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07/02/2008 - Hailey Young 5 Scenes - 339 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. In this week's update we offer a continuation from Strict Restraint©, as stranded motorist Hailey is released from the vac-bed by The Pope and begs for her freedom. After denying her request, The Pope drags Hailey into a separate room and ties her to the floor. Once she is positioned to his satisfaction, The Pope begins the grope fest by fingering her pussy until her pussy is sopping wet. Then, he reaches for the wand and works Hailey into a heaving orgasm when she begs to cum. Her sensitive cunt is then roped and Hailey is left alone in the room... Next, Hailey finds herself standing in a spreader bar while The Pope displays her wares for his photographer friend. However, upon seeing Hailey, the photographer is disappointed in her appearance finding her overweight. His harsh criticism of Hailey enrages The Pope and he takes a pair of scissors to her hair then brutally flogs her... In an upside down suspension Hailey now has her body shocked by the violet wand. After her Master gives her a thorough dose of shock therapy, he smashes a vibrator against her sensitive cunt and Hailey immediately begs for permission to cum. Then, Hailey is bent over the steel rack as she begs for help. First, The Pope flogs Hailey into complete submission and then, he pins her thighs and pussy. Screaming in anguish from the pain Hailey begs for some type of relief and her request is granted as the clothespins are removed by the flogger. Dazed and drooling, slave Hailey is forced into yet another orgasm... Bound and gagged, Hailey struggles on the dirty Dungeon floor as she is rudely greeted by The Pope's cane. Hailey receives a thorough caning and then Big Bad enters and holds her legs wide for The Pope. The Pope then seizes the opportunity and works the magic wand between his spread-eagled slave's open legs and brings her to a final orgasm before she is left alone... Video clips can be found atop galleries: 2,4,5,6 & 8.

Members comments:
23 Jul 2008 J.T. wrote: Hailey Youn is certainly one of the top Society SM models, and it's great that she's one of the "contract" actresses. I really liked her wearing her longer hair length -- Hope she grows it all back for her next appearance!

13 Jul 2008 The Droc wrote: Dammit LOVE a good Tight Rope thru Tender Twat Lips! Watching Hailey Suffer for us with that rough Hemp Biting her Tender Twat Lips was Priceless! I love her facial expressions as she feels the Rough Rope Burn Her poor, poor PUSSY!

07 Jul 2008 Ax wrote: Loved the humiliation! Did he really cut her hair? That was awesome!

03 Jul 2008 Droppinin wrote: I'll never get too much Hailey. She is just beautiful.

02/06/2008 - Hailey Young 5 Scenes - 382 Photos - 73 Minutes Video
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In this latest update, we bring you the continuation and shocking finale of the DungeonCorp© Bondage Fantasy Feature- Second Chance. Hailey Young once again finds herself at the mercy of The Pope after meeting up after an internet dating session. As her saga continues, she can only imagine what prize her pursuit of love may truly bring...

Members comments:
10 Jul 2008 wrote: Great scenes! The Pope and Hailey are great together! Hailey, great new hairstyle too!

16 Mar 2008 A-Cupper wrote: One of the best orgasms I've seen on the table saw!

10 Feb 2008 legluvr wrote: Cannot get enough of Hailey. This is very well done.

08 Feb 2008 Richard E. wrote: This video rocks !!! The Pope and Hailey Young have proven their lust for bdsm time and time again. Love the violet wand scene. She sure can wiggle a lot, lol. The medical wheel is quite effective in the right places. A lot of pain for a good cause.

06 Feb 2008 junior wrote: Great Sequal

01/16/2008 - Hailey Young 5 Scenes - 314 Photos - 74 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Tearing yourself away from a bad relationship is always a tough thing to do... In the latest DungeonCorp© Bondage Fantasy Feature, Hailey Young stars in a tale of love gone wrong and new awakenings. Internet dating is always a roll of the dice. But, for the unlucky in love, it can have the lure of a gamble well worth it. The question is: Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Or, is there a darkness out there that is better left undisturbed? However, when it comes to affairs of the heart, doesn't the pursuit of true love deserve a second chance?

Members comments:
22 Mar 2008 HTK wrote: This is one of the best sets on the site.

03 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: And I didn't like the Update... Imo, it's one of the softest updates on SSM. I pay mostly for moaming and suffering models, but not to see how she's tied up and manhanded, without any pain or forced orgasms. Well, ofc, here we have some Vibrator scenes, but if you compare them to ANY other update of Hailey, you got the feeling that she's not cumming at all. Here we got two "tied up" pretty soft scenes, one completely RP scene (pool) where no SM at all (don't mind 10 second tied up scene, slowed and with sound and video effects)... And two better, but still soft and strange scenes. Hailey, no doubt, is perfect, and watching her naked body is cool... but in compare with other updates of your site - its BORING. It's good to have 1 scene with RP, and soft tied-up ending - I personally don't mind seing such scene in EVERY update, but it should be an ADDITION to the SM action, but not the main stream of the Update.... The only good thing of this update I see - that there is no more such updates here. Still, in the end of this poem, I'd like to thank all your team. Your sites are perfect (for me) - that's exactly what I look for in BDSM sphere - some torments, but not to the blood and body damaging (Hate when some people turn cute model in a bloody crying thing... though they don't have cute there too often). I Just want to say, than my critic is only about this Update - The hwole site is fantastic, Thank you, very0very much for your work! =)

26 Jan 2008 details wrote: Stunning performances from Hailey. Very enjoyable...

24 Jan 2008 Ogre wrote: Thanks for the input Droc, it's always a pleasure.

19 Jan 2008 Droc wrote: Mmmmmm Hailey is stunning as always! Do you see the pure look of fear see gives you as you attach the evil little electric clamps to her outer lips? Man O Man I LOVE watching you JUICE up her Pussy! Just once I wish you could find a girl who is tough enough (Or has been Bad enough...)to take one set of clamps on her outer lips, and one set on her tender, tender, little inner lips! Talk about anticipation! You could start by slowly juicing up her outer lips until she started to moan and mew, then give her a couple of good sharp jolts to those sweeeet tender defenseless little inner lips! I would love to watch her face as you alternated between the long slow pulsing of her outer lips to the sharp, painful jolts to her tender little inner lips! If she could take that Torment for 5 mins. then by all means make her CUM! That's the best part of making them suffer, whine, and cry! To see them Cum after all that... And of course your famous post Cum Punishment! I like the way you make them go right back to whatever Torment they were suffering right after they Cum... In this case that would be several more minutes of the double lip electric Pussy Punishment! On a freshly sensitized Pussy!

17 Jan 2008 junior wrote: idk that water scene was kinda odd i didnt like having to keep seeing that guy watchign her id rather no music ...oh well still good

09/26/2007 - Hailey Young 5 Scenes - 208 Photos - 53:00 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Fan favorite and Dungeon Corp contract slave, Hailey Young is finally back for more abuse at The Pope's hand. As you are probably already aware, Hailey has a perfect body, legs that last forever, and silky smooth skin. In this installment, we find Hailey gagged and tied in fearful anticipation as she awaits The Pope's entrance. Pleased by the bounty laid before him, The Pope gets right to action as he begins hammering away at Hailey. First, with open barehanded slaps, then some furious flogger action. Then, after loosening her up with his fingers, it's go time on Hailey's pussy with the magic wand. The Pope demands Hailey to cum and she obliges in utter submission. In our next scene, we find Hailey gagged and tied spreadeagle to a chair. After The Pope applies some Tens pads to her pelvic region, an electric probe in her cunt and electric clamps to her nipples; he turns up the juice. And as if it weren't already "shocking" enough, the violet wand is broken out to provide poor Hailey with just a tad more "therapy". Next, The Pope ties Hailey bent over and at his merciless whim. After Hailey takes another vicious round of flogging to her backside, she experiences some forced entry as The Pope dildo fucks her into a state of oblivion. After yet another orgasm, Hailey is then placed a spreader bar and subjected to a humiliating grope and flog session by The Pope. As the flogger picks up speed, Hailey's ass picks up color, until it arrives at it's final state of rose colored red. This is followed by more forced vibration to her now painfully tender pussy. In our final scene, The Pope pushes Hailey to her limits as he gags her and suspends her from the ceiling. And Hailey gets a final explosive and body draining orgasm at the hand of The Pope and the wand.

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Dressed like a total slut. Skirt dosent even cover her ass! She deserves to be placed in bondage and made to suffer!

27 Jan 2008 Zombie wrote: Excellent

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good one! More of the rope through her pussy scenes please!

20 Oct 2007 Digger55 wrote: Excellent - 5 Stars

29 Sep 2007 The Droc wrote: Mmmmmmm, love the 'letric probe you shoved up her Snatch! I would looove to see a interrigation type scene where a questinable answer gets her a good stiff shock to her poor nipples, and a out wright wrong answer gets her a Lightning Bolt blasted deep into her helpless Snatch! Ohhh I can hear her sreaming now.... Ohhh, and about that Crotchrope... There is nothing I looove better than to see a sweet lil slut suffering up on her Tippytoes from a Tight Rope throught her tender Pussy! But for me they ain't sufferin till they are Dancing around on their Tippytoes from a nasty hunk of hemp forced deep between their poooor poooor Pussy Lips! The very last pic in the set was a shot of her heels leaving the floor... I reeeeealy would have loooved to see poor lil Hailey Forced to Dance for us on her Tippytoes from a Tiiiight Cunt Cutter! Please be sure to include come full body shots of her sufferin on her Tippytoes while being Jacked up by her Juicebox! Thanks.

29 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Hailey is adorable. Loved the front & back interviews. Excellent sets. One of your best models. Suggestion – fix her left arm and leg to an overhead chain such that her right foot just keeps her stabilized to the ground, blindfold her, no gag. Give her the whip to torment herself. She may need help to have the orgasm – suggest two other girls, Morgan & Arachnia.

28 Sep 2007 Nakolo wrote: Haley is gorgeous, but I prefer her with her hair down. It looks a little severe this way, making her look older (the milf thing doesn't work for me). She's got a perfect, flawless body. The Pope does his usual, outstanding job. I agree with Demon, a little more "story line" would have been awesome here. That would have pushed it past a B+.

27 Sep 2007 kingjed wrote: One of the best models you guys have. Bring her back some more!

27 Sep 2007 JB wrote: Great shoot, especially video 3.

27 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: Again, one of my Favorite models. Thanks! btw, can't wait for another one story update, like last one with Morgan ;) Hope you won't forget this great idea =)

26 Sep 2007 Ogre wrote: One of the photo sets was mislabeled...I'm hoping we can all survive this horrific tragedy...we are standing by to call the national gaurd if riots break out...but the eastern block nations will have to fend for themselves...once again, a photo set was mislabeled...god bless us all

26 Sep 2007 yeah wrote: Thank you for the timely updates. count 1 3 2 4.

01/17/2007 - Hailey Young 5 Scenes - 253 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Porn super star Hailey Young is back for torment and pleasure with the Pope in this SSM update...Hailey is mounds of fun to dominate...her lean body is perfect...her ass is tight, her tits are firm, her pussy is pink, she whines like a pro and she enjoys discomfort, pain and pleasure...her facial expressions tell it all and Hailey doesn't fake anything...she begins in a tight mini-skirt and skimpy top...she is gagged and tied with her hands above her head and her feet together... the Pope begins his inspection by undressing her and fingering her tight pussy...then he spanks her ass and clamps her nipples...Hailey begs not to be left the next scene, she is tied on a table, laying on her back with her hands pulled over head and her legs spread...the Pope whips her as he makes her beg to be fucked...Hailey screams "Please fuck me" as the Pope continues to whip her pussy and tits...he uses a dildo to fuck her, then the magic wand to rip multiple orgasms from her precious the next scene, Hailey is bent backwards are tied to a spanking bench...but she won't be spanked in this scene...the Pope uses huge TENS pads on her inner thighs and electrical clamps on her nipples...her thighs convulse throughout the entire scene as the electricity pumps her leg muscles...the magic wand is used to make Hailey cum over and over as he entire body rocks through the next scene, Hailey is tied and bent over a spanking horse...she does get spanked in this scene, and spanked well...and whipped...then more the final scene, Hailey is crucified as we strap her to our hanging cross...she is made to suck a dildo as the Pope whips her...then he rigs the vibrator to her pussy and leaves Hailey to hang and cum...

Members comments:
02 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Almost everything in one update! Good!

25 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: I would like to be giving Hailey all those orgasms! Do you think she would accept an offer of marriage? Bring her back, pay her triple and let me torment her.

03/24/2006 - Hailey Young 2 Scenes - 238 Photos - 21 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

This update is a bondage fantasy featuring Hailey Young as our hot, little damsel in distress...Still in her street clothes, Hailey is tied up with electrical tape around her ankles, thighs and wrists...she has been gagged and left on the floor in the back room...the two men carry her into the living room and begin to have thier own kind of demented fun with the helpless hottie...they remove the tape and her clothes and tie her up with rope instead...they tweak her nipples, they rub her pussy and they make Hailey thier own as they continue to hogtie her...Hailey is then moved to a back bed room where she is spread out on the bed...The Pope begins by spanking her ass, then he uses an inflatable dildo to fuck her sweet pussy...Mason Manson joins the Pope with Hailey...Mason takes over on dildo duty as the Pope uses a vibrator to get her off...after she has cum and her clit is too sensitive to play with, they use a speculum to look deep inside her juicy-ness...

Members comments:
05 Jun 2011 Tickler wrote: WHY DIDN'T YOU TICKLE HER???

10 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: Great stuff, especially the last scene.

16 Mar 2009 a wrote: aa

01 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: these 3 galleries are with jezebelle bond in her galleries (3rd gallery down) although hailey is not mentioned in the title, but in the text. And they are worth it! :~)

25 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: There are 3 other galleries which should belong here but I didn’t keep track of where I found them.

01/09/2006 - Hailey Young 2 Scenes - 339 Photos - 21 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Sexy Hailey Young puts on a white, vinyl bikini...we add a studded, velvet collar...and Hailey poses for us, showing off her splendid, youthful and delicious figure...We buckle her neck and wrists into a spreader-stock, then we gag her and strip off her outfit...We tie Hailey, laying on her back, on a table....still buckled into the stocks, Hailey can't even lift her head as we tie her thighs wide...Ogre enters to grope her pussy and enjoy her helpless condition...He whips her tits and tummy...then spends some time whipping her pussy...and that's only the beginning for poor Hailey...Ogre inserts an electric dildo into her pussy...then he ties it in...Hailey begins to squirm and struggle as Ogre turns up the intensity of the shocking...She screams and begs for mercy, and Ogre gives her mercy in the form of a vibrator which he holds on her clit until she cums the next scene, Hailey is tied, bent over a horse with her arms pulled in front of her...Master Bad Ass, or Bad Ass, as he will come to be known, enters the scene and gives her a good, hard spanking which leaves her ass shiney and red...he rigs a vibrator to her pussy from behind and leaves her to cum again...

Members comments:
29 Mar 2009 woodpecker wrote: The table scene was great - nice wide spread, and from the way she was squirming against her bonds she really seemed to feel something. I also liked the way she was pushing that thing out the first time, makes one phantasize about what else she could do with her vaginal muscles.

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The non static moving camera is perfect! More please!

25 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Delicious figure, your not kidding! I’ll have fantasies over her long after my membership expires. All good scenes here. Bring her back, pay her double. Lots more please.

12/18/2005 - Hailey Young 2 Scenes - 382 Photos - 19 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Adult sensation, Hailey Young is long, lean and one hundred percent edible...and also very fiesty...We dress her up in black panties and a corset...we cuff her wrists and ankles...then we pull her hands over her head...Hailey stands, straddling a cold, metal pole, and we tie her legs apart...she is collared and left waiting for Ogre, who arrives in a latex gas doubt pleased by Hailey's tight, young body and perfect skin, Ogre inspects and spanks's not long before he removes her top and clamps her nipples...he contineus to spank and grope her, then he uses a magic wand to vibrate her pussy...Hailey wrestles around well, but eventually succombs to the next scene, Hailey is hung from her belts restrain her upper body and arms...Ogre gags her with bondage tape and begins to flog her...Hailey spins helplessly as Ogre flogs every part of her body...Hailey screams and swears as he whips between her legs...After fingering her pussy and pulling her around, Ogre inserts a vibrating egg into her pussy and holds it to rub her clit as Hailey struggles and freaks through multiple orgasms...he leaves the egg inside her and pulls her high into the air...and he leaves her...Hailey is a stand-out performer which made these scenes fairly intense...and we appreciated her efforts to entertain us!

Members comments:
10 Apr 2008 HTK wrote: Hailey is gorgeous the less make up she wears. That shit ruins her. She's natural beauty.

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Fantastic

24 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Hailey has the most perfect body, lovely shaped legs and small breasts. The photo sets show her off nicely.

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Here is the missing Index and video from the Hailey Suspension...

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