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07/20/2006 - Annie Cruz, Haley Scott 4 Scenes - 209 Photos - 31 Minutes Video
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Haley's shoot continues as the Pope ties her to our torture chair...her arms are tied out and her legs are tethered to the chair...this is a great position for controlled orgasms because the model simply cannot move her hips...which means she cant get away from the vibrator...the Pope rigs the vibrator to her pussy and turns it on...he gags then blindfolds Haley and leaves her to have multiple the next scene, Haley is wrapped up in celophane...the Pope lowers her to the grounf and leaves her there...

in the second half of Annie's shoot, she has been made to ride our wooden pony...her legs are shackled at the ankle to the side of the pony and her hands are pulled above her head...Ogre rigs her nipples with electrical clamps...then he fixes her inner thighs with TENS pads...this scene is full of screams as Ogre plays with the levels on the TENS unit...Annie is gagged and blindfolded and she drools through the waves of intense the next scene, Annie is tied to a cross and suspended...Ogre takes great pleasure in whipping her tits hard...for five minutes Annie withstands constant whipping...he rewards her with one very big orgasm...then leaves her swinging on the cross...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great variation!

06/26/2006 - Haley Scott 3 Scenes - 282 Photos - 37 Minutes Video
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Haley Scott is a cute blonde with a softly feminine body, adorable face and a very pink pussy...the Pope has her tied up on a couch, wearing a pink bikini and waiting for him to arrive...he enters and sits down beside her and immediately begins her inspection...he puts his arm around her and exposes here tits and slides the other hand down her's not long before Haley is bent over his knee and he spanks her...he hogtied her and leaves her on the couch as he prepares the dungeon for her the next scene, poor Haley has been stripped naked and tied up on a bed...She is spread eagle and very helpless with a gag in her mouth and a fucking machine in her pussy ready to pound away...the Pope turns the machine on and rigs her nipples with weights as the fucking begins...soon he is whipping her...then he uses a magic wand to finish her off with multiple the last scene, Haley is tied tight and bent over a spanking bench...the Pope spanks her ass and fingers her pussy...then some whipping...then he uses a set of anal plugs to stretch her ass hole...he begins small and eventually stuffs her with our largest black plug...he takes out her gag and makes her suck the plug that he removed from her ass as he continues to flog her...

Members comments:
06 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: I liked the second scene: Nice idea with that eight-point-tie, which gives a good wide stretch and total helplessness. That anal stuff in the last scene though... OK, some guys like to watch that, I don't. But making her suck a used butt plug...ugh!

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good! last scene could b better!

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