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04/09/2005 - Jessica Sexin 3 Scenes - 200 Photos - 30 Minutes Video
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Jessica Sexin had a painful time with Ogre in her last update, but in this update the Pope sees that her bound pleasures are fulfilled...Ogre leaves Jessica shackled in steel cuffs, laying on the floor, blindfolded and gagged...the Pope ties her on her tummy...her legs are frogtied and spread, her arms are boxtied, and a rope attatched to her breast harness keeps her back arched...he gropes and taunts Jessica before spanking her ass and fingering her pussy...then a vibrator is used to buzz her sweet clit...the Pope sincerely enjoys his time with her as he denys her orgasms, until finally, he allows Jessica to cum...but the Pope wants he uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her wet pussy as he gives her another round with the vibrator...Jessica screams as she the last scene, Jessica is haning from her ankles naked with her legs spread wide...her hands are tied behind her back and she can only look on as the Pope begins to finger her pussy...he sucks her young tits, then decides to suck on her pussy...who can blame the Pope for taking advantage of her helpless position to suck her clit until she cums?...Ogre joins the Pope and they both have a nice time groping and teasing the helpless model...Ogre wraps a vibrator into her pussy and they leave her there to hang and cum again and again....

Members comments:
29 Jul 2011 hogtier wrote: been able to view these older shoots thanks to ogre and the staff. jessica is a very outstanding model and her reactions are great. the upside down legs spread is fantastic. would have loved to have been the one licking and eating her pussy, and what a set of tits she has , again there are to many models tohave a favorite but jess is in the top 10. this is posted in 2011. where did she go, a real shame that she has not been around again and as allways the dungeon corp sites are the real deal and the staff is great keep it up guys, well worth the money

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: And another great girl! Nice Breasts! And good action!

03/19/2005 - Jessica Sexin, Nicole Brazzle 4 Scenes - 188 Photos - 27 Minutes Video
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Jessica Sexin is a very sweet, 19 year old model with a beautiful body and an adorable, blue-eyed face...she begins tied on the bed wearing a denim mini skrt and a white top...her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles are tied and she is gagged with a clear panel ball-gag...Its not long before Ogre comes in to check on her and have his fun...Jessica lays anxious and still as Ogre gropes her breasts and explains what will happen to her over the next four hours...he rolls her onto her side and spanks her ass, then rolls her onto her back and ties her ankles to the foot of the bed...her neck is pulled tight to the headboard and Jessica is helpless as Ogre decides to play with her a bit more by holding her nose as he pulls on her nipples...Jessica is then rigged in a very tough suspension...the four points from her wrists and ankles are all the support she has as her back weakens, she drops her head and her pelvis begins to sink to the floor...Jessica is then tied spread-standing...She can only hope Ogre will leave her be after he flogs and spanks her ass and tits...but he applies clamps to her nipples and labia, then he ties her young tits in tight cord and leaves her Jessica's next update, the Pope uses vibrator, dildo and tongue to bring the sweet slave to forced orgasms, over and over and over again....

This update also includes a scene featuring Nicole Brazzle...She is tied with her hands above her head and her feet are spread...she gets a good flogging on her ass, thighs and stomach...

Members comments:
11 Apr 2008 HTK wrote: That gag is fucking hideous. Ruined the shoot.

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: A Little more action please...

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