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11/21/2014 - Jennifer White 4 Scenes - 366 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 366 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

Few women have the all out steamy sexual appeal that Jennifer's intense...every word is a flirt...every movement is a tease...her full perky tits and perfect ass are amazing...and very submissive...willing to undergo true torments and show every emotion...and a lustful cumslut...At my hands, Jennifer will suffer for every orgasm...before and after...tight clamps and electric shock keep her screaming when I'm not flogging or whipping her...I keep her bound tight, spread and bent her for total access...and I make her confess her whore-ish ways...and establish that being a toy for men is her only purpose...and she proudly does it very well...Ogre... ShootID: JEN_111814

Members comments:
21 Nov 2014 AANCHOR wrote: What a body!

07/19/2011 - Jennifer White 4 Scenes - 390 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 390 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Domming Jennifer White is like having a lion on a leash...this is a powerful woman...and glamourously beautiful...she takes her time getting ready...she strives for perfection, taking much care to prep herself...In the end, I appreciate her efforts...I like a polished and fresh begin with...they may not end up that way, but that isn't their fault...and nothing that happens to Jennifer on this day is her fault either...she is a great submissive...I don't need a reason to do what I do...the means is the end...After talking to her and directing her to strip, I hogtie her...tight...her limber back is her own enemy as I pull her into an arch...Jennifer remains calm and sweet, gagged and hogtied on her side, as I begin with my tails and floggers...then a tight and restrictive pretzel tie...that pussy is pure pink...I work over her helpless hole with a dildo and wand...then my fingers...she asks persmission to squirt...I tell her not to get me, she doesnt squirt...I may have ruined her whole orgasm...too fucking bad...her pleasure isnt worth my wet pants...or rug...a bit annoyed, I apply the lip loop to her perfect pussy and spread it out...I enjoyed watching her suffer more either way...then upside down and spread...her hands are roped to her body and she can only look on as I rig up a crotchrope with wieghts...then clover clamps with wieghts...sensory overload with my canes and I go back to her pussy...a vibrating egg sinks deep inside and I use the magic wand on her clit...Jennfier cums and screams...In the final scnee I bend her over and take it to her ass...I finish her off with a hard dildo pounding and the was truly hard to let her go...but I plan on getting her back :)...Ogre... ShootID: JEN_071411

Members comments:
22 Aug 2013 NamePhil wrote: Jennifer White is the horniest creature I have ever seen. Her moans are like no other slut around. God she has a nice asshole and lovely feet.

23 Jul 2011 Crouch wrote: Great model!

22 Jul 2011 vulgar wrote: The pussy spreader is gnarly!

21 Jul 2011 Schaan wrote: Each scene was unique and highly entertaining. Great!

20 Jul 2011 EKC31 wrote: An outstanding tight hogtie! Jennifer is so beautiful. Watching you spread her pussy raised my blood preasure. Who's next? Jennifer? Fine!

20 Jul 2011 knucks1947 wrote: Jennifer is very hot! I hope to see more of her.

20 Jul 2011 Dom Henry wrote: SocietySM never disappoints. Great updates every week...Fantastic BDSM!

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