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08/22/2007 - Holly Wellin 5 Scenes - 355 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
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Holly Wellin is back and better than ever in our latest update. If you are already familiar with Holly, you know she is an ultra hot babe who loves sex and being dominated. If you don't know her, well... you will soon. Holly shows up in a hot little see-through net dress, and we promptly ask her to get out of it so we can see that body. After she strips, she gets her pussy nice and wet for us. After her intitial warm up, The Pope gets her in a gravity suspension and flogs her ass, tits and pussy. Pausing only to clamp Holly's nipples, The Pope then goes to town on her pussy with the magic wand until, Holly explodes in orgasm. After her initial orgasm, Holly is tied in rope and thrown on the bed, only to be victimized a little more by The Pope's brutal hand. Flogging, electric shock, dildo gagging and nipple pumps are all applied and dished out in massive quantities, before Holly is brought off again. Changing gears, The Pope ties Holly to a steel bench in a head harness and ball gag. By now, Holly's pussy is sopping wet and The Pope uses it to his advantage. After a four fingered assault on her eager cunt, he inserts the speculum and canes her ass and cunt. The removal of the speculum leaves Holly's pussy gaping and begging for more. Once again more than happy to accomodate, The Pope, pole fucks Holly into oblivion with a huge dildo. Not quite yet satisfied The Pope rages on, tying Holly to a bench and stretching her hot little body before applying clothes pins to her nipples and pelvis. And then, he coats her body with a little wax. In the grand finale, The Pope ties Holly spread eagle and gagged in a bar chair and peppers her pussy with the flogger. Then, he applies the magic wand to her pussy one last time. Holly who cannot take it any longer, submits and explodes in a urine soaked orgasm.

Members comments:
03 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: HAHAHA, NICE!

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great performance! The reactions of the last scene are near perfect! Great one!

21 Sep 2007 loadedyup wrote: Holly is the best drooler out there. Wish I could see some rabbit scenes with her like Destiny and Ashley went through. Chicks love that little fucker and I like to see them squirm and cum, so its a nice fit. The ropes in her pussy rule. She's such a find. The nipple clamps are a solid seller for this site. Good work again.

27 Aug 2007 ijz wrote: Please punish Holly to the punishment of the tickle. Especially, the armpit.

26 Aug 2007 siNNer wrote: Holly is allready a bondage legend!

25 Aug 2007 fiore wrote: รจ bella la mangeria tutta

22 Aug 2007 QDMGcu wrote: Why is there never video of the first set, the interview? Even when your description says stuff like "we promptly ask her to get out of it" or "we ask her to gag herself" etc., there's no video

22 Aug 2007 yeah wrote: Holly, you are wonderful, "hang" in there.

12/18/2006 - Holly Wellin, Lielani Lee 4 Scenes - 241 Photos - 39 Minutes Video
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We start with the second half of super-hot Holly Wellin's afternoon with the Pope...Holly is totally nude and we cuff her wirsts and ankles...we stand her up on two pedestals which keeps her legs spread wide, then we pull her wrists over her head and stretch her out...the black magic fucking machine is used to fuck her from below, and the Pope whips her ass as the fucking begins...he uses a vibrator to pleasure her clit and Holly screams through multiple orgasms...We hogtie Holly on a table and make her deep-throat a dildo as the Pope spanks her fine ass...then more vibrating and more screaming orgasms...the Pope then hoists her from the table in her hogtie and leaves her to hang in the air...

Next, it's an equally hot Leilani who has to endure the Pope's torments...we use a sex swing to suspend her, and each of her limbs is tied out to the chain rig that supports the swing...her legs are pulled wide apart and the Pope uses TENS pads on her inner thighs...then electric nipple clamps..he plays with the voltage as poor Leilani moans and jolts...he uses a Samuri dildo to fuck and shock her pussy at the same time...then it's the magic wand to finish her off....she cums hard and begs for release...then Lielani gets a hogtie...trussed up with a head harness ball gag, Lielani is helpless as the Pope makes her cum over and over until she is completely spent...

Members comments:
08 Feb 2011 dei wrote: 4th scene at

02 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Awesome, especially the third scene! GREAT!

11/04/2006 - Holly Wellin 3 Scenes - 147 Photos - 25 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Holly Wellin is a stunning beauty with an angel face, a killer body and a huge submissive appetite...not to mention that she's an orgasm machine...the Pope carries her into the first scene with her hands and feet bound...he lays her on the bed and goes to work undressing her...he gropes her tits and spanks her ass and lets her know that it's going to be a long the next scene, Holly is naked and tied on her knees...her hands are pulled up behind her back and a chest rig keeps her upright...the Pope spanks her ass, then uses clothespins on her body from crotch to breast...he leaves pegs on her nipples as he holds the vibrator between her legs...Holly cums like a the next scene, still fully nude, each hand is tied to each ankle and then tied wide open...her pussy is helpless and exposed and the Pope decides to give her a little shock...he uses TENS pads around her cunt and uses electric clamps on her nipples....he has fun turning up the current as Holly struggles and begs...he gives her what she wants in the form of more orgasms...many Holly drools and screams...

Members comments:
07 Apr 2015 Sexploither wrote: looks like a young Leah Remini especially in the 3rd Scene, Love the facial sexpressions, feet, & drooling Wish more girls would drool like her.

05 Mar 2013 Bob wrote: Pretty model she was excellent, i liked the outfit and the first scene would of been nice to see her tied to the bed with her arse in the air and some tickle torture on her sexy feet. and maybe a collar round her neck tied to the bed too. maybe something for one of the other models in the future :D

11 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: The third scene is hot, but I'd have preferred it without the gag. I know that many people like the drooling, but for me it's kinda yucky and rather a turn-off.

16 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Holly is a sex-bomb and she can blow me away ANYTIME! 10\10

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good update! The third scene is awesome! Great reactions!

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