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05/16/2007 - Kali Kane 5 Scenes - 435 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
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We convince another professional Dominatrix to play the slave role as we invite Kali Kane into our dungeon for a day of submission and orgasms...we find during her interview that Kali has always been into bondage for as long as she can remember...a natural and true fetishist...There's little that compares to the pleasing power feeling of getting a Dominatrix all tied up and helpless...we have Kali gag herself and then use handcuffs to secure her own wrists and ankles...she rolls helplessly onto the bed and the Pope enters to spank her ass and clamp her doesn't take too long to realize that Kali isn't just playing the slave's apparent that she truly enjoys and was in need of submission...the Pope rolls her onto her side and gives her the first of many orgasms with a magic wand, then he whips her pussy to finish her off with the next scene, Kali is tied on her knees with her hands pulled aboved her head...the Pope commands her to shake her full tits as he whips them...he ties each tit then he canes her pussy and feet before planting the magic wand under her cunt for the third scene, Kali is bent over for a long whipping session...the Pope ends it with dildo fucking, nipple clamps and more orgasms...then Kali is tied standing...her arms are locked into rigid leather splints and tied across a of her legs is pulled into the air to expose her cunt and a u-bolt, breast-smasher is tightened around each tit...the Pope uses electricity to keep Kali in line and moaning...then a nose hook is rigged up tightly for the end, he pulls her last foot off the ground and leaves her in an awkward the final scene, we pretzelize poor Kali...her legs are pulled back to her ears and her arms are tied over and down...a head harness ball-gag keeps her head up...the Pope rigs her feet with TENS pads and shocks them as he clamps each mipple...then, with dildo and vibrator, he milks Kali's pussy...white cum flows down her ass as he wrenches orgasm after orgasm from her totally helpless body...her pussy contracts and the juice flows...Kali turns out to be a great slave...

Members comments:
30 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: She would be GRRREAT as a Dom on this new site when it opens.......the first gallery was like Perfect about Perfect Enslaved Dominatrixes??! Enforced subs/slaves get their own back on their Mistresses!!!!! And can do whatever they like?? :}

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: She is great! Looks like a real society lady... The last position is great and even if the orgasm is not real it looks great! hope for her it was real :-)

20 Jun 2007 Ogre wrote: Staged? Well yes, these are models who get paid to engage in these activities, but I can assure you, each activity is very real and the reactions you see are real. The models do not know what is coming next, as in, we do discuss thier limits, but we do not tell them what will happen during each scene. I guess intensity is a subjective term. At SocietySM we would rather shoot a beautiful woman, make her look beautiful and punish her until she reacts well, than to shoot a nasty model and torture her intensely. If you like the latter, you can probably find it somewhere else. As for Kali, we had a great time with her, and from the cum running down her ass, I think she had a great time with us too. Thanks.

19 Jun 2007 viableana wrote: this is so staged and none of the girls are getting penetrated,zapped pinched, pulled, spanked with any intensity. what a rip off.

09 Jun 2007 Jaime wrote: Take advantage of those big tits! nice.

18 May 2007 Gil1969 wrote: The variety of beautiful slaves and scene predicaments in SocietySM make it the best BDSM site on the net. Keep up the fresh updates! Very happy to be a customer! Kali is something else, excellent scenes!

16 May 2007 Abqaiq29 wrote: Yes indeed the last two scenes(galleries) and pix are superbhave yet to play the last video clip but seen enough--one of your very best--kali means fierce in swahili -- but Kali is anything but well done girl so natural in orgasm.

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