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01/24/2007 - Kymberly Wood 5 Scenes - 195 Photos - 37 Minutes Video
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Kymberly Wood is new to the industry and has never done bondage before, but she makes up for it by being one of the most adorably beautiful and flat-out hottest models we have ever shot...that body is killer...Kym arrives at the shoot and we don't give her much time to think about anything...we just tie her up in her streetclothes when she walks in the door...we gag her and the Pope carries her into our warehouse...he sets her down on a stack of sheetrock and unites her...he leaves the gag in and directs Kym to undress for us...Kym does as she is told and bends over to show us her ass and pussy before the Pope ties her hands behind her back...then, onto her knees and he ties her feet...he lays her across the sheetrock and secures her neck and feet, leaving Kym naked, cold, bound and helpless as she struggles for comfort...Kym is then moved onto a wooden table and tied to it with her legs spread wide...the Pope stuffs her mouth with cloth and tapes it over well...he rubs and spanks her pussy before using a vibrator to make her cum...then, is a scene sure to motivate heart palpitations, we tie Kym with her hands above her head and her legs spead into the splits...the Pope gags her ands uses the vibrator once again to pull orgasms from her struggling body...the next scene, features Kym tied on her tummy...her legs are tied apart and her feet are pulled up...her wrists are bound behind her back and they are pulled up as well...a head harness ball-gag keeps Kym quiet and the Pope uses it and a cord to keep her head up...Kym is totally helpless as the Pope fingers her pussy and holds the vibrator on her clit until she begs for the final scene, Kym is shrinkwrapped to a 2x4...a vibrator is wrapped onto her pussy and the Pope switches it on and leaves her for more orgasms...

Members comments:
02 Feb 2011 the dude wrote: Need more pictures of beautiful women and less pictures of beautiful women with men in the picture. To me they completely ruin the picture.

04 Jan 2009 JCB wrote: I like how she was forced to strip out of street cloths and then tied up on screen. On screen tying is something I think this site needs a bit more of, in general. Besides that, good shoot. Kym is indeed adorable.

06 Feb 2008 mitch p wrote: kim is soo sexy. bring her bak for another show

02 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Very good variation, especially the last scene! Great!

25 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Another lovely body, legs could be longer to satisfy my preferences but there is nothing wrong with them. Like Video 3 the best as it displayed her body the best as it struggles. Did not like the shrink-wrap, belts would have done as well and we could see her better.

30 Jun 2007 jr wrote: Kymberly is smokin hot. Pleeeeeeeease bring her back. wow!!!

28 Jun 2007 edmer wrote: Kymberly is the one reason I joined this web sight. I cant imagine anyone more beutiful than her. I just want to cuddle with her for ever.

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