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05/12/2011 - Hollie Stevens 4 Scenes - 272 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 272 Photos - 65 Minutes Video

Today we tell a tale of a day that Hollie Stevens will never forget...In the morning rush to get coffee, parking lots in Los Angeles can get very packed...bad moods abound in the cars whose drivers have not yet fully woken...Soma and Hollie are both searching for a spot...By all true rights, Soma had dibs on the space...she waited for the other driver to back out...but Hollie pulled right in....Soma is not pleased and Hollie is unphased...she flips Soma off with a what-are-you-gonna-do attitude...Soma takes down her license info and makes a call to her boys...Hollie's coffee didn't do much for her, because only hours later, Hollie is napping at her house...This is when they come and remove her...taped, gagged, stripped...tied spread and naked in the bed of a truck and driven to Soma's place...This is just the beginning...Taken inside, tied and groped, Hollie can't believe what's happening to her...Then Soma plays with her...punishes her...humiliates her...tied in a wheelchair, Hollie is pushed to her final destination...Soma has prepared her own beautician to assist...Hollie won't forget the lesson of the day...When you piss off the Goddess, you lose your fucking pretty blonde hair...Hey, It's just a story folks. Hollie is a great actor and volunteered for the head shaving shoot...Thanks much to Soma and Boi for their interpretation of a classic story...Ogre... ShootID: HOL_050611

Members comments:
10 Jun 2011 Stan wrote: The stories are great!

19 May 2011 Schaan wrote: What to say about this?! Disturbed people at their best :~)

14 May 2011 smedley wrote: Never thought I'd say this, but I think Hollie looks beautiful with the "buzz" hair cut. Just in time for the summer heat too. Oh, and the videos downloaded fine for me. Did Hollie donate her hair to "locks of love?"

13 May 2011 Ogre wrote: All videos are showing well.

13 May 2011 O wrote: Where is the video?

13 May 2011 Whitey wrote: Sorry about that, they are working correctly now. Thanks.

13 May 2011 Mr B wrote: Cannot download any of the videos.

03/09/2011 - Hollie Stevens 4 Scenes - 309 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 309 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

In all the years and all the times we have shot Hollie, I have never worked with her...And I was looking forward to it...Another juggernaut submissive to unleash myself upon...Newbies are fun, but it is truly a pleasure to Dom models like Hollie...the vibe is calm and mellow as I blindfold her for the end of that scene, Hollie is hanging from her wrists in a state of anxiety....and that's where I keep her...You have to realize that Hollie is not a small and fragile woman...her stature is as impressive as is her natural beauty...I keep this in mind as I rope her to two small arms or legs to get in the way...and I pull her head back as well...Poor Hollie scarcely gets a warm up as I begin with floggers...then a single tail, snapping points on her inner thighs and tits...that's a good test for my times, she bucks like a wild animal...very entertaining as long as the ropes hold...and they do...then I give her the chance to cum and she takes it...the third scene features more ultra tight bondage and ass impact and I once again end it with a single tail...In the last scene I basically descend into madness and take Hollie with desperate and upset that our time together will soon end, I keep her bound to a chair, groping and fingering her pussy gratuitously...I shoot rubber bands at her bound body...point blank, at her pussy...I pull her off the ground and use her for moving target practice with my whips...I revel in her screams and you should...Ogre ShootID: HOL_030111

Members comments:
14 Mar 2011 Ogre wrote: Me flattered? Naw...Im just copying other people too...Salvatore, Liam and Orpheus might be flattered...or the Florentine expert himself, LA's own Entropy...and now that I've mentioned them, I have to throw in Simon Blaise for actually teaching me a few techniques...and that's how it goes...I never fixed a vibrator to my dildo pole before I saw some other schmo do it!

14 Mar 2011 David wrote: Excellent work here John! You are really stirring things up with those floggers and tails. Your competition is struggling to learn quickly and using them on almost every update now. I'm sure you are flattered. :)

13 Mar 2011 Dean wrote: Aren't things starting to get too rough around here?

13 Mar 2011 Munroe wrote: Great!!!

12 Mar 2011 MrJohnson wrote: This site shows what I would consider to be much more realistic scenes than ones where the Dom does nothing but pleasures the sub. But this site is sorely missing paddles!

11 Mar 2011 Swilson wrote: I've only made it through the first scene but what a scene! I'll come back more for later :) Great work!

10 Mar 2011 Asian Assan wrote: We should give Hollie kudos for being such a good submissive :)

10 Mar 2011 Master P wrote: Excellent session! This site does it just a little better than many others. You have a great variety of positions and John Ogre handles the ladies as I do, with compassionate sadism. Now I need to learn how to use a single tail whip! Awesome, just awesome work.

06/17/2006 - Ariel X, Hollie Stevens 3 Scenes - 206 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

This update features two top-notch bondage models...we begin wth Ariel X...we lay her down on our stretching bench....her ankles are buckled into a spreader bar and her hands are pulled over her head...Manson enters with a whip and takes his time whipping her...he gropes her tits, he spanks her pussy...he puts his hand over her mouth to play with her the end, Manson uses a vibrator....holding it against her clit as she struggles through the next scene, we stand Ariel up on the table...once again her hands are pulled above her head and her legs are stretched wide open...Mason uses clamps on her nipples and hangs heavy wieghts from them...he fucks her from below with a dildo on a stick...he takes a moment to spread her legs wide enough to pull them off the table, leaving her suspended by her wrists...then a magic wand is used to make her cum...

Hollie is tied to a table, naked and lying on her back...Manson uses candles to wax her enire body, then rigs a vibrator to her pussy and leaves poor Hollie to cum over and over, screaming all the way...

Members comments:
06 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: Outstanding update, especially the second scene with Ariel.

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Awesome update! Perfect camera position in the first scene! Just great!

05/19/2006 - Hollie Stevens 3 Scenes - 312 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Hollie Stevens, or should I say, poor Hollie Stevens...or...Poor, beautiful Hollie Stevens...she endures three long scenes with Mason who takes his time making her suffer...she begins dressed in a black latex outfit...she is standing with her hands and neck in stocks, as well as her feet...Mason undresses her, and right off, Hollie screams as he spanks her pussy...i think she gets the feeling that it's going to be a long afternoon...he gropes her beautiful body, then turns her around for a heavy handed spanking...he leaves her in the stockes with a very tight crotch rope cutting through her the next scene, Hollie is laid out on her back...her neck, hands and feet are stilled stocked...Hollie is so helpless as Mason enters with a crop and uses it on her tits and pussy...she screams and struggles as he tickles her feet...then TENS pads on her tits and an electric dildo into her pussy...more screaming...finally, Hollie gets some pleasure as Mason holds a vibrator on her pussy and she the last scene Hollie is cuffed in the center of the room...Mason whips her front and back before clamping her labia and hanging weights from her pussy...he rigs up the vibrator and pulls Hollie onto her toes...then he leaves her there to cum...

Members comments:
07 Apr 2013 Viking65 wrote: Once again, the feeling of great sadness overwhelms me, this beautiful woman is no longer with us. Not only the good die young Billy Joel, Hollie was the most delicious sinner to leave us much too soon.

17 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: Holly looks really good in these scenes - nice tan, and it also seems she has lost some weight since last time. Liked the stripping scene.

20 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Excellent! LOVED the stripping in the stocks......Hollie is REALLY gorgeous & SEXY!!! 10/10!

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: One of the best girls! The beginning with the dressed girl is a good variation!

01/03/2006 - Amber Rayne, Hollie Stevens 4 Scenes - 228 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Poor, young Amber...suspended from her wrists and ankles in the nude...she tries to get comfortable as Ogre enters to gag her...he whips her body as it swings to and fro...he pushes her back and forth as he takes strokes at her tender flesh...Ogre gropes her and invades her pussy with his fingers..then he leaves her there to suffer in mid the next scene, Amber is roped to a shelf-rack...she is totally helpless and immobile and Ogre rigs a vibrator to her pussy....he turns it on and leaves her...then comes back to finger fuck and rub her wet pussy....then its the vibrator one more time, rigged into place and left on her pussy...

Hollie's bondage afternoon continues with the Pope...he ties her on our steel table, on her tummy...her legs are spread wide and her arms are shackled behind her back and pulled way up...Hollie can only whine and squirm as the Pope inserts the dildo from the fucking machine into her pussy...he spanks her as the machine gets facter and faster...Hollie has helpless orgasms and leaves a puddle on the table...then we tie her hands and feet in front as she lays on her side...her neck and feet are tethered down and Hollie tries to relax...we gag and blindfold her and leave her.

Members comments:
29 Mar 2009 woodpecker wrote: Both scenes with Amber were great, excellent display of her helpless skinny body and good reactions.

31 Mar 2008 yasu wrote: shelfe-rack is good.

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Yeah, nice reaction, body and face!

15 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: The suspension scene here is one of my most played videos from SSM. Little Amber twists and writhes to make the footage very dynamic, with an excellent unwilling captive role play vibe. I dare say that I don't have the vibrator scene on disc, so I'll have to grab it pronto. And shit, I love how you guys show models totally nude.

23 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Of the photos gallery1 “Suspended13” is beautiful. Love the way she twists and turns. Equally, totally helpless she is a real turn on.

24 Jun 2007 Ogre wrote: The video of amber hanging is at the top of gallery 2...

27 May 2007 Jojo wrote: Where`s the video with her hanging??? That`s not funny anymore!!

10/18/2005 - Hollie Stevens 2 Scenes - 175 Photos - 33 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Hollie is alone and tied, standing in the black room...her arms are tied behind her back and her feet are tied together...a rope to her collar keeps her upright and a red ball keeps her gagged...the Pope enters and goes right for her scrumptious breasts...he pulls down her top and then her panties and he has his way...he turns her around for a spanking...then a crotchrope is rigged up with six pounds of iron splits her lips and keeps her on her the next scene, Hollie's arms are spread tightly by ratchets...a spreader bar with a pussy impaler is cuffed between her ankles...the dildo penetrates her and Hollie can't get away...the Pope uses a magic wand to vibrate her and Hollie cums...Hollie is then tied to a table...her feet are pulled up to her thighs and her hands are tied above her head....the Pope fucks her with a dick-on-a-stick and Hollie cums from the penetration...a vibrator is rigged onto her pussy and Hollie is left to have more helpless orgasms...

Members comments:
25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Like the way the crotch rope cuts into her pussy!

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Hollie shit, sche comes great!

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