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09/05/2015 - Katrina Jade 4 Scenes - 320 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
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There are millions of beautiful women in the world...I find it hard to find beauty to be rare anymore as I see it so often...But the forces of nature and personality really came up with a very rare combo in Katrina Jade...If my eyes could have left slober all over her naked body as i stared down every inch of her curvacious perfection, im sure they would have...I would say that Katrina lives as somewhat of a dichotomy...all at once she is fragile and if perhaps, at any moment, you could reach out and take her, but she knows that you might just melt before you made it...She is very aware of her own power and the danger she brings into any group of men...As she stands before Feenix, taking his commands and showing off her exquisite bod, all I can feel is jealous...of Feenix...This rare and powerful woman who would submit to only a few, hand picked men, is at his disposal...It's very clear that Katrina knows the submissive role and lives it very sincerely during the scene...A very experienced player who knows her place in submission...through four strict and explosing positions, Feenix punishes and pleasures young Katrina...and she moans so sweetly, and wiggles with desirous intent and her pussy responds as she does, letting go and giving in to her dominant...and her own submissive longings...and, I can honestly say that Katrina's tits and ass are world class, top notch femflesh...enjoy the weekend...Ogre... ShootID: KAT_090415

Members comments:
19 Oct 2015 Alf wrote: This is every scene without Ogre's expertise with electricity: "Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Do you feel it? How about now? How about now? Now? Okay, now? Good, you felt it for a second, now let's turn it off for the rest of the scene." Ogre just turns it up, simple, it eliminates the Q&A session. Seriously, if you had solid electric play on every shoot, I'd be a member for life. Ogre (and Liam from before) are literally the only guys on the internet who know what they're doing. Other than that, Katrina is a fox!

11 Sep 2015 Nonomos wrote: You're killing me with the rubber dildo in the mouth... I just want to see her beautiful face and expressions

10 Sep 2015 me wrote: Loved the foot torture and the tickling!

09 Sep 2015 Killzman wrote: I'd love to get my hands on a willing slut like that.

08 Sep 2015 Fan wrote: Katrina is the sexiest woman in all of porn!

07 Sep 2015 Jaggers wrote: Bangin body and sweet face.

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