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02/08/2012 - Holly Wood 4 Scenes - 256 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 256 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Holly appears to be in quite the conundrum... She's tied hard and tight, seated on the bed as Damon gropes her pussy. He methodically manipulates her clothing, making sure all the right areas are exposed. He gets her off to a quick start as he first moistens up her pussy with his fingers, then buries a pole mounted dildo deep in her cunt as he stifles her screams... She's then flipped over on her belly for easier access as she is bound and rigged from the rafters, hoisted high above as she is set into motion swinging to and fro. From underneath, Damon affixes clothes-pins to her flesh, slowly covering her beautiful tits. Then he brandishes the cane and works sweet Holly's body over as she careens through the air. Her pain is not without virtue however, reward is just around the corner as he presses the wand against her clit. As each pin is removed, Holly is one step closer to orgasm... When she is arched over on her back, she cums furiously just before the pussy stretcher is affixed. Damon adds a little flavor to things though as he applies an electrical current to her pussy. And despite Holly's pleas, he runs her through her paces, giving her the shock of her life. Her screams fill the air, yet Damon persists and she is sent into a convulsive state... Taking it all a step further, Holly is then mounted and spread face down. Nipple clamps are attached and weighted and electricity is once again employed as Damon canes his slave thoroughly. Holly's screams take on an ear splitting level when he gets to her bare feet, and then she is worked to a blistering, orgasmic finale... ShootID: HOL_020312

Members comments:
13 Feb 2012 provost wrote: There is something about Holly that is always authentic, beautiful, and engaging.

10 Feb 2012 Killy wrote: Holly is absolutely gorgeous, as a domme or sub she is a delight to watch. Keep up the good work, please bring her to FUD !

10 Feb 2012 spoton5 wrote: SOOOO Glad to be back. Wow. I forgot how good your site is.

09 Feb 2012 Ken1967 wrote: This is the only website producing content of this intensity. GREAT UPDATES!

09 Feb 2012 MrJohnson wrote: Amazing scenes! Holly is just the right model for Damon's devices! A Domme in training should suffer :) Great work Damon and Holly

12/01/2011 - Holly Wood 4 Scenes - 433 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 433 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Holly is an incredible babe...a natural redhead with luscious natural tits, a small waist, wide hips, a flat stomach, a round ass and a hot pink orgasmic pussy...she has aspirations to be a Domme and sees her experiences on bottom as a must...she submits to the process for her own growth and our entertainment...I begin with Holly bent over and rigged to a spanking bench...I cut off her panties and flog her ass and back....she has a long day ahead of her and flogging is a great way to get the endorphins flowing...she's going to need them all day....I clamp her nipples and tie them off...first I tease, the I mash the wand onto her cunt...Holly cums with no good cane stroke is all it takes to keep her asking permission for the rest of the day...In the next scene, Holly is kneeling atop a wooden box with her beautiful breasts smashed well in our device...a dildo is fixed inside her pussy...I hook her mouth open and begin her tit torture...flogging gets quite a reaction...then clamps with weights on her nipples...I tease and flog her pussy, then into an orgasmic frenzy...I rig the bottom half of her body to a spread bench and her hands in front...then the rig is pulled directly over her head, leaving Holly in an intense back arch...I tie off our tit smashers and hang weights from her pussy piercings...she doesnt like the heat gun at all...especially near those metal piercings...I stuff her cunt and watch her writhe through what must be very intense orgasms...and I keep her there until she's spent...then down onto the ground with her upper body box tied...I rig her legs into winches and begin to split her...i stop to stuff her cunt with an inflatable dildo...then lay her back to be fully spread...the dildo wand combo once again turns our would be Domme into a helpless little cumslut...I nail her pussy piercings into the floor and leave her there...Ogre... ShootID: HOL_112911

Members comments:
14 Jan 2012 megaman67 wrote: loved the stretching of the pussy lips...and the breast clamps. Hollywood is beautiful!

30 Dec 2011 Darling Nikki wrote: This is one of the best updates I have watched so far. What a beautiful girl. I enjoyed watching her reactions.

05 Dec 2011 72Jack wrote: Great work Ogre! Never a moment of rest for Holly, but plenty of orgasms and screams.

04 Dec 2011 provost wrote: So beautiful, so elegant, so rigorous.... More, please: Holly's face is so expressive she'd make high drama of almost any treatment. An ideal candidate for the rack, predicament bondage, and the bastinado.

02 Dec 2011 Wolford wrote: Holly is so beautiful. He kept her in good and long scenes with much stress to her body. The highlights would be the breast smashing, nipple torture and the final pussy torture. 5 Stars!

02 Dec 2011 lex wrote: Very nice - and i just LOVE that you has got a nice collar - PLEASE expand the collection and keep using nice collars - what will keep my $ flow in your direction

06/08/2011 - Holly Wood 4 Scenes - 367 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 367 Photos - 49 Minutes Video

The absolute best part of my job is meeting and working with new talent...and it's always that much better when the talent isn't from the same old talent pool of agents in LA...I met Holly at Sanctuary in Culver City...Sanctuary is a very cool dungeon club that has recently re-opened near the airport...on any given Saturday night, you can find and meet many a upstanding pervert...Holly was walking around with another young, hot babe and I noticed them immediately...I do not typically approach any women in public to shoot, but they were introduced to me through their Master and another LA pervert, Micheal Kahn...We arranged the shoot, made sure to go over limits and interests and a week later, Holly was in my Dungeon, ready to be plunged into the world of hardcore BDSM...actually, Holly has been plunged before...she is not a newbie to submisison and control...and I was happy for that...I could tell that Holly was ready for an intense she strips, she reveals a perfect body...curvy and feminine...classic long legs...full and heavy tits...wide hips, vanilla skin and a very ripe pink pussy...just a beautifully natural woman at the height of her luxury...So, I blindfold her, tie her on the couch and cram her pussy hole with a vibrator...I take it slow and easy in that first scene cause I know what's plans for Holly are harsh...I continue with a breast bind that keeps her up on her knees as I whip her body and cane her inner thighs...I let her ride the vibe until she gets release...the next tie is a back breaker, but Holly hangs like a champ as I use a dildo to push her around the room....nipples clamps on tightly tied tits and more time with the magic wand...she's being such a good subject...then I spread her out tightly on the bed...I had to see her whole body pulled apart before me...I give Holly a thorough introduction to electrical play, including some alligator clips right on those stainless steel pussy piercings...the TENS unit works away at her tummy and inner thighs and I stuff her cunt with a dildo...she submits to the vibrator one last time...then I whip her, one last time...much thanks to Holly and her Master...We hope to have her back again soon...Ogre... ShootID: HOL_060411

Members comments:
15 Jun 2013 Japanman wrote: Last scene(in 02/08/2012) where she is arched over on her back, The scene which I admired was a really splendid scene in the scene which I watched so far. To tell my hope, he makes her the figure and want her pussy to give a pain more and yet more.

13 Jun 2011 Rhynot11 wrote: A perfect update with a perfect slave :)

11 Jun 2011 Daring Darren wrote: I would be happy to see every model spread eagle.

10 Jun 2011 Ogre wrote: Holly's tits were a pleasure to tie :)

10 Jun 2011 EKC31 wrote: That is a wicked variation of the hogtied suspension. I also appreciated the attention you paid to those beautiful breasts! Please tie tits whenever you can.

10 Jun 2011 Stan wrote: The first scene was slow and I was beginning to think this was a dud. The second scene was like a tornado compared to the first! 3 and 4 were on par too. Very nice work.

10 Jun 2011 Rigor wrote: Best BDSM scenes on the planet! Holly is fucking hot!

09 Jun 2011 MrJohnson wrote: Maybe it's because of Holly, but this is the best shoot I have ever witnessed here. She reminds me of Darling. Kudos to the crew.

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