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05/18/2011 - Kimmy Olsen 4 Scenes - 346 Photos - 46 Minutes Video
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Kimmy is new to modelling...very fact, this is her very first shoot...she's not a girl who's into BDSM and decided to give it a go on camera, either...this is a charming young woman with a very conservative past who decided to give porn a try and happened to get booked on the most serious bondage site she'll ever run into...a fresh face, indeed...and a fresh pussy delicious and rare like a cookie right out of the oven...she's a bit naive, but not too naive to be nervous as hell...I feel an immediate kinship with her and realize that she is truly in strange waters...and she's being very brave about it...I like that...I take it to her a bit slowly...some command and response reveals what I thought was true...she is submissive...a good girl...very good...probably sick of being so good...probably sick of being treated tenderly...but she doesnt know what's really on the other side of tender...It doesn't take long before she feels it...a couple quick snaps of the dragons tail to her nipple and she calls red...that's good...she's communicating...give her a rest...take it to her ass and cunt in the next scene...the fate of this young submissive is in my hands...I test her endurance with a tough tie...very uncomfortable and very exposed...into the ass with multiple fingers, I figured a newbie would be sensitive to the magic wand...not this one...her pussy drains fluid...but I dont think she's cumming...and she isn't...but the pussy is so responsive to contact...Kimmy seems far away...but her pussy is with me...I need to wake this girl up...extreme clit suction, labia clamps and nipple clamps...Kimmy takes it very well...then onto the horse to play with her juicy young ass...first shoot, first bondage gig, first DP with vibrating dildos...Kimmy reds from having both holes an anal hook instead...then my single tail on her ass...lovely....I hang her upside down and spread...back onto the pussy and it oozes juices...but once fruit...I redden her body with my tails because that's how it has to be...Kimmy was fantastic...a challenge for her and a challenge for me...not every model is a seasoned submissive, but it's fun to treat a vanilla citizen as if they were a bondage slut...Ogre... ShootID: KIM_051311

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Like the ass and body on this model!

04 Sep 2011 Mclash wrote: Her ass looks great spread over the horse bench. Bring her back for more updates.

26 Aug 2011 John wrote: Late Member so I weighing in now... Great shoot. Get Kimmy back. I hate to see a girl as beautiful and submissive as Kimmy do only one shoot. She needs a return visit for her Fans.

20 May 2011 EKC31 wrote: The only reason that Kimmy stayed in this shoot was Ogre's will. A good Dom knows when to hit the brake, and gas. Such a pleasure to see your work.

20 May 2011 David wrote: What a little sweetheart! Such a submissive young beauty. I hope John's lessons stay with her. I would love to see her back for more!

20 May 2011 provost wrote: What a contrast! This neophyte goes just about to the limit in her debut shoot and on FD we have Nikki bound naked and vulnerable for whatever may come, whereas over on the PS site lovely Kirsten is gradually drawn into more rigorous positions and circumstances as the weeks pass....almost a slow strip, BDSM style. I hope you sustain the variety of models and dramas--the "bring it on" girls are just as intriguing, in their own way, as the Kirstens and other PSs who clearly have sharp limits. That said, let's please see Kirsten again...perhaps stretched on the rack, perhaps with a little attention to her soles before the vibe does its work?

19 May 2011 Sacto Dom wrote: I'm suprised to see you use a single tail with a novice model. She did leave smiling, but that seemed a bit extreme for such a newbie.

19 May 2011 Schaan wrote: Always loving the pussy lips clamped and tied to the toes. Kimmy did very well imho :) And so cheerful after the shoot is always good to see.

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