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05/05/2017 - Holly Hendrix 4 Scenes - 364 Photos - 36 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 364 Photos - 36 Minutes Video

Some of these recent models have displayed such bad attitudes...even while gagged they talk back...and I gotta tell you, I love it...Nothing drives the dominant spirit like breaking the spirit of a bound slave...It must be done with relative delicacy, as not to harm the precious bottom, but you keep making the same point over and over...they are not in control...they are helpless and their bad attitude only makes it worse for them, and better for us...I leave Holly hanging by all fours in a rough suspension, and Im still not sure she ever gets the point...Ogre... ShootID: HOL_042617

Members comments:
23 May 2017 ltmember wrote: Refreshing to see the variety in positions and bondage. Some sites use the same ties and positions over and over and after a while it gets boring.

08 May 2017 Damon74 wrote: Her bitchy attitude is absolutely hot.

06 May 2017 m73 wrote: Been waiting patiently for HH to come back. More than worth the wait.

05 May 2017 ajtyrant wrote: Fuck Yes! The bad attitudes are definitely a turn on for me.

11/28/2015 - Holly Hendrix 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Holly is tiny and scrumptous...she is also filled with submissive fantasies...she tells me of her deep attraction to bondage, and I know that today will be a good day. Holly sees herself as an object of sex, which is easy to understand, as her sexy little body has all the right curves, including amazing tits and ass...Her angel face loves to smile, and I find out, it also loves to suffer...Holly removes her clothes as I remove her power and strip it away as I bind her to the chair...This one loves to struggle, loves to feel the sexiness of being that bound object of sex, owned and drained of it's pleasure..I give it to her all day long and she soaks it up like an ideal and fragile, sexual submissive, with the lustful power to endure anything to prove her worth and give purpose to that beauty....Ogre... ShootID: HOL_111715

Members comments:
29 Nov 2015 provost wrote: Pretty girl but a pretty tame session...too much about her arousal and satisfaction, and a little too little of more rigorous treatments. Mr. O, are you getting soft in your maturity? Well, better luck next time.....

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