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02/18/2009 - Katarina Kat 5 Scenes - 311 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week's video clips are once again located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6. When we met Katarina we had a hunch she was something special. When we got her in front of the camera our hunch was realized. Katarina is a former trapeze artist and as she showed us her flexibility, our jaws dropped. With her dexterity in mind, The Pope concocted a devilish plan that would employ her awesome dexterity... Naked and tied to the pole in an impossible split position, Katarina gets her first taste as The Pope employs his leather whip to soften her flesh. After a nice finger fucking which leaves her pussy sopping wet, Katarina feels the pulse of the vibe against her swollen clit and experiences her first tremendous orgasm. From there it only gets better as Katarina's limber body is placed in insane positions which invites a whole new realm of extreme possibilities...

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Very flexible! Just like a Kat!

13 Mar 2009 Mister Master wrote: The things I would do to a woman like that.

05 Mar 2009 eves wrote: great looking girl with the perfect body. performance excellent. thank you, kat.

28 Feb 2009 scooby wrote: Loved her sweaty armpits

25 Feb 2009 thickone wrote: The socks were H O T, She was H O T squared! Great, bring her back.

20 Feb 2009 Wideap wrote: The socks took a little bit of concentration to ignore, but she was otherwise terrific.

19 Feb 2009 netalart wrote: Good to see a girl with a hot strong fit body! Katarina is very pleasent on the eye. So glad she is willing to come back. She looks like she could absorb a great deal of suffering for members pleasure. It would be great to see her on StrictRestraint, soon.

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