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09/14/2005 - Isabella Camille 4 Scenes - 192 Photos - 19 Minutes Video
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Isabella is immaculate! She is perfectly beautiful from her silky hair and feminine face, to her killer body, sculpted ass and shapely legs...once again, Jim Mac gets to have his way with her, but at least we get to watch...She begins dressed in baby blue lingerie...her arms are cuffed and spread over her head and Jim enjoys it all very slowly and thoroughly as he strips and fondles her...the second photo set features Isabella in a hogtied suspension in white the next scene, she is tied straddling a spanking horse...a tape gag keeps her quiet as Jim spankes her ass and verbally tanuts her...then much red wax is dripped onto her red ass and back...Isa is then tied, bent backwards over our back rack...a pnael gag is buckled into her mouth and a vibrator is tied onto her pussy...Jim leaves her there to have long and intense orgasms...

Members comments:
27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Itá a pitty, that there are no hanging scene videos available!

25 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: What's a gay looking nancy boy like Jim pawing a doll like Isabella? Well, it's hard to tie a female to that arched bench and not get a good scene. Grab these shoots of the incomperable Isabella chaps, before they're archived forever.

11 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: QDMGcu, it shouldn't be there... all videos are in last gallery untill ~2006 year...

24 Aug 2007 QDMGcu wrote: no video of Gallery 2?

20 Aug 2007 fan wrote: hot girl and nice scenes. would be a pleasure to see here again

06/16/2005 - Isabella Camille 3 Scenes - 265 Photos - 25 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Holy shit! Isabella Camille has been tied and left in the dungeon for some lucky bastard to play tight jeans and shirt, it's evident how beautiful this woman is...the lucky bastard is Jim Mac and he stands above Isabella as she worries at his feet...Jim jumps right in and begins to inspect his new toy...he gropes her and begins to spank her perfect ass...he removes her clothes and the reddening continues...he lifts her up and carries her away to be prepared for a full inspection...Isabella is naked, tied and spread standing as she is rolled into the dungeon on a platform...Jim takes total advantage, as anyone would would, of Isa's helplessness, as he fingers her pussy and breaks out a vibrator...he buzzes her pussy until she is moaning and writhing...Isa is then tied to a chair...her legs are spread over the sides of the chair and tied...her hands are tied at her sides and a rope around her neck keeps her from struggling too much as Jim switches on the vibrator which is tied into her crotch...he leaves Isabella to cum and cum again...

Members comments:
27 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: I LOVED seeing Isabella loking SO helpless when tied to the chair & tape gagged, then vibed! NOTHING she could do about it! EXCELLENT! 10/10.

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Yup, she performs great!

25 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: Isabella is one of the most delicious bondage models ever. She's another beauty who's dropped off the BDSM paysite radar of late, maybe because as my girlfriend, she's kept quite busy indeed looking after my whims and brute urges. ;-) Strangely, for someone who came from the world of dull cheesecake porn shoots, she really performs the tied prisoner role as well as the top 3 girls on SocietySM...or Perfect Slave for that matter.

20 Aug 2007 fan wrote: very nice girl perfekt body.

12 Jul 2007 Jeff wrote: She's a hot one. Love her in those shoes. Next time please have her keep her heels on and ask if would commit herself to a couple of well placed slaps. Love the way she squirms, nice effect while getting whipped I bet.

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