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04/04/2012 - Jessi Palmer 4 Scenes - 232 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
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Jessi drew the task of being handled by Ogre this week in his triumphant return. It's not exactly a simple task, she will be put through her paces...The crude blindfold serves it's purpose. It heightens the tension and as Ogre grasps and claws at her bosom, the lack of sight propels her mind into dark places she'd probably rather not visit...Rather clumsily she obeys his orders as he peppers her ass, and once he's torn her panties free, she's restrained with a crotch rope, keeping her firmly in place, while she begs and pleads. Even the blind can see the purpose of this lesson...She welcomes the light back eagerly, only this time her mouth is taped. This squelches the yelps as Ogre shows her the whips...Jessi trembles at the sight of the leathers. The tape proves wise as her body is wracked back to front, while her pale flesh transforms to a cherry red. Her Master is a kind one though, proven when he brutally stuffs the wand between her pussy lips while she grunts out in muffled pleasure...Mind games abound when she's tickled at first in our next scene. Maybe Jessi thinks it's play time, and in many ways it is. Time to play with her ass that is, and Ogre wails with the whips again before cramming her pussy full with the pole mounted dildo...If there's a mental finish line etched somewhere in her subconscious, we can only imagine that Jessi is praying it is near. Spread wide, she's simply fodder for Ogre as he openly toys with her pussy. He stretches her even wider, then when she's close to the breaking point, TENS pads up the ante followed by a final, brutal orgasm... ShootID: JES_032812

Members comments:
06 Apr 2012 sirrendre wrote: The description calls out tickling in Scene 3 but it lasts literally 10 seconds and the reaction is poor, maybe because Jessi's stomach muscles are constrained in that position. You make up for it a little with a much better 20 seconds of foot and UB tickling at the end of scene four, with a much better reaction (Apart from the TK, scene four was far and away the best here--great position, great pussy clamps, the winch-spreading of the legs. Jessi's good overall but her spread pussy is her best feature IMO).

05 Apr 2012 SRenen wrote: Ogre is a world class handler. Jessie should be commended for surviving and coming through so beautifully. Great!

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