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04/26/2011 - Jada Stevens 4 Scenes - 348 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 348 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

Jada Stevens is one of the most delicious women I've ever worked transcends hot or beautiful...she inspires sexuality with every curve of her ripe and young body...the eyes, the smile, the flawless white skin...and submissive too...I knew I was gonna have a good time with this one...I lead her to the bed collared and cuffed...I strip and spread her on camera and begin to test her...Jada is a sensitive can just tell she doesnt often have her legs tied spread and her pussy whipped...but as soon as I get inside her pussy, it's warm and wet...she loves the vibrator...too I keep it on her till she's crazy...after a very thorough and enjoyable first position, I move on to feature one of Jada's most endearing features...her ass...ass lovers love's perfect...I flog it, cane it, spank it...although I have to leave Jada's perfect ass in perfect condition...she feels every bit of it...I move onto her pussy, in a back breaking tie...clamps and the violet wand almost break her spirit...what the violet wand may lack in true intensity, it makes up for in noisy intimidation for first timers...cherish these moments...I end it all with a spread legged, hair tied, strappado...I lick her body with the dragons tail and it reddens nicely...weighted clamps on the nipples and orgasms finish her off...thanks much to Jada for a great afternoon of very sincere BDSM...Ogre... ShootID: JAD_041911

Members comments:
19 May 2011 Schaan wrote: What a babe :~)

02 May 2011 I agree wrote: The home style updates are always more real.

30 Apr 2011 mike wrote: I would like to see more bedroom scenes. I know these ladies are models but I would like to see more models that are not shaved so much, they do not look natural. I have a scene in mind of ladies tied faced down on the bed with a pillow under them and legs tied wide open. It would be nice

30 Apr 2011 EKC31 wrote: This is domination well done. 5 stars, thumbs up, great!

29 Apr 2011 David wrote: I fell behind on watching the other updates and just got around to watching this. John, you are giving us too much video to download. The Dungeon corp site updates this week were awesome with Cherry and Randy! Jada's scenes were all very hot and I still have to go download Gia's new update. You keep a man busy!

28 Apr 2011 MrJohnson wrote: It is obvious that you held back a bit on Jada, more than typical. The chemistry between Dom and sub is very important and that is what counts here. Provost took the word right out of my mouth, ENCORE! Get Jada tied up and fucked asap.

28 Apr 2011 provost wrote: Delicious!? You took the word right out of my mouth! Lovely young woman, game for a rigorous session that is a joy to view. Encore!

27 Apr 2011 Alfredo wrote: Great positions and a great slave!

27 Apr 2011 msparxx wrote: First, I'd like to thank you for the great photography on this site! Jada is a top notch slut and I say that with love. I very much enjoy the sincerity of your scenes and I commend you for not being porn fake.

27 Apr 2011 Cranst wrote: The model makes all the difference. Jada is hot!

06/04/2008 - Jada Stevens 5 Scenes - 253 Photos - 45 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. 19 year Jada is a fresh face, new to bondage in general and eager please her Master... With her hands tied overhead and her ankles in the spreader bar, Jada is lifted onto her tippy toes by The Pope and then gagged. After The Pope works her little body over with open handed smacks, he then switches to the flogger and Jada's muffled moans fill the air. Her nipples are clamped and then, Jada begs for permission to cum... Bound and harnessed belly down on the cube, Jada now has her ass and cunt caned. After her flesh is pinned, Jada is lifted mid-air and The Pope smashes the magic wand against her sopping little clit... Next, Jada's cunt and ass are in plain view as she lay spread-eagle on the mattress. Her eyes widen in disbelief when she sees the violet wand and her body contorts as her Master works it across her bare flesh. Her screams reach monstrous proportions as she submits to her Master's whims. Dazed and confused, Jada's screams turn to whimpers as her Master forces her to cum... Jada squirms on the table as she absorbs the flogging. Her cunt is groped before her pelvis and thighs are pinned and then removed via the whip. After another orgasm, Jada has her crotch roped before she is left alone and whimpering in the room... The Pope meticulously ties his slave to the Dungeon wall and then fingers her swollen pussy. After clamping Jada's nipple and tying it off to her toe, he reaches for the wand and presses it forcefully against her sensitive pussy. The end result is slave Jada giving into a final drooling, explosive orgasm... Video clips can be found atop galleries: 1,2,3,4 & 5.

Members comments:
31 Aug 2008 M3144 wrote: Beautiful body & very good looking

16 Jun 2008 matthew wrote: good

13 Jun 2008 AX wrote: I really enjoy watching the girls try to avoid tearing at the nipples with the clamps as they cum

04 Jun 2008 Bernyer wrote: Score! What a tramp! Strict hogtie suspensions are always appreciated.

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