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07/01/2006 - Molly Matthews, Kat Slave 4 Scenes - 254 Photos - 45 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

This update features two very submissive and beautiful models...first it's Molly...her shoot continues in the first scene as she is tied standing...her hands and feet are cuffed to the wall and she stands helpless and spread as Ogre rigs her crotch rope with heavy weights...he uses TENS pads on her tits and tummy and he shocks poor Molly until she begs him to stop with pitiful moans...then Molly gets hogtied on a table...this very strict tie keeps Molly's head back, legs spread and toes tied...Ogre uses TENS pads on each foot and shocks her soles as he holds a vibrator on her pussy until she screams and cums...

Kat is up next, and up is what she gets...pulled into the air by her wrists, her feet are tied to the ground...this stretches Kat as much as it suspends her...Mason Manson hangs heavy weights from clamps on her labia, then he continues to whip and spank her dangling the next scene, Kat's lets are frogtied and spread...her hands are pulled above her head as she lays on the table...Mason removes her gag so that he can make her suck a dildo...he crops her body up and down before using the cruel lip-loop to spread her pussy wide open...he fucks her pussy with the dildo, then uses a vibrator to make her cum hard as he holds his hand over her mouth...

Members comments:
06 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: "Doomed", thanks for the link to Kat Gallery 7 - it works fine including the video, how the hell did you manage to find that?? Regarding Kat's last scene, the spread frogtie with "Lip-Loop" is really great. However don't make her wear those ugly black stockings and plateau shoes in bondage. And lose the gags, especially that godawful goofy dildo gag - any dildo looks SO much better when inserted further below...

02 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: After all, I have managed to find it ^_^

02 Feb 2008 needful wrote: What is the link to the video for Gallery 6of Kat

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good one!

25 Oct 2007 Tamora8 wrote: No link to Kat Gallery 7

12 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: second Kat scene is missing....

26 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: yes....this update features both models

06 Jun 2007 Sir Kaiser wrote: Galleries 4, 5, and 6 are Kat, not Molly Matthews

05/29/2006 - Kat Slave 3 Scenes - 278 Photos - 39 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Kat is a cute little babe and she shows up with a school girl outfit...we can't resist this classic theme, so Kat dresses up for us and we get a posing/smoking set before we tie her up and sit her in a chair...Ogre enters and goes to work...he gropes and manhandles her to the floor...he pulls her clothes off as he dominates her and rolls her over to spank her ass and inspect her pussy...Poor little Kat is helpless as he carries her to the bed and lays her down...he unties her and strips her...Kat is anxious as Ogre spreads her legs wide apart...then her hands and Kat is spread eagle on the bed....he spanks her pussy and whips her body...he uses a vibrator to make Kat cum as he pulls her hair and gropes her...then he leaves her with suction on her nipples and the next scene, Kat's body is harnessed and her arms are box-tied behind her back...her legs are spread and her neck is fixed into a wooden stock which keeps her upright...Ogre uses electricity on her tummy and fucks her with a dildo as he turns up the current to the TENS pads...he rigs a vibrator her her pussy and continues to torment and blidfold her as sher struggles through multiple, seemingly painful orgasms...

Members comments:
25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: This little slut needs to be disciplined!

12 Feb 2008 needful wrote: For 07/01/2006 - Molly Matthews, Kat Slave Gallary 6 video, use the following link

31 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: how come none of the girls looked ike this when I was at school?! she needs a damn good spanking for being such a prick tease. would Kat like a saucer of milk?

18 Nov 2007 Ogre wrote:

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Short but good! Missing Scene!!!

25 Oct 2007 Tamora8 wrote: No link to Kat Gallery 7

12 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: Last scene is missing =\

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