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02/05/2016 - Jessica Ryan 4 Scenes - 275 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 275 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

Jessica's sexy and exotic looks come at a price...attitude...there's nothing wrong with her, she's just a bit of a brat...A serious brat who can level some Dominants with her sexines and her smirk...Simon doesn't give her the chance to smirk, as he keeps his intent clear and his mission solid...Jessica has agreed to be his submissive today, and in that, Simon will Dominate her without question. Any signs of brattiness, he catches and corrects it. The mouth is often the main tool of the brat, and Simon moves beyond the ball gag to inspire his lesson of the day...He stuffs his cock in her mouth and directs Jessica to please him...and Jessica is not bratty about cock. She gets to business and shows where her submission pays off for her dominant...Simon keeps her screaming and cumming, restricted in tight bondage, and uses her mouth as he pleases, until he drops his huge load on her face and Jessica submits to the cum running over her forehead....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: JES_020216

Members comments:
11 Feb 2016 provost wrote: Sorry, not at all into the new turn things have taken here. Styles differ, and I respect that, but wish to say that this is not a style I find exciting. Less cock, more BDSM please.

07/25/2015 - Jessica Ryan 4 Scenes - 281 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 281 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

Most of the models we have been shooting lately have been BDSM newbies and submissives...Although they are delightful to play with, they offer little challenge to a seasoned Dominant...Being submissives, that is how it should be, but Jessica Ryan does not claim to be a submissive...She has a dominant personality and enjoys being on top, but she is also a masochist who can enjoy being on bottom as long as she does not least not easily...Her submission will not be given, it needs to be taken away from her, but still within the boundaries of her limits...this can be a challenge for any Dominant...In fact, the attitude is a challenge to a Dominant...a see if the Dominant can keep cool, and turn up the heat, and know when to do either one...I found myself taking a bit more back talk than Im used to, but I also found myself throwing my whips and floggers harder then I have for a very long time...Jessica lays down a challenge of her own, and then answers by standing up to mine...and that is submission...hard earned, blood and guts, take it to the limit, just looks like a sexy smart ass masochist...Jessica laughs, she screams and she cums and her beautiful face shows every expression...and she endures a very intense shoot...and Im pretty sure that is exactly what she needed...Ogre... ShootID: JES_072415

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