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08/07/2005 - Kinzie Kenner 3 Scenes - 168 Photos - 29 Minutes Video
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Kinzie begins tied and bent over a table...ball-gagged and helpless, Kinzie can only whine as Ogre spanks her ass with a heavy hand...he uses a dildo to fuck Kinzie's pussy, then finishes the scene with a flogger on her ass... She is then tied to the table on her back....her hands and feet are tied to the legs of the table so tightly she can only move her head...before tape gagging her mouth, Ogre makes her suck a dildo...then he puts it on a fucking machine and inserts it into her pussy...the machine begins to fuck her as Ogre uses a vibrator to buzz her pussy...he decides to leave Kinzie tied on the dungeon floor...

Members comments:
17 Apr 2009 sloppguy wrote: what a babe

07 Nov 2008 brofeo2 wrote: This is my favorite set with Kinzie getting her mouth stuffed, duct-taped & forced to orgasm!

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The position on the metal table is great! And the reactions of the girls get better and better from update to update until now!

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The Videos are in Gallery 4...An explanation? Sure...our updating script writes to two pages for updates. It writes to the Members Updates Page, and the Guests Updates page. Sometimes the script left out the lest Gallery of an update, which is typically the video gallery...but it only left out the Gallery in the members area pages...not the guest area pages...We just realized this in early July...

08 Jul 2007 wrote: 29 min. video is nonexistent as are about 50% of the models who claim to have videos but don't.. How about an explanation ?

07/03/2005 - Kinzie Kenner 3 Scenes - 234 Photos - 25 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Kinzie is unconscious...whatever the Pope gave her to make her sleepy definitely worked well...he carries her into the dungeon all tied up...its not long before he gets her untied and undressed...he takes his time to enjoy her helpless body...he buckles leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles and leaves her naked motionless on the cement floor...Kinzie finally comes to...a bit surprised to find herself naked on the ground, stretched out with one leg pulled into the air... the Pope enters with a dildo on a stick...he taunts her a bit before plunging it into her pussy...Kinzie can only moan and wiggle as the Pope continues to fuck her faster and deeper...then Kinzie is spread standing against the wall....with a posture collar and a ball-gag, Kinzie can hardly look down as the Pope attatches nipple clamps...he uses a magic wand on her pussy and Kinzie cums....then he ties the vibrator into place and leaves Kinzie all tied up and at the mercy of her own pleasures...

Members comments:
04 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: F.A.B. ..........F***ing Absolutely Brilliant !!!!! :~D Kinzie is a TRUE Perfect Slave in every way! She has THE look! 10/10!

05 Jan 2008 jack wrote: kinzie is a very fine girl i would like to see a new video with her in it a++++++++ model

09 Dec 2007 Donkey Kong wrote: The photos in gallery 1 and 2 are very beautiful. Kinzie is gorgeous and I like the contrast between her colourful clothing and the grey floor. Gallery 3 is great, too. I like stretched positions, and with a dildo on a stick it gets even better :)

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: There could be more action, but the girl is nice!

04/17/2004 - Kinzie Kenner 3 Scenes - 75 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Adorable teen, Kinzie Kenner shows up for a bondage shoot with Ogre and gets the full SocietySM the first scene, Kinzie tries to get comfortable in bondage....she is gagged and Ogre comes in to strip her and complete the hogtie...then Ogre leads her in to tie her hands above her head...he pulls off her panties and begins to whip her...he flogs her front and back, then ties her leg up and continues to whip her exposed the final scene, Kinzie is spread on the bondage table...a dental gag keeps her mouth open as Kinzie lays wondering what to expect next in her first bondage shoot...Ogre uses tape to gag her in anticipation of her coming torture...he uses the violet wand to shock her breasts and tummy...and when the wand malfunctions, he blames Kinzie and decides to shock her pussy....he uses four TENS pads around her pussy and turns it up until Kinzie squirms...he has a smoke, laying the ashtray on her tummy and gradually turns up the current...then she is tied on a table with legs in the air...Ogre uses duct tape to keep her quiet...he inserts the pink dildo and turns on the Black Magic fucking machine...Kinzie can hardly move her hips as the machine fucks her hard and fast...then Ogre uses a vibrator on her clit and Kinzie cums...

Members comments:
28 Mar 2009 Foudmatt wrote: I would just say one thing: HD VIDEOS !!!! Such a beautiful model. What a waste !

25 Oct 2007 Tamora8 wrote: First photo, Gallery 3, bad link, will not open.

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: GREAT! Best scenes so far! Legs up position with the action is awesome!

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