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02/27/2008 - Kylie Wilde 5 Scenes - 334 Photos - 71 Minutes Video
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In full suspension Kylie teeters on the steel globe as The Pope first gropes, then flogs her repeatedly. As The Pope inserts his finger deep in his slave's cunt, she lets out a sigh of pleasure. Her feelings of ecstasy are substituted with pain however, as The Pope goes back to flogging her tiny body. Then, her nipples are clamped and weighted before Kylie is fingered viciously again and vibed to a massive orgasm... Tied in the steel cube, Kylie has a cumbot poised and inserted in her pussy. The Pope, enters and canes Kylie's tender little body and then turns the cumbot on. As Kylie is machine fucked, her Master pins her sides and clamps a mousetrap to her pussy. Then her nipples are clamped and tied off. The Pope stuffs a finger inside his slave's pussy then once again inserts the cumbot inside her and lets it loose. As Kylie is tightly bound and fucked, the G5 is smashed against her clit until she cums explosively. Now, Kylie dangles upside down from the Dungeon ceiling. As the blood rushes to her head, The Pope grabs her by the hair and swings her to and fro. Next, Kylie is subjected to another finger fucking as her Master attempts to fit as many fingers as humanly possible into her tight pussy. The Pope then takes out his flogger again and works his slave's body of in a devilish fashion. Kylie is swung midair by her tits and finally brought to orgasm once again before she is pussy hooked and left to hang from the rafters in the darkness... Bound and spread over the bench, Kylie awaits her punishment. First, her restraints are checked and tightened then, suction cups are applied to her tits and pussy. Kylie moans and groans in pleasure and pain as the pumps are affixed. Her pussy is filled deeply with a rubber dong and then The Pope places the magic wand against her tender pussy while the dong remains inside of her. Begging for release Kylie begs to cum and thanks her Master for coldly allowing her do so... Now face down, we witness our slave struggle on the floor. Her hands and wrists are bound as well as her legs. Her hair is tied to the steel bar. The frightening sound of the torch can be heard but, not seen by Kylie in her face down position. Her screams are at a fever pitch as the wax rains down upon her bare, tender flesh. The screams continue as the wax is removed by the flogger and then her back is clamped with clothespins and flogged again. Finally, The Pope buries the wand against Kylie's tiny pussy one final time and brings her to an amazing climax before she is carted off into the darkness... Videos can be found in galleries: 3,5,6,7 & 9.

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Tight body on this lady! Liked it when she was on her stomach spread wide!

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: I do favor the use of Leather wrist and ankle shackles (with spreader bars)over rope, so I do appreciate their use in at least some Society SM scenes.

12 Mar 2008 Mick wrote: That was a great shoot...whoo...i love it. Kylie is so hot ! It dont belongs here, but a Forum is still missing so...2 Points which would make life much easyer...Paypal payment and ONE link with the complete video. Other sites have this should at least think about it.

07 Mar 2008 The Droc wrote: Nicely done!Kylie is a sweeeet looking little Slut! I love the way you Punished her little Pussy when she was in that chair! And that final touch of snapping that clothespin Right On Her Tender Clit Hood right after forcing her to cum... That was Fabuuuulous! I love to see you Punish their sweet little Pussy Pie, right after you make them Cum! You know it's gooood and tender then....

02 Mar 2008 Ogre wrote: That is

02 Mar 2008 Chitown wrote: Ogre, you mispelled the name of your own site. It should be, right?

02 Mar 2008 Ogre wrote: Budrow...we have put up banners and announcements and such but it seems not everyone is seeing them. is our site for stocks, shackles and straps. It features full updates with 5 scenes. SocietySM is a rope bondage only site now. Thanks

02 Mar 2008 Budrow wrote: Not that I am complaining, but I miss the use of stocks and manacles like you have used in past updates on models like Shyla Styles and Luxy Vine. The updates as of late have been awesome, but I was wondering.

01 Mar 2008 H&H wrote: It would be nice to see three to four or more guys gang bang a cutie like her while in a vulnerable position

01 Mar 2008 Hustle4U wrote: I'd like to see more big tits like Angelina below. Nothing against Kylie because for a short girl she has a great rack! I'm a tit man.

01 Mar 2008 dawson wrote: I come around every 3-4 months and this site consistently gets better everytime. You have the absolute sweetest looking models in all of BDSM. Keep up the good work.

28 Feb 2008 Hilmerp wrote: The first scene was just awesome. Great suffering, great model. That Pope is one lucky guy!

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