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02/17/2010 - Heidi Mayne 5 Scenes - 431 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
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Heidi isn't new to DungeonCorp, but this will be the first time that I get my hands on her. She's a pain slut that loves to be pushed, so push I will. Skip the warm up, skip the getting to know her body, let's just jump right in with the torture and pain. I've seen what she's capable of taking, so let the games begin. Pain isn't all that she get's today...imagine her crucified and begging God to help.....The Pope ShootID: SSM_HEI_020410

Members comments:
23 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: The naked spread-eagle was perfect!!

16 Jun 2011 eellam wrote: Her belly is in need of some serious torture.

20 Feb 2010 bluemag wrote: I like the lady - she's natural soft sweet plump, cute belly flabby breasts and nice curvy thighs n bottom. But - no torture (no real ones, anyway) - I'm sure her cute fleshy vag and bottom hole would look GORGEOUS REALLY STRETCHED, her nipples - perfect for some REAL PULLING and her nice round bottom cheeks perfect for some REAL HURTING .... C'mon gorgeous Heidi, how about it? MAKE ME HAPPY! xxxxxx PLEASE!

18 Feb 2010 Whitey wrote: Pictures should be working correctly now thanks.

18 Feb 2010 bubbajoe1785 wrote: Videos look great, but photos will not download. Get error saying that they are not on server.

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