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09/19/2007 - Julie Night 5 Scenes - 340 Photos - 72:00 Minutes Video
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You may already be familiar with Julie Night, if not, she's a crazy babe who loves bondage and just getting tied up in general. As an added bonus and a tribute to her love of being a submissive; Julie agreed to meeting us in a desolate section of Chatsworth, under a blazing hot Southern California sky. We first see Julie tied and gagged to a stone pillar where she is rudely greeted by The Pope. The Pope immediately gets down to business on Julie, by groping at her body and tugging on her tits. Then, he pulls out a wooden switch and flails away at her body with it. The harder he swats her with the stick, the harder she moans and purrs. Finally he breaks out the magic wand and pummels her pussy with it. After that, he ties her head to the wall to imagine what fate may come next. Julie, doesn't really have to wonder too long however, as The Pope roughly drags her out to a sandy cliff, fastens her to the ground, and gags her with a pinecone. Sadistically The Pope kicks dirt on little Julie's naked body,and them amazingly, rudely takes a steel garden rake to her. Then, he takes out a garden hose and sprays her down before working her body over a little more with the wooden switch. Next, The Pope gives Julie a good pole fucking with the dildo, before breaking out the hard core vibrator and bringing her to a massive orgasm. In our next scene, Julie is carried into the pool on The Pope's shoulder. Once she's in the pool, she is subjected to a little water torture. Mercilessly, The Pope dunks her in and out of the water. Pausing only to let her catch her breathe briefly while he peppers her ass to redness with his bare hands. Then he gags Julie and ties her to a float and brutally rolls her face down into the water. Another vibrator is broken out and smashed against Julie's now raw cunt. The Pope then uses his knife to pop Julie's float leaving her helpless in the water. Next, we see Julie tied to a rock wall exposed to the elements, taking the full brunt of The Pope's flogger. After a good beating, Julie is brought to yet ANOTHER massive orgasm. In our final scene, Julie is back where she started. Tied to the stone pillar, only this time she is suspended upside down by her feet. The Pope enters for his final attack. With Julie vulnerable and exhausted and exposed, The Pope uses his flogger on Julie's tits and pussy. The more Julie shrieks, the harder he hits, until she finally begs him to stop. But as soon as he drops the flogger, she begs for more barehanded slaps to her raw ass, and thanks her master for all he provides. Knowing Julie still has a bit more juice he can squeeze out, the Pope applies the magic wand to her pussy one last time. The end result is a final exhausting orgasm as Julie is then left to hang.

Members comments:
01 Nov 2017 misty89 wrote: Love the outdoor scene. Love the rope. Maybe rope around the waist would be hot.

24 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: Julie, you are gorgeous and perfect for this type of entertainment because of your enthusiasm and dedication.It has been a while since you last appeared and I do hope you will return soon.

29 Jan 2012 BillR wrote: I would like to see more of this type of bondage where the lady is staked out naked in the hot sun. I've seen blogs on other sites where others have also expressed a desire to see this scenario. This type of bondage is sur- prisingly rare on the net since it's so well known. I disagree about the "no escape"; to me the scenario is suggestive of abduction and rape where the abductee is alone with the abductor and miles from help. The ideal would be where the woman wears padded restraints on wrists and ankles so she could be stretched to her absolute limits between the stakes, then have closeups of her panting in the heat trying to cope with the stress. Erotic!

30 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Julie is not my favoured model, but the outdoor scenes are excellent. "Doomed", maybe the "no escape" feeling is stronger in closed rooms, but what turns me on is helpless exposure. There is no better way to expose a naked and helpless female body than a good outdoor environment, and I wish there were more of these.

17 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: Mispunt, personnaly I like SocietySM for NOT having blood and hard violence. There is plenty of sites on the web that do violence, that make girls cry, but it's just great that here we got softer sites. And, btw, you'l hardly find such pretty and adorable models on hardcore-SM sites... Now, as for Outdoor - I don't like it personnaly, It's better to see small rooms without windows or dark dungeons. Imo, the "no escape" feeling is much stronger there.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: She is great! The outdoor thing is a great variation! The pool scene is awesome!

01 Oct 2007 lovefeet wrote: Love it. Outside fun. Like to see her buried to her neck and then the opposite way..........

25 Sep 2007 ghawar wrote: Julie is one of my favorite submissives-a great girl! .how refreshing to see her in an outdoor shoot.was excellent-bring her back often

25 Sep 2007 pas' wrote: Outdoor is great!So put together this two news concepts: outdoor scenes and the nude assistant (skyler blake?)Two naked girls and ogre in a real outdoor session...Is there anybody agree?

24 Sep 2007 Ogre wrote: RE: Mispunt...You will rarely, if ever, see any whippings or floggings that will leave deep marks on a model's body within any of our sites. Most models cannot afford to have thier bodies bruised as they work everyday. Our billing companies will not accept violent whippings and we simply arent into making models cry.

24 Sep 2007 SRB wrote: Great Shoot! This was so much better with the desert setting than it would have been in a studio.:)

24 Sep 2007 mispunt wrote: I'd like to see more hard hitting and bullwhips. More marks on het body. Make her cry. This was too easy on her.

23 Sep 2007 ChiTown wrote: The videos are working for me but I do have to download them first.

23 Sep 2007 ChiTown wrote: The videos are working for me but I do have to download them first.

22 Sep 2007 Ogre wrote: Im certain the videos are working or we would be getting many more complaints than one. You need to right click on the video, "save target as"...and play it from your hard drive...

22 Sep 2007 mark gerstner wrote: thanks for screwing me out of thirty dollars. your videos dont even work. they will be back soon? but my thirty bucks is here now. GREAT!!!

22 Sep 2007 MD wrote: Julie, you are not the least bit homely nor chunky. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the genre and you are very sexy to boot. Keep up the good work.

22 Sep 2007 Ogre wrote: We are prepaing to launch StrictRestraint and it will feature the types of bondage devices you are seeking...SocietySM features mainly rope at this youre bored? go somewhere else...makes sense to me :)

22 Sep 2007 disapointed wrote: oh look more boring rope bondage we can get that on a millon sites online. How about some heavy metal and more stocks things that you can't escape from!

21 Sep 2007 Nakolo wrote: I liked the Morgan March feature much better. This story is good, and the Pope does his bit very well, but Julie is a chunky, relatively homely girl, lowering the "sexy" index substantially. That, and it's evident she's "into it" from the word go - I appreciated the resistance that Morgan (and Ariel) put up - there's more of the victim/dom dynamic going on there (very exciting). For me, C+.

20 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: yeah great shoot, imo... And btw It's the first outdoor shoot, as far as I can see.. Gz with new experiance. p.s. lol one more Russian, except me ^_^ Hello, m8.

19 Sep 2007 yeah wrote: always fantasized about kidnapping a secret agent into the desert and doing the bad bad thing to her. Yeah, baby, this hit the mark. спасибо, господин

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