Goldie Blair Updates

11/14/2004 - Goldie Blair 2 Scenes - 127 Photos - 18 Minutes Video
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Bountiful-breasted Goldie is captured at a cabin and tormented by 3 different doms in this SSM update...In the first photo set, it's just Goldie, naked and posing...then another set of her breasts being bound...The video begins with Goldie wearing jeans and a t-shirt...the two men force her onto a bed and command her to take off her clothes...she reluctantly strips and the two men get her tied up...Ogre holds her as West applies the ropes...they get her onto the bed and West completes the hogtie and breast harness as Ogre continues to grope and control her...Goldie is gagged and blindfolded and left to struggle for her new owner to arrive...then she is tied spread eagle on the bed, her breasts completely wrapped in tight hemp...Nigel enters to have his way with her...he primes her clit with a suction device and then moves up tot he nipples...he fingers her helpless pussy and then uses the magic wand to force Goldie into loud and struggling orgasms...

Members comments:
11 Jan 2008 Junior wrote: Not bad could be worse

25 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Fantastic Update! Just Great!

05/13/2004 - Goldie Blair 3 Scenes - 85 Photos - 16 Minutes Video
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Goldie's cabin torment continues as she is tied at the top of the stairs by rope expert West...a dildo is forced into her mouth lengthwise and tied around her neck, keeping her quiet...with one leg being tied up, her pussy is exposed and helpless to Nigel's whims...and his whim at this moment is fucking Goldie with a saw zaw...he inserts the dildo and hammers away at her the next scene, Goldie is suspended in a hogtie by Ogre...she is left to swing, high in the air, gagged with a yellow the final scene, Goldie is tied on the bed...her wrists and ankles roped together in a true hogtie, Nigel enters to grope her...then he forces her to suck a dildo as he fingers her pussy...

Members comments:
17 Jun 2008 ZaberFANG wrote: Seems like there is another part that's not here, unfortunated; Goldie is bloody hot though

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great home stuff!

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