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09/14/2004 - Kayla Paige 2 Scenes - 194 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
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Kayla is an absolute sweetheart...completely adorable with a body like a hot-rod...In the first scene she is tied with hands behind back and feet together...wearing a very short skirt, her lucious breasts come out of her tank top as she squirms in the corner...her lucky new owner enters the scene to examine his new toy...he gropes her breasts, spanks her perfect ass and lifts her skirt to reveal her shaved pussy...then he carries her away to the torture table...after a little breast flogging, he sits her up to buckle a posture collar on the cute slave...he ties her neck to one corner of the table and her feet to the other...poor Kayla struggles, squirms and whines to be set the last scene, Kayla is completely naked and spread eagle on the table, wearing a bit gag...her captor drips hot red wax on her youthful body as Kayla leys helpless and lovely...then he licks her body up and down and leaves her for more action yet to come... Kayla is naked and tied standing...the first scene features a crotch rope and ball gag and the second scene features a dental gag, neck restraint and groping...Kayla is then tied in a chair....her legs are frogtied and her hands are pulled behind her back...she struggles and rolls the chair around before her tormentor comes in to further secure her...he places clamps on her nipples and uses suction on her pink pussy in preparation for her forced pleasure...then a vibrator is used to get her off as she kicks and squirms and finally succumbs to Kayla's last photo scene, she is suspended from four points across her body...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 charlie wrote: she looks gorgeous tied up & gagged in that skirt...PHEWEEE!!!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Wax variation on a very nice girl!

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