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04/29/2009 - Krissy Kage 5 Scenes - 200 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6... Krissy has proven how tough she is in the past with us, and since I have had my time with her, I decided to let Mason have a go with her. He starts exploring her body and testing her limits, only to find that she has one 'hard no', which is she can't stand drool/spit to touch her body, but, everything else she is OK with. Mason goes straight for her ass and uses everything he can find to put there. He works her ass into overtime, and pushes her body to it's breaking point. Krissy keeps screaming and Mason keeps pushing her until she is overwhelmed by orgasms and finally submits....The Pope

Members comments:
18 Jun 2009 NoughMad wrote: Beautiful woman! damn, you guys have all the fun.

18 May 2009 provost2 wrote: Missed opportunity with this lovely lass: invite her back for a proper session. And please don't neglect her tenderest parts.

07/16/2008 - Krissy Kage 5 Scenes - 247 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week yet another new model joins the fold here at SocietySM as we happily introduce Krissy Kage to our members. Krissy is a tall brunette, she has a fantastic body and has been involved in the bondage scene for quite a few years. Needless to say, we were very excited to get her naked and put through her paces, and after The Pope ties her wrists over her head, the action begins... With whip in hand, The Pope let loose on Krissy's back and ass. As the leather lands, Krissy lets out little yelps of pleasured anguish. Then, after reaching for more rope, The Pope ties Krissy's perfect breasts before turning his attentions to her pussy. Brandishing his magic wand, The Pope grinds the vibe down on Krissy's clit and Krissy begs to cum and submits to a shuddering orgasm... The second scene finds Ms. Kage tied with her knees planted on a bench. After her Master duct tapes her mouth shut, he takes a pole mounted dong and shoves it deep in her pussy and works it in and out. Then, after his slave's cunt reaches a satisfactory state of slipperiness, he places the magic wand upon her clit. Overwhelmed by the sensation, Krissy squirms uncontrollably and The Pope continues with the punishment. Next, Krissy is bound tightly to the table as The Pope ties her nipples, clamps her pussy lips and ties them off. With her tender regions stretched to the limits, Krissy endures the painful process of her Master covering her body in clothes pins. Then, The Pope takes a cane to his slave's body and works it across her bare flesh. After Krissy's pussy has achieved a heightened state of sensitivity, it's orgasm time as The Pope reaches for his tool of choice... The crackle of the violet wand fills the air as The Pope works it across Krissy’s flesh. Seated on the cube, Krissy tries her best to wriggle free which cause her Master to tie her even tighter before he resumes. Krissy is then crotch roped and The Pope begins attaching weights to the rope. After a total of 20 lbs is attached, we watch as Krissy's cunt bares the burden of weight while her Master works her into another orgasmic state... Bent and bound over the bars Krissy endures as her Master cracks the whip from behind. With her flesh reddened to his satisfaction, The Pope then takes a riding crop to her bare, tender ass. As the crop whistles and lands repeatedly, Krissy squirms uncomfortably. Then, just as it seems her body and mind can take no more, her Master vibes her off to a final orgasmic episode. Begging to be released, Krissy is left, alone and bound…Video clips can be found atop galleries 2,3,4,5&6.

Members comments:
22 Jul 2008 yes wrote: this had a very real feel to it

17 Jul 2008 Genesis wrote: Love this model, and I love the tats.

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