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08/10/2011 - Kaylee Hilton 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

We bring back the tall and lean Kaylee Hilton...Kaylee is a young woman, but allready understands what BDSM is about...the inner struggle to endure...the submission of the will to the current predicament...she has proven herself but strives yet to challenge herself again...such a great spirit...Bane rigs her in a suspension that leaves Kaylee hanging in the air with her legs spread...and he gives her much attention...clothespins, pussy stretching and heavy nipple clamps...then he really goes to work on her...he gives her no breaks and moves right onto a wooden pony ride...she writhes not only from the torments he brings to her feet, thighs and tits, but also from every movement she takes to deal with it's continuance...the slow woe of the wooden pony definitely takes it's toll on our lovely model...then bent over for an anal dildo fucking...Bane gives her the vibe as he flogs her...Kaylee is totally spent...Bane rigs her down on a bench with pussy and ass exposed...he takes the last bit that she has to give...a very tough day for a very hot girl...Ogre... ShootID: KAY_080411

Members comments:
15 Feb 2012 spoton5 wrote: Like the use of the "horse" fixture.

15 Aug 2011 Dom Henry wrote: A drill with plastic zip ties. Interesting :)

12 Aug 2011 Schaan wrote: I love to watch the young ones suffer! Kaylee is so adorable and needs to get fucked by the gang :) Please!

04/12/2011 - Kaylee Hilton 4 Scenes - 251 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 251 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

It's not often that a model is so adorable that she can mess with my head...Enter Kaylee Hilton...19 years old and so ripe and so unaware...seemingly...she's old enough to know what that babyface can do to grown men...and young enough not to have control of it...Kaylee has very little experience in BDSM and she seemed a bit nervous...Enter Jordan Lane...I thought Jordan might be able to get through to her and get her in the proper head space...It took a bit of working, cussing, whipping and eventually, cock sucking...but Kaylee finally has the right idea at the end...bound...with cum covering her face and nowhere to's a complete turn around from her shy and silly nature when Jordan first calls her out...I bind her between two uprights and go to work...what a perfect piece of ass...and all mine...I leave no doubt about that as I fondle her body at will and law down the law...I switch her position by pulling her arms through a wooden box, pulling her head tight to the top and leaving her ass high in the air...that cute little ass-hole is too inviting...and proves to be quite malleable...I stuff her with our largest plug and hammer it in with a cane...then a quick bulb enema...In the next scene, we lower her legs into holes up to her cunt and tie her in place...she tolerates clover clamps and heavy wieghts...but does less well with our mini-prod...the anxiety in that scene is very entertaining...then one of my favorite' upside down spread me such complete control of her pussy...I end with a new toy (the SnapDragon by on her inner thighs as her debt for the orgasms she previously had...Kaylee paid up nicely...In the end, I suppose she didnt mess with my head too much...but for a moment there, I almost felt sorry for her...almost... ShootID: KAY_040711

Members comments:
06 Jun 2011 Brad wrote: I too vote for the high heels. The higher the better.

08 May 2011 shrike wrote: i love it when women are forced to stand in high heels, especially in compromising positions!

19 Apr 2011 SeaN wrote: Always the hottest models and Kaylee is right on time!

16 Apr 2011 EKC31 wrote: HOT!

16 Apr 2011 H wrote: Two thumbs up for the anal training!

16 Apr 2011 Dominus wrote: This one needs to go back to finishing school before she gives sexual service another shot.

15 Apr 2011 Richter68 wrote: I didn't mind at all that Kaylee was directed to give head. It did seem to correct her nervousness :)

15 Apr 2011 Ogre wrote: @ Provost - I do hear you. The roots! I apreciate the sentiment. We do not throw sex into SocietySM much, but definitely more than before. I know you are a sincere man when it comes to your love of bare feet! However, we do have members who are sincere fans of high heels. Kaylee started with shoes and I left her in them for the second scene because it put her ass where I wanted it. High heels change the shape of the calves, thighs and ass. And I must say, I like it! But I feel the same way as you do, that bare is not bare with shoes on. Thanks much for the comments.

14 Apr 2011 provost wrote: I'd like to second a couple of things others have said and add a peeve of my own. Please don't let this site slip into sex with ropes. That, and anonymous bjs, are far more interesting to participants than (most) observers. I understand the occasional, but please remember your roots. Now my peeve: why on earth must our "perfect slaves" wear shoes during the whole shoot? Everything comes off but the shoes... Pretty, pretty please, bare their soles for those of us who feel a woman is not nude if shod. Please....

13 Apr 2011 David wrote: SocietySM is Ogre territory. The other riggers are ok but the Ogre makes this site what it is! Fantastic work with Kaylee!

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