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05/06/2009 - India Summer 5 Scenes - 242 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6... After making her first appearance on SocietySM two years ago India Summer is back. I finally get to have my time with her and I made sure that she would not forget this day. I start with her standing to show off her sexy body, before I intensify her binds, with every scene more grueling than the one before. She is a very sexual person and it shines through as I take full control of her body and force one orgasm after another out of her. She begs and pleads with me to stop with the promise of doing whatever I want...silly girl, I want you to suffer, and suffer she does. In the end I parade her around on her elbows and knees before I attack her pussy one last time and don't stop until I feel that she has given me every drop of cum. She is left lying on the floor quivering and exhausted...mission accomplished...The Pope

10/17/2007 - India Summer 5 Scenes - 215 Photos - 49:00 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

India Summer is a tall, leggy brunette, with an immaculate body and beautiful brown eyes. She's yet another newcomer to the site and we're happy to have her this week to share with our members. When we first meet India, she is wearing nothing more than a hot little latex outfit and thigh high latex boots. We come to find that India has minimal bondage experience but, in what little experience she does have, she admits that she does enjoy being tied up and flogged... India is bound and gagged in a standing position, one leg lifted and suspended mid-air like an akward, yet graceful crane as Master Kahn makes his presence felt. He immediately gets to rubbing India's exposed pussy lips and clit. After he gets India's pussy wet and ready, he then whips out the violet wand and works India's moist pussy over with it. As the sound of electricity crackles, India whimpers and moans in pleasure and pain. Master Kahn then begins to finger her while continuing his mastery of the violet wand. India is then pleasured for her obedience as her Master vibes her off to her first orgasm... With her legs now bound to the steel bars, India is placed in a position of vulnerability as her Master begins to flog her across her nude tits and torso. With her mouth gagged, every muffled moan that escapes India's mouth fuels the flogger to a faster pace. When her Master steps away briefly, India is unpleasantly surprised as he returns to clamp her nipples, and turn the flogger's attentions to her vulnerable back side. Then, the magic wand is placed against her trembling cunt once again as we watch India explode in her second orgasm. Next, we find India bound in the Dungeon to the steel bench. Her body trembles as Master Kahn works his vampire gloves over her silky skin. Her pelvis pulses as her Master flogs her naked crotch. Electric nipple clamps are fastened to her erect nipples and her moist pussy lips and the switch is thrown on high. As the energy pulses, India's body thrusts in time. As her Master now knows, India is prone to convulsive orgasm, as he rolls out the G5 and brings India to her third and most forceful orgasm... Now, India is in full suspension dangling from the ceiling, unaware of what fate may come next. She does not have long to wait however, as Master Kahn enters, and swings her to and fro by her nipples. Master Kahn then takes a pole mounted dong and inserts it into India's now sopping pussy. In her position of vulnerability, she can only submit to the conflicting feelings of vulnerability and ecstasy that her Master rudely provides. As the pole thrusts it's way in and out, the vibe is once again placed against India's clit and India once again grunts her way to a drooling orgasm. Worn down and now totally submissive from the days events in the Dungeon, India is gagged and roped naked to the cold concrete floor. Again, the pole mounted dildo finds it's way into India's pussy. As Master Kahn, works the dong into her cunt, and fingers her clit, her final orgasm is put on hold... Her Master then rakes her wriggling body up and down with the electrical probe. Then, the G5 is rolled in one final time and pressed against India's twitching pussy as her Master fingers her all the way to one final massive orgasm.

Members comments:
30 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: India has immediately become one of my favourites. She has a slim, perfect body and somehow looks (and talks) like a lady, which makes her reactions to bondage and stimulation even more arousing. I hope we will see much more of beautiful India Summer on this site, maybe an outdoor scene?

28 Feb 2009 robtarch wrote: india shows she can be feisty as in gallery one and innocently submissive in the other galleries. keep the old guy, he certainly does not distract as some of the guys with all their jewelry and tats.

08 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: why can't the 'Old Man' play a dirty old professor or teacher coming up with 'new' methods of punishing these lovely young sweet & 'innocent' girls........use his age to the advantage.......after all, old head, young (& dirty) at heart!! Good luck to the old bugger!! 10/10.

06 Dec 2007 Donkey Kong wrote: I like the pussy strength test (great idea!) and her reaction when you tell her about it. India is really beatiful.

14 Nov 2007 Ogre wrote: I was hoping someone would like the old guy...afterall, I hired him!

12 Nov 2007 Mikey wrote: Good grief. I thought nothing could top Holly or ArielX. I was wrong. The unrelenting pressure on India (& her reactions) was unique for societysm. MORE just like that is needed! I belong to strictrestraint too, but it's no comparison to societysm and particulary India Summer. India's shoot is one of the very first that was not ho-hum predicatable from the get go. Any regular knows from the beginning to the very end exactly what expected. This is an A++. If only more of sm's patrons could be a little more analytical in what the really good vs. the average is, you'd probably have a bigger following. C'est la vie. Oh--by the way, the so-called "old guy" made it interesting and a tad more unique than the usual.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great performance! Great reactions!

03 Nov 2007 perv wrote: nice girls and nice clamps on tits. More More More Tit torture !!

24 Oct 2007 Bob Lee wrote: Cute girl!

23 Oct 2007 Gil1969 wrote: SocietySM officially uses the craziest vibrator now! goodbye magic wand?

23 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: I liked this set too. Hot like a curry, India has a good sense of role play and got into the act by testing her bonds and mewling through the scenes. It also helps that she is fine looking. Ordinarily I'd favour the spreadeagle position, but the bench tie with electrickery and light flogging worked best for me. How nice it would be, though, to take to these pros with a cane or single tail - leave some marks and make them yelp for real...

20 Oct 2007 Digger55 wrote: You really want our honest opinion? Drop the old guy as he is boring. India is hot and dirty. You should shoot her with Pope.

20 Oct 2007 ChiTown wrote: India is beautiful! Society always has hot models.

17 Oct 2007 yeah wrote: ah, walter mitty strikes again. wonderful. wonderful. thank you very much.

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