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03/12/2008 - Harmony Rose 5 Scenes - 237 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Standing in her binds, Harmony is bent over by The Pope and spanked ferociously before her pussy is fingered. WIth his slave's cunt lubed by her own juices, The Pope next turns to the flogger and wails upon his subject to get those juices flowing a bit more freely. As the flogger works across Harmony's naked back and torso, she is forced onto her tippy toes and wails in anguished delight as The Pope keeps dishing out all that she can take. When the flogging subsides, the paddle takes its place and The Pope uses it to his full advantage on his subject's flesh. Next, Harmony's legs are tied before she is lifted off the ground. And then, she is brought to orgasm by her Master and the magic wand... Next, Harmony is tied to the bench where she receives another flogging by her Master. Then her nipples are clamped with clothes pins and the glass dildo is shoved in her eager pussy. As Harmony screams in pleasure she returns her Master's thrusts by grinding her cunt up against the glass dong. To further test his slave's endurance, The Pope crotch ropes Harmony and attaches free weights as Harmony squirms and moans. Harmony then is brought to orgasm once again... Balancing precariously on the bench, Harmony is bound and tied by her Master. The Pope then utilizes his cane across her body. As her flesh quickly warms, Harmony's gasps and moans in pain and pleasure. She gets only a brief moment before the electric clamps are affixed to her nipples and the juice is applied. While her nipples receive their electro-stimulation, the magic wand is buried against her tender twat until she cums explosively... Now, bent over the wooden cube, Harmony receives the full brunt of The Pope's dual floggers. As the crackles of leather meeting flesh loudly resonate, only Harmony's screams can drown them out. Then, her pussy is hooked before she is brought to a brutal orgasm. Now, we watch as Harmony is suspended from the Dungeon ceiling. The Pope then takes the violet wand and rakes it across his slave's flesh. After Harmony has her nipples clamped her Master once again buries the magiuc wand against her clit until she cums ferociously. Then, her nipples are weighted and she is left suspended in the Dungeon... Videos can be found in galleries 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Members comments:
18 Apr 2008 AX wrote: The rope work is impressive, but not as much as Harmony's ability to suffer for our enjoyment!!! I want to see more of her.

13 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: Now thats fuuny! And I believe you may be on to something there...

12 Apr 2008 BLimey wrote: They are quite full of themselves, aren't they? It became a real turn off for me. They seem so completely square.

12 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: I dont know how they bruise them...probably from bumping into all the big heads around there :)

11 Apr 2008 Beat Her Now wrote: I happen to like seeing a model get beat. If they know ahead of time, they should be prepared for the consequenses. SocietySM does much more flogging and whip play than How does Kink even bruise them? You know from my emails that I want to see harder flogging!

11 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: It seems that Harmony only stopped submissive modelling for one big company. But I don't think she has stopped alltogether, even with them. I'm quite sure it is hard to make a living as a model with bruises all over your body from time to time. As you can see from this shoot, we can be very intense without ever bruising a model. Other companies just may not give a shit about the model's ability to work after being bruised. We do. Which is probably why you see the hottest girls on our sites :)

11 Apr 2008 HerMan wrote: I read in a blog that Harmony stopped submissive modelling? It is great to see her in ropes again!

13 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: Harmony is GREAT, as always. But I should say, it's too dark in some scenes. I mean not background, its ok, but even the body of a girl is covered with shadows. Personnaly I don't like it, It would be great to see some light roomes, as you did before (2006-2007)... I mean, it's too many dark dungeons among last updates... =\

13 Mar 2008 Hustle4U wrote: Great suspension in scene 5. Harmony is always a pleasure to watch.

08/31/2006 - Harmony Rose 3 Scenes - 228 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

The Pope brings Harmony into the bedroom, allready tied up, leading her on a leash as she hops along to follow him...he makes her hop in place and spin around to observe her heavy tits flopping around...then it's onto the bed where he gropes her...he bends her over for some spanking and decides to leave her there...he ties her ankles to one post of the bed, then he pulls her hands up behind her to another post...he wraps a crotchrope through her legs and ties it off...Harmony is helpless with a hurting pussy as the Pope takes a break to prepare the next scene... the Pope leaves her on the bed and he ties her up with her ass in the air...he spanks her ass and plays with her pussy before using a dildo on a stick to fuck her...he adds a magic wand and brings Harmony to multiple orgasms...a steel hook is inserted into her pussy and the Pope uses the magic wand again to control her the final scene, Harmony is tied tightly to a chair with her legs frogtied and spread...the Pope uses electrical clamps on her nipples to shock her as he fucks her with an electric dildo...Harmony's drool bubbles from the ball gag as he vibrates her into screaming orgasms...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Slow start, but a great third scene!

15 Sep 2007 mcb1964 wrote: in my opinion the hottest model on this site,great body and alluring eyes,just an all around hot babe

04/30/2006 - Georgia Southe, Harmony Rose 5 Scenes - 238 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Harmony gets hogtied atop one of our spanking benches...her hands are box tied behind her back and her feet are pulled up by a rope that also runs through her chest harness...we anchor her waist and gag her....then we let Mason loose...he spanks and canes her ass...he canes her feet and uses other methods to torment her the next scene, Harmony is dragged in by Ogre and Mason...the two men wrestle the struggling damsel onto the ground...they overpower and grope Harmony as they buckle her ankles and wirsts into a spreader bar...then they use a vibrator to bring her to orgasm...Harmony is left on the dungeon floor...

Then Georgia is back with Master Bad the first scene, Georgia is untied and the Master verbally dominates her...she is directed to show her ass as he crops and spanks her...then Georgia is stripped and tied to a chair...Master gags and blindolfds her...he clamps her pussy lips before using a vibrator to bring her to squirting and screaming orgasms...the last scene features Georgia giving the Master oral pleasure...there are no pictures but the video is hot! Georgia certainly knows how to give a blow job!

Members comments:
26 Dec 2017 kella wrote: missed bj scene:

29 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great one! The orasms are great! TOP performance!

11 Jul 2007 fan wrote: missing scene 4 from Georgia Southe Great play and wonderfull woman

04/04/2006 - Harmony Rose 3 Scenes - 355 Photos - 45 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

We bring you 3 long scenes with the beautiful blonde, Harmony Rose...She begins in latex and stockings...tied standing and spread on our rolling rack...Ogre enters to shine up her latex...slowly massaging and groping Harmony's hot fucking body...He warms her up with a spanking, then uses a flogger on her front and back...near the end of this 15 minute scene, he rigs a vibrator to her pussy and watches Harmony orgasm as he continues to flog her...he removes her gag, adds a blindfold and allows her to cum one more the next scene, Harmony is bound and bent over...Ogre begins with a light flogger, striking her ass hard...he takes breaks to rub her moist pussy...then a heavy flogger and more strikes to the ass and back...a cane is used to finish her punishment...he uses a dildo on a stick to rigorously fuck Harmony's helpless pussy...then a magic wand to get her off as he fingers her...In the last scene, she is roped down to a spreader table...Ogre directs her to suck a dildo as he wires her tits and pussy for electrical torment...he shocks her body and Harmony whines and moans...he blindfolds her and rigs her pussy with a vibrator...he leaves Harmony for multiple orgasms as she struggles to get away from the intense pleasure...

Members comments:
29 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She is great and the action is too! Nice Stockings by the way!

24 Aug 2007 QDMGcu wrote: that first set, where she's standing there, ready to go, you cut her top off, etc. ...but no video?

11 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: I can find only 2 scenes, where to hell is scene 3 ?

13 Jun 2007 wolfje wrote: scene 3 is lost in space

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