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05/09/2007 - Kina Kai 5 Scenes - 250 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
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Don't mind if i say so myself, but i think SocietySM is on top when it comes to finding the most beautiful and willing models to engage in hard-core bondage scenes...and Kina Kai is just more proof positive...Kina is an absolutely beautiful woman...perfect velvet skin, a lovely face, a killer body...and Kina is kinky...we find out during her interview that she is often on top in her personal life, but she does have secret desires of submission and control...We have her strip down and rub her entire body with lotion...and we begin her lessons in submission...Kina is tied against an upright...her hands are pulled up and she stands atop a steel ball...the Pope whips her tiny body, then pegs her nipples before pulling her feet from the ground and tying them behind the beam...then it's the magic wand...dug deep into her cunt...and it draws the pleasure from Kina as she struggles and the next scene, we hang Kina upside down and lash her to the wooden upright again..a fucking machine is rigged above her and the fucking begins...the Pope uses a vibrator again to make sure Kina cums for us...Kina is then tied tighly with her neck rigged to her crossed ankles and her hands pulled behind her back..Kina is totally helpless as the Pope begins to play...her pussy is exposed and powerful suction is used to prime her cunt...then more orgasms...It's time to test that ass, so we rig Kina with her read end high in the air...she gets a good spanking and whipping before orgasms...then more whipping because she failed to announce her climax to the the final scene, as if Kina has'nt cum enough, we spread her out on our sex swing...her legs are pulled wide open and a vibrator is rigged to her pussy...we turn it on and leave her there until she is broken and exhausted from orgasmic least a ten orgasm day for Kina, but we might have missed a few as we counted...You won't see Kina like this anywhere else...and it is worth seeing...

Members comments:
02 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: S for Sensual, E for Erotic, X for eXcellent, Y for YAAHHHOOOOO!!! 10/10. & XXXXXXXXXX for Kina! for being SO beautiful.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great one!

08 Jun 2007 KlassKat wrote: I like this little one.

29 May 2007 dualll wrote: excellent scenes!

09 May 2007 Wilstock wrote: This shit just keep getting better and better! An incredible inverted fucking machine series. Kina is precious and I love her high pitched whinning!

09/29/2006 - Erin Sinclair, Kina Kai 3 Scenes - 218 Photos - 33 Minutes Video
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It's easy to go on about Kina...we feel extra special about her because we are the first to have tied her up, tormented her and controlled her orgasms...even if we hadn't been the first, she would still have silk skin and a perfect ass and big brown pleading eyes...the Pope has her cuffed and standing as he pulls her up onto her toes...he taunts her as he whips her, he makes her beg, her makes her confess her submission...he pulls her feet from the ground and ties them off to a wall...Kina hangs in the air and whines as the Pope takes a the next scene, Kina is locked into a wrist-ankle spreader...she tries to get comfortable as the Pope plays with her pussy...then he holds a vibrator on her clit until she moans and cums and screams...he rolls her onto her chest with her round ass high in the air...once again he holds the vibrator on her clit until she's very nice to see Kina try to move her hips, but locked into the spreader she is immobile...

In the final scene, we have Erin Sinclair u-bolted to our torment a 16 minute segment Ogre begins by thoroughly whipping her helpless and naked body...from feet to pussy to tummy to tits, he whips her until her milky flesh is reddened...he plays with her pussy before waxing her from neck to thigh...Erin lays still like a good slave and Ogre covers her body...

Members comments:
06 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Pheewwee! Kina Kai is exotically beautiful in EVERY way! She really LOOKS the part of a perfect sex 'slave'! Erin looks like she needs a damn good seeing to!

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Especially the first scene is great!

09/05/2006 - Kina Kai 3 Scenes - 207 Photos - 33 Minutes Video
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Kina is absolutely beautiful...they dont get anymore exotic than this! plump lips, silky hair, perfect skin, with a small and tight body...on top of all that, Kina has never been tied up before...and it shows in her pricelessly real reactions to pain and pleasure while helpless...She gets dolled up for us in black and the Pope carries her into the scene and lays her down on the bed...he removes her clothes and enjoys his first grope of her entire body...he leaves her hogtied at the end of the bed...Kina gets retied on the bed in a spread eagle...a few close ups of her pussy reveal much wetness as Kina struggles in her bonds...the Pope uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her pussy, then he adds a vibrator until she cums...then he rigs a crotchrope over her sensitive clit and hangs weights to add the final scene, Kina is tied on our spanking bench with her front facing out...she is made to suck a dildo as the Pope rigs her up with electricity...on her pussy, tummy and nipples...he ties her head back and plays with the current as Kina nervously shrieks and moans...he makes her beg for more orgasms, then he delivers with the magic wand...

Members comments:
02 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: Sexy; Sexy; Sexy.............WOW!! I LOVE the gorgeous erotic/exotic looks in this girly's eyes! She is 1st class! :¬D 12/10 for this one. Kina .........makes me keener!

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good and more of this rope scene please! Especially when the women are standing!

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