSM video and Ogre did a great job with her. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more videos featuring Ginger.

31 May 2007 21Tunis wrote: I must say, EXCELLENT SCENES !

30 May 2007 Ogre wrote: Attention Whipper1...I did not mean to delete your comment...Feel free to repost...It was an accident and Im sure Ginger would have liked what you had to say...Thanks

30 May 2007 whobar5t wrote: that is some sweet southern ass - lucky fuckers get to have all the fun

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