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02/19/2016 - L.A. Noir 4 Scenes - 381 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
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We arent exactly sure how she picked her name, but L.A.'s body is thin and shapely like a tiny feminine flesh morsel waiting to be devoured...I do my best to make her feel devoured...From a strict hogtie to the body bending rigs I create for her, L.A. is submissive and docile throughout...She absorbs pain well without any complaints and I cane and whip her back which really brings out her deepest emotional cues, and makes her pussy very wet. She announces all her orgasms but, one, and I was pleased with his newbie's natural inclinations to sexual submission...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: LAN_020916

Members comments:
09 Mar 2016 mm73 wrote: Love this girl, finally found her Twitter page, would love to see more of her, and--- here's why L.A. Noir is simultaneously the best AND worst name I've heard in a minit: 1. It sounds very, very cool; 2. Try Googling it. Really, just try

27 Feb 2016 Knot2nite wrote: L.A. is very cute and would love to see her come back. I appreciate the vids you are creating, but I would like to make a request. Can you show some closer shots on the feet--specifically the soles and toes. I really like bare feet and would like to see closer shots. It's true that most of your models are barefoot and you even do a lot of toe ties which I appreciate. However, rarely do you really zoom in. Can you start doing some zooms even if for a few seconds at a time. I know most members don't have the foot fetish I have, but I'm only asking for a few seconds of zoomed in sole and toe shots in each scene. Thanks

27 Feb 2016 Napoleon wrote: Beautiful model!!! Thanks Ogre you are the best!

25 Feb 2016 Ogre wrote: Yes...Old members who signed up using DHDmedia are now clients. AN email was went to each of these customers, letting them know their new subscription ID. Such emails often get overlooked and trashed. With you must send them an email to cancel. You should explain that you joined using DHDmedia. With that and your full name and username, they will cancel your subscription.

23 Feb 2016 Ogre wrote: Video Clip 4 is now sorted correctly. Thanks

23 Feb 2016 damien wrote: Ogre - your shoots are head and shoulders above the others - the quality of the shoots and the intensity are excellent - the other guys should take lessons - thanks for being the best

23 Feb 2016 Watcher wrote: The 4th video is only available in small format?

21 Feb 2016 provost wrote: Very fine job, Mr. O! I think she could have taken more...perhaps a return visit to explore limits...on the rack? Lovely, lean, lithe body....

20 Feb 2016 KinkyM34 wrote: Every woman should be so flexible. A fine showing of BDSM!

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