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12/08/2017 - Jade Amber 4 Scenes - 156 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 156 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

Jade Amber brings her luscious body back to me for the 3rd time this year...By now, she knows the gig...She will be bound and helpless, my grope toy, my object to do what I will...I begin by cutting off her pretty pink dress, revealing her incredible body...She ends up hogtied before I pull her legs and arms into the air with a spreader rig...she struggles hard to keep the clothes pins away, but in the end, I get what I want...I stuff her pussy with a fucktoy and tie it in place...Then I bend her over, showing off that perfect ass and giving it the punishment it deserves...I tease her with the vibrator, but hold off...In the final scene, I knew Jade would try to struggle away from the vibrator, so I drilled her very thoroughly into the floor with leather belts...Jade is unable to squirm at all as I tease her bad attitude into a lustful cumslut with the trusty magic wand...Jade is not submissive, but she does enjoy being very tightly restrained...hopefully we will get her back for more....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: JAD_120517

Members comments:
09 Dec 2017 MasYen wrote: Jade is fucking beautiful! Great scenes.

06/22/2017 - Jade Amber 4 Scenes - 660 Photos - 33 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 660 Photos - 33 Minutes Video

Jade may never be a submissive woman, and who gives a shit? She enjoys being a sexual object, she enjoys being controlled, and she certainly enjoys being bound...just dont ask her to go along with the plan....Jade enjoys the conflict and friction between her and her dominant...She likes being rebellious, she enjoys being a brat...some dominants may find this troublesome, but I find it very erotic, as I also enjoy the natrual conflicts between a top and bottom....As for Jade's body? It is a feast of perfect flesh...I spend extra time just groping her as her skin and shape are very pleasing...In the end, after all the punishments and bondage, after all the orgasms and pussy juice, she seems even less submissive than when we started...Enjoy and have a great kinky weekend, Ogre... ShootID: JAD_061617

Members comments:
26 Jun 2017 cmp wrote: Jade looks much better as a brunette, IMHO. Great update! As always, loving the mask, Ogre, and thank you for the plethora of pictures.

24 Jun 2017 DeVile wrote: Just perfect.

23 Jun 2017 Dom_Henry wrote: I think I'll tell my sub to act more resistant :) HOT

22 Jun 2017 Handel68 wrote: Great legs and ass and oh so vulnerable when you bend her over. I approve.

03/03/2017 - Jade Amber 4 Scenes - 611 Photos - 37 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 611 Photos - 37 Minutes Video

Not all masochists are submissive, and Jade is certainly not incredibly submissive either...Jade is more of a brat...She enjoys teasing her dom, disobeying her dom and even cussing her dom...I allow these types of behaviors as long as the brat is willing to pay the price for her smart ass ways...Jade is also very cute, which enables her to get away with more...But, I do bring the punishments to her and she does endure them all...From tough bondage to sincere impact play, Jade never misses a beat...Her sweet pussy is not used to the strength of our vibrators, but after screams and massive struggles, she submits to the pleasure and it is mighty sexy...This is a hot one, not to be missed!...Ogre... ShootID: JAD_022817

Members comments:
07 Mar 2017 Ogre wrote: Please, no political comments.

07 Mar 2017 Obama wrote: I'd tie up that bitch and put her on food stamps. (great shoot!)

07 Mar 2017 Trump wrote: Id like to tie her up and grab her pussy!

06 Mar 2017 Me wrote: Liked it but would have loved it with some foot torture and tickling.

04 Mar 2017 TurnerT wrote: Fantastic!

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