Jade Jantzen Updates

08/19/2017 - Jade Jantzen 4 Scenes - 375 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 375 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Jade makes her second visit to SocietySM...She is a tough and exotic woman and prides herself on her ability to sexually please her partners...So today is going to be tough, because Jax Slayher is going to use her to satiate his own desires...Jax is not easily impressed, and he expects every woman to do her best to please him and he enforces those expectations with sexual domination...Jade's pussy and mouth endure a tremendous amount of Jax's huge cock before he is done with her...he leaves her on the bed like a worn out fucktoy...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: JAD_081617

Members comments:
28 Aug 2017 anon wrote: Big black dude pounding helpless sleek white slave, loved it. The black dude is a hell of a specimen, like a NFL linebacker, and Jade is very pretty. Nice update!

23 Aug 2017 Deek wrote: If you found that boring all I can figure is that you're gay. Watching Jade get drilled was nothing close to boring for me! Jax definitely knows how to control a woman.

21 Aug 2017 Felipe7578 wrote: Very poor show , boring

10/03/2014 - Jade Jantzen 4 Scenes - 327 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 327 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Not many of the women that we shoot will disobey my direct instructions during a the past year, I can't remember any model who doesn't comply with just a little urging...Enter Jade Jantzen...dark, beautiful, sensual, dark and dark...she has a somewhat strictly business vibe...she has been playing with rope for awhile and is familiar with many things BDSM, but has not experienced the expectation of submission...and when it is placed upon her, she scoffs...It is a battle that I win, and I wonder if Jade enjoyed that particular struggle...or maybe just driven to rebellion for reasons she can't even explain...This update has many intensely sincere exchanges as I guide Jade through her own desires not to the end I convince her to behave as I wish, even though she continues with her insolence...maybe this one ends in a tie...which is very fitting...and just means that I'll have to have Jade back to see if I made any impression...or maybe Ill have to spend my time breaking her over and over again...I wouldnt mind...she is a fantastic player even if she isnt much of a submissive...all my best for a great weekend, Ogre... ShootID: JAD_100214

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