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11/14/2015 - Goldie Rush 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
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Although a slut with spunk and inner desire often has the natural means to enjoy sex, they may equally Goldie is an adorable young woman with such a pretty face, I have to imagine she feels shy when she gazes upon herself in the mirror...and that shyness of beauty permeates her entire sexuality, creating a lovely being of submission...and a perverted princess who enjoys pushing her limits and emotional expressions of pain...Goldie's strength is in her ability to endure and experience heightened feelings of lust and ravenous desires, through being controlled...Its not obvious in her stature, but she is overflowing with fragile feminine energy which seeks to prove itself in very extreme ways, and enjoy it all like a good and honest sexual submissive, which Goldie might just see as being a dedicated lover who is willing to please her partners...and Im sure she does...Ogre... ShootID: GOL_111115

Members comments:
17 Nov 2015 provost wrote: Superb update! I was initially concerned by the slow start, but that simply set the stage for the deliberate, inexorable exploration of the most sensitive parts of the young woman's lovely body. The springs are a particularly clever innovation--they offer no slack--and the attention given to Goldie's tender soles in the closing predicament was exceptionally well done. It's coming time for another racking, I think...and the last one was wonderful. There has been little feedback in here in recent weeks, but I hope you realize that your efforts are well appreciated: lovely models dastardly challenges, skilled exploration of sensitivities....

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