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05/07/2016 - Kymberly Jane, Sadie Dawson 4 Scenes - 216 Photos - 39 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 216 Photos - 39 Minutes Video

No newbies this week...we have two experienced.and beautiful veterans of BDSM in Sadie Dawson and Kymberly Jane...Both shoots were cut short due to technical difficulties, but together, they make one hell of an update...I give Sadie no breaks as I rig her...All three scenes create stress on her body...she is flogged, whipped and made to cum under extreme conditions....Then it's the legerndary Kymberly Jane...In our eyes, she is the modern Betty Page, but a lot tougher. Kym is locked into wooden stocks, on her knees, with her head pulled back, creating a wicked arch for her huge tits, which make a great target for my heavy floggers...then I add the vibrator and single tail Kym's helpless body until she cums twice...Serious BDSM with some seriously intense ladies...Ogre... ShootID: SAD_050516

Members comments:
09 May 2016 C3PeeO wrote: Lovin on Sadie's hard body as she struggles!

09 May 2016 Ogre wrote: I got that many years ago from a company called Sex N Metal...Try a google search.

08 May 2016 Stanislav wrote: I have seen you using the silver handled, leather whip that has chain connecting the falls many times. Did you make that toy? It is the most bad ass whip I have ever seen and you seem very accurate with it. Do you know where I can get one?

11/07/2014 - Kymberly Jane 4 Scenes - 401 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 401 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

Kymberly is bound on the floor...her sexy little secrertary outfit is about to be cut off, but, the way it shows off her tits and ass is quite compelling...Im sure Kym could have had a spectacular career as an office girl...I prefer her where she is, rolling around helpless on the ground...she's not there long though...I remove her clothes and tie her tits...then it's up onto a steel frame and bound thoroughly...her luscious body makes a great target for my flogger and whips...I use electricity to shock her tits and thighs as I bring her to multiple orgasms...then she is bent an effort ot offset all that pleasure, I whip her ass leaving small welts...Kym screams and struggles to endure...In the final scene, I rope her down with legs fully spread...pussy exposed...and Kym rambles her way through moe intense, screaming, orgasms...Ogre... ShootID: KYM_110514

Members comments:
12 Nov 2014 Beassst wrote: BIG TITS = GOOD

10 Nov 2014 Darwin wrote: The on screen tying is a lost subject on many sites. The handling and manhandling of Kymberly was aggressive yet elegant. The welts on her ass make you realize why she was kicking around so much for that whipping. She does a wonderful job with acting and over acting, but I know much of that was her real reactions. Those huge nipples must hurt when clamped. Great shoot

10 Nov 2014 Rotten wrote: Beautiful face, beautiful tits!

07 Nov 2014 DominusX wrote: This is KJs most extreme work without a doubt. Loved seeing the rigging of the chest harness with tit control. Extraordinary work, Sir.

05/04/2014 - Kymberly Jane 4 Scenes - 327 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 327 Photos - 61 Minutes Video

Kymberly Jane is a model that will be remembered...her beauty and personality are her own and there will never be another to compare...BDSM is not really her thing...Kymberly is just a natural enthusiast of testing herself and pushing her own limits...she has allowed us to rig her into many intense predicaments and she has been one of the most durable models that we have encountered...Feenix devises four rigs, all meant to push Kymberly closer to her edge...he uses increased tension in nearly every scene, cranking her allready helpless and immobile body into even more discomfort...Kymberly once again proves her willingness to submit her incredible body for our pleasure...and her own...which Feenix milks from her in scene after scene...more orgasms than she might choose for herself...thankfully today, Feenix was choosing for her...... ShootID: KYM_041414

Members comments:
03 Jun 2014 Seymore wrote: MORE TRULY OUTSTANDING SCENES! Great job all

06 May 2014 Aaron wrote: Mz Kymberly definitely does her toughest BDSM scenes with SocietySM and I have become a huge fan of all her work.

05 May 2014 John the Ogre wrote: Ariel X is now property of...well...lets just say, Peter would shit a heifer and throw one of those rich guy tantrums...

05 May 2014 doublem427 wrote: How about a contest: Kymberly Jane Vs Ariel X? Whoever wins would be crowned Queen of DungeonCorp!

05 May 2014 Siphon wrote: Tits! holy shit tits!

12/05/2012 - Kymberly Jane 4 Scenes - 217 Photos - 83 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 217 Photos - 83 Minutes Video

Kymberly's been making the rounds here at DungeonCorp lately, but today she's getting the grand tour...The Grand Tour of Pain that is. And on this day her tour guide through Hell is none other than Ogre. Now Kymberly's a specimen. A perfect body. And Ogre pulls out all the stops exploring it and putting her through her paces. She seems to have a fighting spirit, and that serves all the better, providing plenty of orgasmic tension. She may be strong and defiant, and she may be willing to hang tough, but it's only a matter of time before she's broken...And Ogre is certainly up to the challenge. In the end she shall comply, and she will be kicking and screaming all the way... ShootID: KYM_112812

Members comments:
23 Dec 2013 cmf wrote: Man, how did I miss this one? Kymberly Jane is the hottest, especially racked! And that hanging split was awesome. She has a fantastic body, and suffers so beautifully. And redmanx is right about her smoky, sultry voice!

07 Dec 2012 Jake wrote: Two great scenes! Big thanks! (So glad they all weren't devoted to the fashion freaks.)

07 Dec 2012 Sir_Killian wrote: Ogre is THE male dominant on the internet these days. And Kymberly Jane has been an awesome alt model for some time. It is GREAT to see her on Societysm! I could only dream of the day when she got this treatment. DungeonCorp needs to consider live shows. I would have been watching this one.

07 Dec 2012 redmanx wrote: I agree with RyanJ this is a great site for bdsm fans, but sexual humiliation when properly applied with bondage, torture etc is part and parcel of it, as shown in this latest shoot with Kym Jane when her breasts are both tortured and teased, bringing forth the most delicious squeals; Kym is a very hot lady with not only a fabulous, sexy body but a husky, throaty, sexy voice too, and her squeals, screams, moans and groans are incredibly sexy! Great shoot!

07 Dec 2012 RyanJ wrote: To me, this is the only real BDSM site left on the internet. Please keep the fucking and sex out of these updates! Watching her break on the wooden pony was priceless! Kymberly is one helluva good looking woman! One of the best you've ever done. Bravo!

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